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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith was selected as the #1 Executive

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He was also selected as the Worlds Most Influential
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Marshall was the highest rated executive coach on the
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What Got You Here Wont Get You Therewas listed as a top
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Marshalls exciting new research on engagement is
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Inner Beliefs
Sabotage Change





I am the same me
The person who promised to change yesterday is not the same person who has to
execute that change today. We make promises to ourselves and others today that
we cannot keep tomorrow. This is a most illusory belief because it triggers overconfidence in our ability to execute our plan.
If I change I am inauthentic
We refuse to adapt our behavior to new situations because it isnt me. This belief
triggers stubbornness.
I wont get tired
When we intend to work long hours, were not exhausted. But after we work
several hours we become tired and are eager to throw in the towel. Its the same
with changing our ways we grow tired with the effort it takes to change. This
triggers depletion.
I understand the requirements
People who read my writing often tell me, Its common sense. I didnt read
anything here that I dont already know. True, but theres a difference between
understanding and doing. Just because people understand what to do doesnt
ensure that they will actually do it. This belief triggers confusion.

5. It has to be perfect
Even when we appreciate that nothing is permanent, we still believe in the idea of
perfection that there is a perfect weight, a perfect job, a perfect state of mind if
only we strive harder to achieve it. This triggers hopelessness -- so we give up.
6. Its not fair
We have an unshakeable belief in the essential fairness of life that if we do what
is asked of us, we will be rewarded for it. When that faith is shaken and we see
that life is not fair, we feel cheated. Our dashed expectations trigger resentment.
We convince ourselves that the game is rigged against us and refuse to play
again. In other words, we stop trying.
7. I can do it on my own
We believe that we are solely responsible for our own happiness and success, that
positive change starts and ends within us and is neither shaped nor determined by
the people around us. We abuse self-sufficiency, ignoring the value of a supportive
environment, taking foolish pride in doing it all ourselves. We trigger our isolation.

8. Nothing will interrupt my focus

We dont plan for the low-probability events because, by definition, any one of them
is unlikely to occur. But in the aggregate, low probability events affect us all the
time. Who plans on a flat tire, or accident, or stalled traffic because of an
overturned semi on their way to work? This belief triggers unrealistic expectations.
9. At least Im better than
In a down moment after failure or loss, we tell ourselves, At least Im better than
_______. We award ourselves a free pass because were not the worst in the world.
This is our excuse to take it easy, lowering the bar on our motivation and discipline.
Weve triggered a false sense of immunity.
10. I am exempt on this special day
Today is the Super Bowl, or my birthday, or our anniversary, or my day off. We
excuse our momentary lapse as an outlier event, a blip in the long arc of committed
change we are making. This belief triggers a self-indulgent inconsistency which is
fatal for change.


Overconfidence. Stubbornness. Depletion.

Confusion. Hopelessness. Resentment. Isolation.
Unrealistic expectations. Immunity. Inconsistency.
Thats a lot of heavy baggage to carry on our
journey of change.
These are just some of the rationalizations that
keep us from becoming the person we want to be.
Keep watch in your daily life for them, keep track of
how often you use one of these trigger beliefs, see
if you can come up with others.
Awareness is the first step towards change!