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Objective of

the Philippine

Objectives of Elementary
Education, Section 8
To provide the basic knowledge and develop
the foundation skills, attitudes and values,
dimensions essential to the childs essential
development and necessary for living in and
contributing to developing changing social
To provide learning experience which
increase the childs awareness of and
responsiveness to the changes in society,
and to prepare him for constructive and
effective investment.

To promote and intensify the childs

knowledge of, identification with and love
for the nation, and the people to which he

To promote work experience which

develops enhances the childs orientation
to the world of work and creativity in order
to prepare him to engage in honest and
gainful work.

Objectives of Secondary
Education, Section 9
To continue to promote the objectives of
elementary education, but shifting in emphasis
from the mastery of the basic tools of learning,
expression and understanding to the use and
extension of the tools for exploring the acquiring
intellectual, social, moral, and physical concepts,
ideas, attitudes, and skills in order to develop the
whole human being.
To discover and enhance, in addition, the different
aptitudes and interests of the individual student so
as to equip him with skills for productive endeavor
and thus prepare him for work in the real world
and/or further formal studies in higher education.

Objectives of Tertiary
Education, Section 10
To provide a general education program that will
assist each individual to develop his potential as a
human being, enhance the quality of citizen
participation in the basic functions of society and
promote in each student a sense of national
identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity
and spiritual vigor.
To train the nations manpower in the required
skills for national development, and to instill and
foster the appropriate and relevant attitudes,
skills and knowledge to enable each individual to

To advance the frontiers of knowledge

through research work, and apply the
technology gained for improving the
quality of human life and responding
effectively to changing social needs and