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Summer 16 Release Overview

Prepared by Technology Communications & Readiness

Forward-Looking Statements
Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995:
This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties
materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results
expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be
deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other
financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any
statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services.
The risks and uncertainties referred to above include but are not limited to risks associated with developing and delivering new
functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our
operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of any
litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our
relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of
our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to
larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is
included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent
fiscal quarter. These documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor
Information section of our Web site.
Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently
available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based
upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forwardlooking statements.

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Summer 16 Release Milestones*



Sandbox Cut-off
Read this blog
PRIOR to 4/29!
Webinar: New
Releases: Sandbox
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Practices, 5/11
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Staggered Release
Friday, 6/10
(EU0, EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4, EU6, CS82,
Staggered Release,
CS86, NA0, NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA10,
Friday 5/20
NA11, NA12, NA13, NA14, NA15, NA16,
(NA44, NA45)
Release Readiness LiveNA19, NA20, NA21, NA23, NA24, NA25,
Wednesday 6/8
NA26, NA27, NA30, NA32, NA33, NA34,
Thursday 6/9



Webinar: Mastering
Your Releases, 4/27
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& Saturday, 6/11

(AP0, AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4, CS1, CS6, CS8,
CS10, CS16, CS18, CS22, CS24, CS33,
CS40, CS43, CS50, CS52)

Sandbox Preview Window

Friday, 5/6
(CS2, CS3, CS4, CS7, CS9, CS11,
CS12, CS13, CS14, CS15, CS17,
CS19, CS20, CS21, CS23, CS25,
CS26, CS27, CS28, CS30, CS32,
CS41, CS42, CS44, CS45, CS51,
CS59, CS80, CS81, CS83, CS87)
Saturday, 5/7
(CS5, CS31)


Staggered Release
Friday, 6/3
(NA6, NA7, NA8, NA9,
NA17, NA18, NA22, NA28,
NA29, NA31, EU5)

* All dates are subject to our Forward Looking statements

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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud
The all new Sales Cloud, powered by Lightning
hats new in

Contacts to multiple
Opportunity Management
Account Insights
Lightning Experience Home
Lightning Email Composer
Activity Timeline
List Views

ther Sales Cloud


Salesforce1 Mobile



Lightning Sync

New Dashboards

Salesforce Console

Change Owner
Images to Notes
Knowledge Articles
Related Lists

See the feature impact tables in the Release Notes to find out when and how
these features become available

Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Contacts to Multiple Accounts



Eliminate the need for

duplicate contacts
Capture unique
attributes about the
View current and past
relationships to
connect the dots

* This feature is also available in Salesforce Classic

Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Use Cases
Role / Industry

Use Case



Ability to model their data more easily

and align to other systems (ERP,
Customer Master, etc.)

I would like to integrate Salesforce with

my existing customer data management
system where master data for all contacts
is stored

Sales Rep

Easily track a contact and the accounts

to which they are associated

I would like to associate a contact to each

of the locations for a specific company


Manage the relationships a physician has

to different locations where they provide

I would like to see information about the

hospitals, clinics or private practice where
a physician provides services

Associate both family and non-family

members to a household

I want to be able to view all of the

members of a household including nonfamily members (e.g. accountant, lawyer,
etc.) .

Financial Services

Enable Contacts to Multiple Accounts

New Account Settings option

to enable contacts to multiple

Configure Account Contact Related Functionality

Decide how you want to

manage Account-Contact
supporting functionality

Additional Settings for Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Configure activity roll

up behavior between
contacts and accounts

Create Account Contact Relationship Fields

Add Custom Fields to capture key

information about an account contact

Create Custom Page Layouts

Create custom Page Layouts to display

relevant fields for a relationship

Update Account and Contact Page Layouts

Replace the Contacts related list

with Related Contacts on the
Account Page Layout

Add the Related Accounts

related list to the Contact
Page Layout

Create Custom Report Types

Use Custom Report

Types to report on
Account Contact

Disable Contacts to Multiple Accounts

The Admin can disable the feature at

any time

Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Direct Contact vs. Indirect Contact

This image shows a list

of contacts for an
account. This account is
the primary account for
some contacts but not
for others.

