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Hospital Housekeeping

Rahul Chowdhary

Overview on Housekeeping
Historical Perspective

Under direction of ward nurse

The concept of Housekeeping was not clear

Modern Perspective

Psychological Impact of patients

Improved hygienic practices and better
sanitary conditions have a direct relationship to
the post operative complications.
Under direction of Housekeeping department
Members of HK department are experts in
cleaning and organizing in house activities

About us
The housekeeping departments
work has advanced rapidly in
recent years and requires not only
knowledge of technical skills but
also an understanding of the
Tools of management

Principles of management

Plan, organize, coordinate, control

and monitor all the housekeeping
activities in hand for effective
utilization of resources

Housekeeping - Definition
Housekeeping is defined as the
provision of a clean, comfortable
and safe environment for the
patients and public in a hospital

The concept of housekeeping is



When one considers maintaining a

house of several hundreds of rooms
and numerous public areas, the task
becomes gigantic.

Aims of housekeeping
Achieve the maximum
efficiency possible in the
care and comfort of the patients and in the

smooth running of the hospital.

Establish a welcoming atmosphere and a
courteous, reliable service from staff of all
Ensure a high standard of cleanliness and
general upkeep in all areas.
Train, control and supervise the staff of
housekeeping department.
Establish a good working relationship with other
Ensure that safety and security regulations are
made known to all staff of the hospital.

Responsibilities of
Housekeeping Department
Daily cleaning
Periodic cleaning
Trash and garbage removal including proper
hospital waste disposal
Discharge cleaning
Exterminating bugs and pests
Preventing spread of infection
Safety and security of the hospital
Creating healing environment
Interior decoration

Qualities of the

Basic knowledge of health care sanitation

Ability to plan, administer, and develop
all phases of a comprehensive
housekeeping program
Ability to assign, supervises, and
evaluates the work of subordinates
A pleasant personality
An interest in people and tact in handling

Management Issues
Effective communication
Absent of responsible person
Work Allocation
Conflicts Management
Time Management

Housekeeping practices in
key working areas in
Out Patient
Department and

Clinical area
Operation Theater
Office area
Sanitary area
Outside area

Challenges ..
Routines need to be planned so that
they do not inconvenience doctors,
nurses, visitors
Cleaning has to be consistent,
suitable in conjecture with nursing
procedures, e.g. bed making before
vacuum cleaning
A greater need for flexibility and the
ability to adjust to interruptions

The housekeeping department is a
non-revenue-producing service
department in the hospital. A poorly
run department results in money
needlessly spent and creates a
negative impression on patients,
visitors and staff, which will adversely
affect their perception of the quality of
care provided by the hospital.