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Table of contents

Types of Plan
Constraint Plan
Unconstraint Plan
Optimized Plan
Output of plans

Resource Capacity

Unconstrained Plan

What is Unconstrained Planning ?

In the unconstrained planning, we take into consideration that
we have enough material (on-hand) and enough resources to
manufacture, so that the demand is satisfied on the specified

Objective of Unconstrained Plan..

Plan Objective is to always satisfy demand on time.

BOM/Routing lead times are accurate

No need to select alternate BOM/Routings and Substitutes

Constraint Planning

In the constrained planning, the planning engine will tell us

that with the available resources and the available on-hand
resources, these are the dates on which demands can be

Optimized Planning
Optimization determines the best possible sources of supply,
considering all your material, resource, and transportation
We can choose to optimize plans to meet one or more of the
following objectives:

on-time delivery

Optimized Planning

Plan can be optimized by a variety of factors.

Material and Resource
Enforce Demand Due Dates (Limited Time- Alternate
Enforced Capacity Constraints (Limited Capacity
Pushing Order to future date)

Process flow of Plans

Setup (EBS)
Planning Data
Create Plan
Create Forecast
Sourcing Rule
Create Plan
Launch Plan

EBS Setup (General Planning)

Navigate to Inventory (EBS Instance) -- > Item -- > Master Items -- > General
Planning Tab

EBS Setup (MPS/MRP Planning)

Navigate to Inventory (EBS Instance) -- > Item -- > Master Items -- > MPS/MRP Planning

Data Collection
Navigate to ASCP-- > Collections -- > Oracle System -- > Std. Collection

Create Plan Partition

Navigate to ASCP -- > View -- > Request -- > Submit New Request -- > Single
Request -- > Create APS Partitions -- > Submit

Create Forecast Set

Navigate to Inventory (EBS Instance) -- > Planning -- > Forecasts -- >

Forecast Items

Sourcing Rule : Assignment Set

Navigate to ASCP -- > Sourcing -- > Sourcing Rules

Assign Sourcing Rule

Navigate to ASCP-- > Sourcing -- > Assign Sourcing Rule

Create Plan
Navigate to ASCP-- > Supply Chain Plan -- > Names -- > Enter Name and Click on Plan

Plan Setup (Main Tab)

Plan Setup (Aggregation Tab)

Plan Setup (Organizations Tab)

Plan Setup (Constraints Tab)- Unconstrained

Launch Plan

Launch Plan
When we click Launch Plan this window will open. Click OK and Submit to launch the Plan

Output of Unconstrained Plan

Setup- Constrained Plan

Output - Constrained Plan

Setup- Optimized Plan (Constraint Tab)

Setup- Optimized Plan (Optimization Tab)

Resources Capacity

Resources Capacity

Gantt Chart-Resources Capacity

(Constraint Plan)