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Introducing a Company or Organization


Introducing a Company or
1. Briefly overview the industry to which your organization
2. Describe your organization's mission as well as highlight
its historical development. ;
3. Introduce the organizational structure.

4. Highlight recent technical accomplishments within the
5. Point towards the organization's future directions.
4. Highlight recent technical
accomplishments within the

STAREs recently developed fingerprint
verification system has gained considerable
recognition globally for its innovative design.
Fingerprint verification systems are widely
anticipated to play an increasingly prominent
role in daily life given the growing incidence of
computer-related crimes and theft of confidential
information. Such systems could aid police in
capturing perpetrators and ensuring personal

While focusing on the use of heat to treat
cancer and other diseases, Celsion has
pioneered approaches in treating the
benign swelling of the prostate gland,
treating breast cancer, developing cancer
treatment medicine and developing gene
therapy drugs.

Given increasing competition in the medical
market sector and the severely strained financial
resources of the National Health Insurance
scheme, the hospital has recently expanded its
services into the establishment of a Respiratory
Care Center (RCC) that offers facilities for long
term, chronically ill patients in order to free up
bed availability in intensive care units (ICU) or
other hospital resources that are in short supply.

5. Point towards the
organization's future directions.

As correctional facilities continually evolve
in their approach towards equipping
inmates with professional skills that will
enable them to easily adjust to sociality
and become productive once their prison
term is completed, this more humanistic
approach will hopefully ease societal
problems in the long term.

As for future directions, with governmental
initiatives to liberalize and internationalize
the local economy, TSC will eventually
become a privatize enterprise and, in
doing so, expose itself to greater
competition overseas.

While continuing with the governmental
advocated policy of Keep the root in
Taiwan, the YULON group hopes that its
aspirations in China and, eventually, the
global automotive market will enable it to
satisfy the consumer needs of the ethnic
Chinese market.

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