We refer to this in the

following way:

Direct Relationship:
relationship between a
contact and its primary

Indirect Relationship:
relationship between a
contact a non-primary

Link a Contact to Multiple Accounts

Create new or add an existing


A single related list for all contact


View Related Accounts and Contacts

View the relationship from the

account or contact record

Customize the related

lists to display key

Capture Key Information About the Relationship

Capture unique attributes about

the relationship

Track the status of the

account contact relationship

Remove an Account Contact Relationship
Update the Account Name field to
delete a contacts primary
account relationship

Click the Remove Relationship

link to delete a contacts
relationship to a secondary

Automatically Save Past Account Relationships

When you change a contacts

primary account the previous
account relationship is saved

Deleting an Account with Related Contacts
Admins can block users from
deleting accounts with direct
contacts that are related to
other accounts

Deleting an Account with Related Contacts
Account delete block error
message in Lightning and
Salesforce1 concatenates the
error text

Merge Accounts or Contacts

Users are prevented from

merging records that result in
conflicting relationships

Account Contact Relationship Access

Users can only see contact

relationships for contacts to which
they have access

Account Contact Relationship Access

Users without access to an

account can only see
information about the

Account Contact Relationship Access

Sharing of Account Name

isnt currently supported in
Lightning Experience or


Enhanced Opportunity Product Search

Quickly find and add products to your Opportunities
Most Recently Added Products One Click

Reps can quickly add recently

used products

Type-ahead Product Input!

Narrow down your

recommendations as you type

Help reps become more productive

No more searching through the full pricebook to find and add products
Search by Product Name

Search by Product Code

Search by Product Name

Inline Edit for Sales Path

Update Deals Faster with Inline Edit

The pencil icon lets users know

which fields are editable or
read only

Quickly update fields that

matter to you with less clicks

Account Insights

Account Autofill (Lightning Experience only)

Limited to companies with presence in the US
Accounts are suggested after
user types 2 characters
When an account is selected
fields will automatically be
auto filled. Autofilled fields
beside the Account Name will
be highlighted

Account logos require the

Account Logos feature to be

Keep your data clean with less


Account Logos (BETA) Lightning Experience &

Limited to companies with presence in the US
Logo appears on Account Home

Logo appears on all lookups to


Account Logo appears

in mobile too

Account Insights App

English news from US sources ONLY

Catch up on news
from your Accounts
while on the go

Dedicated News App about the

Accounts that matter to you

Account Insights on Opportunity

English news from US sources ONLY

See the latest breaking news

on your Accounts while viewing
the Opportunity

See Account Insights

on Opportunities
anytime, anywhere

Lightning Experience

Record Page, Home Page and App Page

App Builder supports customization of 3 new page types for Lightning

Edit an existing Record Page or Home Page

Previously, the only way to customize
pages was to use Salesforce Classic
and write code (Visualforce) to
override existing pages.

Select Edit Page from the

Gear icon when on the Home
Page or the Record Page you
would like to edit

Edit Home Pages

Customize Home pages by dragging and dropping components into page
Activate a page to
override the default

Add standard or
custom components

Use the property editor to

configure components
Drag & drop
components onto
regions to rearrange
the page

Edit Home Pages - Activate by Profile

Deploy tailored Home pages to users by assigning customized pages to

Activate for all users or

opt to activate by

Provide instant value

and relevance by
making the Home
screen a tailored

Pick the profiles to

assign the customized
page to

Think about a deal room for Sales Reps or an Awesome Admin welcome for
your Salesforce team!

Edit Record Pages

Customize record pages by dragging and dropping components into page
Activate a page to
override the default

Add standard or
custom components

Drag & drop

components onto
regions to rearrange
the page

Use the property editor to

configure components

App Pages
Build a new page once and deploy it to Lightning Experience and
Templates are responsive designed to look great across phone, tablet
and desktop without any additional configuration.




Lightning Email

Send Emails Through Office 365 and Gmail

Connect to Office 365 (similar
flow and capabilities for Gmail)

Send emails from Lightning Experience

through Office 365

Grant Salesforce permission

to send emails

Emails are also integrated. Sent

emails are displayed in the Outlook
Online or Gmail Send folder

Improve Email Deliverability and Open Rates





Organization Merge Fields save you time!

Users will now be able to use Opportunity
Merge fields while writing an email or
using an email template in the Lighting

Easy to include organization

details like your companys
phone number or address in
your emails without having to
hardcode the content

Emails look like EmailinLightning Experience

View your HTML emails in

With Summer 16, emails

sent from the Lightning
Experience Email Composer
will automatically create
Email Message records.

