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Comparatives and


We use comparative adjectives when:

Talking about 2 things.
E.g. Angelina is shorter than Pablo

We use the superlative adjectives to:

Compare 3 or more things.
E.g. Victor is the smartest boy in the class
Talking about 2 things
E.g. Angelina is

For Comparative
If the adjective ends in e, we should add
R at the end
Nice Nicer
Strange Stranger

For Superlative
If the adjective ends in y, we should add
ST at the end
Nice Nicest
Strange - Strangest

The dog is
bigger than
the cat

The Cheetah is
faster than the

Elephant is
the biggest
animal in

Create 5 sentences using

Comparative Adjectives
Create 5 sentences using
Superlatives Adjectives
Use at least two adjectives that end
in e or y, use the dictionary!