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International Business

Group Members

Muzahir (3 to7)
Aima Nisa Fatima(7-9)
Farrukh Masood(10-12)
Burhan Ahmed Abbasi(13-15)
Sana Malik(16-18)
Uneeba Kaleem(19-21)
Seerat Masood(22-25)

Company Profile: Redco Textile Mills Ltd.


is a multi-national enterprise
operating in Qatar, Pakistan and U.A.E with
over 4000 employees.
Redco Textiles Limited is an ISO 9001
certified, established in 1992.
Its operations are vertically integrated from
the manufacturing of fiber through to fabric
The registered office of the Company is
situated at 78-E, Redco Arcade, Blue Area,

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has production capacity of 22,500

Spindles and 96 Looms.
Spinning unit is mainly producing carded,
combed, slub, spendex, CVC and PC
yarns for end use of air jet weaving and
It has an annual sales turnover of
approximately 2.2 billion rupees.

Products offer by Redco

There are three types of products offered by
Redco textile,:
Grey fabric
Bed sheets


External Environment:
This assessment includes environmental
scanning and continuous monitoring to
keep alongside each other of variables
around the world.


There are three major kinds of risks
Global, Regional and National.

Strategic decision making process is
based on poters five forces:
Entry barrier
Level of competition
Bargaining power of buyers
Bargaining power of supplier
Threat of substitute products

Porter five forces analysis Redco textile

Staffing approaches used

by Redco international:
As Redco international is operating in
different sectors like Textile and construction,
Redco textile is operating in Pakistan they
use polycentric and regiocentric approach as
they hire local employees and manager,
Redco international operates in Qatar, they
use global staffing approach as they hire
employees around the globe.

Mills Processes:

Spindle is used to convert fiber

wool into yarn.
Loom: A loom is a device which is used to
convert yarn weave in to cloth.
Carding: Carding is a process which is
used to refine the fiber with the use of
machines. In this process waste is
separated from the fiber.
Combing: Combing is a process which is
used to make the fiber smooth and

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Slubbing is twisting the fiber

to make persistent change in the size of
the thread. It is used to make slub fabric.
Spandex: Spandex is a process in which
a silicone wire is inserted in the thread to
make the thread more elastic. It increases
the flexibility thread.
Weaving: Weaving is a process which is
used to make fabric. Two yarns are interconnected to make the fabric.

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Knitting is a process in which

yarn is manipulated to make fabric.
Grey fabric: Grey fabric is a semi
finished fabric. This form of cloth is
before bleaching and dyeing.

Department no. 1: Cotton to Yarn


Room: A department in which

cotton bales are received from
warehouses of the company.

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A department in which all cotton

bales are mixed for a homogenous mixture.

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Blow Room: Blow room removes the tiny dust

particles from the cotton and pass through the
pipes to the carding machine.

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Carded Sliver: Convert a lap sheet in to sliver.

And make a roll of rough cotton and after this
process this roll wi.ll put in to the drawing

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Silver: This process makes a

cotton rope.

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Finishers Sliver: Again blend 6 to 8 slivers to

convert the cotton to make a soft rope. The roller
moves faster as compare to previous process
drawing breaker.

Continued. .

Ring Yarn: This process eliminates the

number of fibers from the cotton. All
machines have a vacuum cleaner which
sucks the small piece cotton from the

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Package: Make a final package for

delivery. This process makes a yarn which
is the second last step of spinning process.

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Plant: This plant is use for

adding a moisture (8.5%) plant. This plant
has water pipes on the top by which the
whole plant looking foggy. This is the final
process after which it is ready to deliver.
They are making different types of yarn
lackra yarn and other.

Department no. 2: Yarn to


process layout: This is the

process where yarn convert into the cloth.

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Checking: There are different machines

installed and in every machine a person is
standing to check the cloth. The wheel is
moving the cloth under the high beam light in
which everything will be distinct clear.

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Rechecking & Rolling: After this process

recheck the cloth and give the grade to the
cloth e.g. A, B, C, D and reject.

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Fold And Press: After folding the cloth press

the cloth and make a complete set of cloth and
move it for packaging.