If you do not wish to have a

richer email experience, just
disable the Enhanced
Email setting in Setup.
This will restore the prior
experience of emails being
stored as Tasks.

Email Message Object has Platform Capabilities

Build custom business processes on emails in Lightning Experience

Build custom business logic off

your emails with workflow, page
layouts, and custom field


Notes on Salesforce1
Take Offline Notes
Sales reps can now work on
their notes in S1 even if they
dont have internet access!
Offline is in open beta, which
means any admin can turn it on
in the org settings
Upload Images on iOS
Reps now have a quick and
easy way to upload photos or
screenshots directly from their
phone into their notes, adding
meaning and clarity to their

Take Notes Offline

Improved formatting
bar on top of the

Upload images from your

mobile device

Share Your Notes

Quickly share your notes to users or chatter groups

Easy to share notes with

your team and in context

Activity Timeline

Inline Edit in Task Home in Lightning Experience

Work faster by requiring less clicks to edit and close your tasks

Click any of the pencil icons to

toggle the entire record to Inline
Edit Mode

Row Level Actions in Activity Timeline

Manage tasks faster in Lightning Experience

Click the menu icon to

show row level actions

Create a Calendar from any object in Salesforce

Show Any Salesforce Object on the Lightning Calendar

Objects that are date-only, like
campaigns, show up in the all-day section

Now you can see tasks

on your calendar! Just
create a tasks calendar

Multiple, color-coded calendars

are overlayed
Custom objects too!
Sample use case:
View all open cases by SLA

Sample use case:

View my tasks by
due date

Overlay multiple calendars

Expand the all-day

section to see more

Show or hide any calendar

Show or hide any calendar

Need to quickly look at just one calendar? You can.

Easy to enable and disable!

If I want to focus in, I can
choose the Show only this
calendar option

Create Calendar: Pick Your Object

Select the object you want to

see on a calendar

Create Calendar: Pick Your Start and End Fields

Set the field to use to

show the object on the
If applicable, set the
field to use to specify
the end of the duration

Power Your Calendars With List Views

Use your existing list

views to power your

Choose Name Field

Choose the field to
show as the name of
the item on the

Select a field name to

represent items in this

List Views

List view filters

The new streamlined
process lets you
create filters as
quickly as you can
think of them.
Define your filter
without leaving the
pane youre working

Filter Logic now in Lightning Experience

With the addition of filter logic,
your reps can pinpoint the data
they need while enjoying an
intuitive user experience.
Reps can see available filters
without editing a list view, and
edit filters on the fly



Account Teams now on Lightning & Salesforce1


Access Account Teams everywhere!

Streamline reps' views of
accounts and opportunities by
customizing layouts for
account teams or opportunity
teams pages or related lists
Manage team member roles
and their level of access
Use case:
Assign reps from multiple
product lines to the same

Account Teams on Lightning

You can now create, modify and delete page
layouts for account teams object, enabling
them to customize the fields, sequences of
account teams pages and cards.
Use Case: You want to hide account team
members job titles on the account team
related list

Account Team card

on Account Details
Add a single member to
the account team

Add Default Teams on Lightning

Make teams easier to manage and use
Saves reps time by
letting them pre-define
account and opportunity
teams, and add predefined teams with a
single click on accounts
and opportunities

Enable Add Default Team action

Mass Reassign Account or Opportunity Team Members in


Use case:
Mass reassign team
members during a sales
team reorg

Change Owner Enhancements

The change owner link is easier to find and use

Change owner on
highlights panel

Change owner from

action menu

Change Owner in Salesforce1 Mobile App

Do you need to
assign a record to
another user or
queue of users in
your organization for
delegation, or
continuation of
business process on
the go? Now you can
with the support of
change owner
function in



Lightning For Outlook

New Design to Maximize Space in Email Applications

Search for Salesforce
Records in the App

See more Salesforce

in less space.
The app now
appears as a side
panel, which makes
the most of vertical
space and improves
your sales reps

Lightning Sync

Lightning Sync Configurations

Set up sync directions,

behaviors, and filters
for different user

Enables any Exchangeconnected device/laptop

to sync with Salesforce
Runs in the background,
always working
Any device Windows,
Mac, iOS, Android
Easy on IT nothing to
install, central

Lightning Sync Status

Admin Setup allows

overview of org-wide
and user-specific sync
status Enrich Leads

with Company

Enrich Leads with Company Information

On Save & Manual

Information is added
to the Lead

Link to

Clean status is set

to In Sync

Admin Setup - Enable Bulk Clean

Marketing and Sales willreapbenefitsfromimproveddatamanagement
Sales use case
Assign leads to Sales Reps based on
company information.
Incoming leads are assigned to a
sales rep based on the company
revenue and number of employees.

Marketing use case

Enable the option to
clean all records

Add leads to Campaigns based on

company information.
Incoming leads are assigned to
different campaigns based on the
company revenue and number of

Admin Setup - Activate the Clean Rule

Administrators can configure and activate the clean rule that will enable
users to:
Bulk: Automatically enrich all existing leads
Perpetual: Automatically enrich individual leads when each record is saved
Manual: Manually enrich an individual lead

Admins can activate/deactivate

the Company Info for Leads
Clean Rule

Manual Clean Setup

Add Clean Related List to Lead Layout

Add Clean This Record with to the Related Lists

Manual Clean

Enrich Leads with Company Information

Add company
information to
sparse leads

Manually clean a lead

Manual Clean
Enrich leads in Lightning Experience (Step 1)

Check the clean status for

Company Info for Leads Clean
Rule helps you keep your data complete and accurate. A lead is appended
with company information from Dun & Bradstreet that allows the incoming
leads to be routed based on territory, geography or other company

Manual Clean

Enrich leads in Lightning Experience (Step 2)

Manually clean a lead

Clean Vitals
Clean leads as they come in and improve match rates!

Lists data services

that have active clean

Match rate
refreshed every 24

Now, leads are enriched on

creation or updates to key
lead fields. This allows teams
to quickly follow up on leads
and nurture them accordingly.

Click to download
the most recent
errors (Up to 10K) Prospecting

Industry Insights

Industry Tab

Get Accounts
Sales reps spend a lot of time searching for the right accounts to
grow their pipeline. Now they can prospect more efficiently and
quickly by using Get More Accounts

Get Accounts button

Users can find new

accounts - filtering by
name, URL, country,
states, revenue and
location type

Company Hierarchy Preview Component

Account insights and company linkages are all in one location for a
more efficient and customer focused experience.

Users can preview the parent

and global ultimate of their
accounts from the Insights
Preview Company
Hierarchy from the
insights page

Admins can add the preview

component to other pages
using Lightning App Builder

Salesforce1 Mobile App

Offline Beta
With the Salesforce1 10.0 app release on
App Store and Google play, Salesforce1
users will have limited offline create and
edit functionality in Salesforce1 for both
iOS and Android.
Ability to create and edit most
standard and custom objects users
most frequently use
Salesforce1 automatically syncs
BETA offline
user data
Improved conflict resolution
With v10 Client

New Dashboards
Now you can explore your data and
gain insights more easily with these
enhanced interactive charts.


with Summer 16

Change Owner Action

Do you need to
assign a record to
another user or
queue of users in
your organization
for delegation, or
continuation of
business process on
the go? Now you
can with the
support of the
change owner
function in
with Summer

Events: See 3 months ahead and select a Record

Calendar and

meetings are a key

productivity area in
Now Salesforce1 will
support your event
customizations with
record types and
allow your users to
plan their time on a
longer horizon.
with Summer 16

Authenticate with Certificates

Are you concerned
about your users
running Salesforce1
on un-approved
devices? Are you
getting too many I
dont remember my
password requests?
With certificate
authentication, you
can streamline
mobile onboarding
process to just a few
With v10
Client Available
v8.0 or

Deploy custom authentication hosts via MDM

Simplify the user onboarding process by
configuring the SSO
login host in
Salesforce1 and
other Salesforce
With this
Available on
functionality, your
users will have fewer
issues logging into
With v10 Client Available
v8.0 or
for the

This host was automatically

configured for the user

Send emails with the SalesforceIQ Inbox app

The SalesforceIQ
Inbox app is a secure,
enterprise, email
client focused on the
intersection of
communication and
Its the best way to
send and receive
business email and
now its only one tap
on away in Salesforce1
With v10 Client

You can now upload images to Notes

Reps now have a quick
and easy way to upload
photos or screenshots
directly from their
phone into their notes,
adding meaning and
clarity to their notes.


With v10 Client

Upload images from your iOS


Knowledge Articles now appear in the

navigation menu for iOS
This feature enables
Salesforce users to access
Knowledge articles when
they are not at their
This is useful when they
need an answer while in the
field, off hours, while
traveling, etc. This can
you help your
customers more effectively.
With v10 Client

Preview Related Lists

The mobile app now
includes an easy-toread counter for each
related list on a records
Related page.
We show if a related list
includes records. We
also show if a related
list doesnt include any
with Summer 16

Service Cloud

Service Cloud

Whats new in the Service Cloud

Field Service Lightning

Dispatch Console
Social Customer Service
Salesforce Console for Service
Case Feed

See the feature impact tables in the Release Notes to find out when and how
these features become available

Field Service Lightning

Ensure Stellar Service with Milestones on Work


Track Work Order SLA

compliance with

Setting up Milestones on Work Orders

1. Create an Entitlement

2. Create a milestone

4. Create a Work Order

with the Entitlement

3. Associate the Entitlement


Knowledge for Work Orders

1. View linked
2. View contents of
the article
3. Manage
attached articles
4. Search,

Search for the Knowledge Article

Quickly find important

information, e.g., installation
instructions, product specs,
etc ..

Attach Knowledge Article to Work Order

Dispatch Console

Book an Appointment without leaving the Console

Book Appointment
publisher action

Work Order Detail

Service Type drives the

scheduling engine and makes
sure only resources with the
right skills for that service
type are allowed to be
dispatched to that job

Find the best date and agent

Based on location, availability, and skill set

An algorithm runs in the
background to match the
work we just created to the
resource with the right
skills, availability, location
and keeping your
organizations service
objectives in mind.
Ideal slots are those that
meet more of your
organizations objectives,
while recommended meet
enough to still be acceptable

For example, you may want

to minimize travel time, or
for certain Gold
customers you may want to
get a technician there
quickly regardless of cost.
The engine rates and
weighs all of that and then
suggests multiple time

Deliver faster, smarter, more personalized service from

phone to field
Since Field Service Lightning is
integrated with Salesforce1,
Techs have access to work orders
right from their phone.
Once the job is completed, the
Field Tech closes the job right
from their phone.

Dispatch Console
Dedicated console for Dispatchers

The Dispatcher, who is similar

to an air traffic controller, has
access to all the jobs for the

Delays? No problem!
If a tech is running late, you
can drag and drop the
assignment to a new one in

Social Customer Service

Social Objects Default On

As of Summer 16, all new and existing EE, UE, and PxE
organizations can self-implement the
free SCS Starter Pack
Social Customer Service
settings are on by default
no need to call Support

From the setup page, it takes one click

to enable the feature. Then you can
create a free Starter Pack with up to 2
Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Instagram #hashtag listening

Admin can update the

dashboards used in the
Engagement Console

Use Social Studio/Radian6 topic profiles and rules to

harvest Instagram posts with your brands #hashtag into
Service Cloud cases

Twitter Public-to-Private DM Prompts

Take public conversations private more easily than ever on Twitter

A simple three-step
macro that inserts the
DM prompt link into
your outbound tweet

Use copy/paste, QuickText, and/or a console macro to

insert the DM prompt link for your Twitter handle

Your consumers see a friendly

prompt in Twitter that engages
them in a direct message
thread with you

Parent Posts
Ensure complete conversation threads

Enable the ingestion of additional social post data on the

SCS settings page; display them on the free updated
Social Lookup Add-on Component for the Agent Console.
(Available as an AppExchange package)

If only this reply How many

ounces does it weigh? on
this Facebook Page were
ingested as a case, agents
would need more context to
make an informed response.

Twitter Customer Feedback

Send NPS and CSAT survey cards and track the results seamlessly
Survey results are
tracked in Service
Cloud for easy
reporting and
CRM/customer journey
process flow



Survey cards can be

sent either
automatically through
Twitter Direct Messages
or manually from
Service Cloud at the
resolution of a case

Set up surveys after service interactions

Instantly, the company has access to the survey results

and comments
For every Twitter handle belonging to
a company, you can specify if surveys
are automatically sent after a social
case is closed or select time delays or
enter a randomizer if youd like to
survey a certain % of your customers.


Prefilter Articles with Data Category Mapping

Map case fields to Data Categories to automatically pre-filter
Knowledge Search based on case data

Setup under Knowledge ->

Data Category Mappings

Map Case Field to Data

Category Group

Using this feature reduces the number of clicks it takes to filter a Knowledge
Search when it is related to find a good article to use with a Case.

Prefilter Articles with Data Category Mapping

Make suggested articles more relevant when solving cases

Pre-filtering can help to narrow

Search results to find the best
article faster and can help
improve search result relevancy
If the Case field matches a
Data Category, it will pre-set
the Data Category

Salesforce1Actions in Page Layout

Got agents on the move? Give them their own

article page layouts devoid of extraneous fields
they dont need in their on-the-go environment.

Configure which Salesforce1

Actions to show per Page
Layout per Article Type

Validation Rule Errors show in Aggregate

Simplify the experience for your users so all errors can be seen at
one time and corrected together before trying to Save or submit the
article again
If more than 1 Validation Rule error
is violated when the user tries to
Save or Publish, all messages
appear at 1 time at the top of the

Article Created Date now exposed

See the Original Articles Created Date on the Article Versions

In Setup for a Page Layout per Article Type, you can now
choose Created Date to show the date the current
version was created AND Article Created Date to show
the date the Article was originally created.


Launch Templates in 1 Click

Set up Service Cloud faster than ever before with out-of-the-box
Choose from three
different templates to
launch in just 1 click.
Click on the template
you wish to launch and
Click new
Create a name for your
template and click
Offers 3 out-of-the-box setup
pages to help you get up and
running faster

Launches more than 20 service

reports and 2 of the most
popular service dashboards.

Standard Console
Includes some of the most popular features like keyboard shortcuts
Launch Pad templates
give agents
preconfigured consoles
saving them precious

If you were curious about the

templates and just testing
them out, you can simply
delete at any time
Easy to customize!
Tip: It's best to try Launch Pad in
your sandbox environment, so
you can test out new features
without affecting your live

The Branded Console launches a customized console

Customize the logo, header and footer branding

One click way to brand the


List View Hovers

Make it easier for console users to work with lists

Allows agents to quickly scan

through records in a list

Preview items in a list view,

including the case
description, without having to
open the case itself

List View Hovers

Pinned list views gives

you all the columns

Use Case:
Look at the preview of a new
case thats come in while
working on another case

Case Feed & Macros

Agents can now see System generated events in the Case

These events can be:
Case creation
Feed track

Events generated by
Email2Case or
Web2Case now
appears as System
(no avatar)

Makes the Case feed clearer

and its faster to find
Customers responses and
other agents contributions

Customers email is faster to


In the Support settings

you can now select the
System user as an
automated Case User

Redesigned Lightning Case Email experience

More screen real estate and improved usability for the case email
quick action
Type-ahead search

Display the From Field in the Email Quick

To: now lists users so much
easier and faster to send
emails to lots of people

Email addresses of
email recipients and
sender appear in clear
Searches across Lead,
Contact and Users

Labels are left aligned in order

to save vertical real estate

Now, you can add the From field to the email

quick action Lightning Experience, so agents
can see it when reading and writing
emails in Case Feed

Want to always send from your email2case address?

Add From to the page layout and specify a predefined value, e.g.,

Searching for macros is easier

Search works across any text field on
the Macro entity. Previously, it was
searching the Name only

Sample use case:

Suppose that an agent wants to
find a macro where the description
is Return Policy - 30 days. The
agent could search for return
policy and see all macros that
contain that phrase.
How to activate Macro
search settings


Active Time Tracking

Understand time spent actively working on Items

Time spent by agent with Omni work items tab in focus.

As the agent switches tabs , Omni automatically tracks
the active time for the work item.

Handle Time and Active Time

reportable through Agent Work

Through Agent Work, Omni tracks the

works lifecycle from request, to routing,
to screen pop, through the items
When items are opened in the agents
Console, Omni tracks the total time the
work items tab is open and in-focus.
Measure the time the agent focuses on
work - not just elapsed durations from
time created to closed.
True measure of handle time
Agent Work extended with new Active
Time column

Active Time Tracking

Understand time spent actively working on Items

Understand elapsed Handle Time

versus Active Time on Work.
Report through Agent Work object
from Omni

Agent Work object updates:

New Handle Time column directly
provides the difference in seconds
between the Closed Date and
Accepted Date (closed vs. opened)
Active Time
Subset of Handle Time (or elapsed
Tracks agents time in focus on
Omni work items tab in the
Add fields to Agent Work Report Types

Active Time Tracking

Additional detail on time tracking
As agent moves among work, Omni
tracks time in focus for work items
tabs, as Active Time.

Work Assigned:
Omni pushes work to agent.
Agent Work record in
assigned state

Work Opened:
Accepted items popped in

Enable/Disable Omni Audio Notifications

Turn Omni sounds on or off for your agents

Through the Setup > Omni >

Presence Configuration, enable or

Incoming request sounds, played when

omni pushes a new item
Disconnect sound, played if agent loses
connectivity to Omni

By default, notification sounds are

turned on.
Turn on or off for agents assigned
to each Presence Configuration

Capture Decline Reasons from Agents

Insight into why your agents decline work


New ability to configure Presence Decline Reasons

through Setup > Omni-Channel
Assign reasons to agents for their selection though
the agents Presence Configuration
Enable by checking the Allow Agents to Choose a
Decline Reason
Select from the available, configured reasons


In Omni widget, agents who choose to Decline

receive a list box to select from the available reasons
If enabled, agents must provide a decline reason (i.e.

Data Captured in Omni Agent Work object

New Decline Reason column captures reason

Add column to layout(s) for Agent Work Custom
Report Type


Omni Widget for Agent

Omni-Channel Summer 16 Limits

(from 3k / hour and 6k total)




Maximum Pending Routing Requests (10,000)

The max # of records that can be pending for
Omni-Channel to route to agents at any given
time, across the org.
When work is assigned to omni-channel enabled
queues, omni attempts to route to an available
agent. If there are no agents, then the work is
pending routing.
This limit controls the total number of routing
requests that can be pending at any time.



Queued / Hour




Max Pending

Queue 1


Queue 2


Queue 3





= 1

= 1 unit

Priority = 2

= 50%

= 3

= 2 units


Max # of records that can be queued for OmniChannel routing, per hour in an org, across all
omni-channel enabled queues.
Every time an item is assigned to an omni-channel
queue, the platform checks the # en-queued in the
immediately preceding hour.
If the limit has been reached, the item will be
blocked from being assigned to the queue.

Work Item for Object Added to Queue

Total Queued Work per Hour (5,000 per hour)


Limits raised to 5k / hour and 10k total


Includes default action buttons for mute, pause/hold, two-way
camera and end session
Some Use cases



Complex financial transactions that are

high touch, high value
Banks need to visually authenticate a
client before issuing an account

Connect with your Doctor via two-way

A patient has a rash and wants to show
their Doctor to see if they should get
immediate care

Technical Field Service

Arm your field agents with expert
knowledge and context
Stream back live video of an issue field
techs are seeing to an expert back at HQ



Maintain In-App Context Even When Waiting To Connect
Customer can wait for
the agent to connect
while maintaining
context within the app.
In-Session UI:
Minimized View


The customer can drag

the agent container
around the screen
while still be able to
tap, swipe and type.

In Session UI:
Maximized View

Tactile UI:
Tap To Change Camera

UI Tool

Tactile UI:
Tap &
Hold For


Minimalistic UI For
Mute, Pause and

Enlarge BFC/FFC View

App Cloud

Salesforce App Cloud

Whats new in the App Cloud

Lightning App Builder

Lightning User Switcher
Two Factor Authentication
Global and Restricted Picklists
Process Builder
Wave Analytics for Event Monitoring
Lightning Components
Visualforce for Lightning Experience
Session Based Permission Sets (Developer Preview)

See the feature impact tables in the Release Notes to find out when and how
these features become available

Lightning App Builder

Record Page, Home Page and App Page

App Builder supports customization of 3 new page types for Lightning

Edit an existing Record Page or Home Page

Previously, the only way to customize
pages was to use Salesforce Classic
and write code (Visualforce) to
override existing pages.

Select Edit Page from the

Gear icon when on the Home
Page or the Record Page you
would like to edit

Edit Home Pages

Customize Home pages by dragging and dropping components into page
Activate a page to
override the default

Add standard or
custom components

Use the property editor to

configure components
Drag & drop
components onto
regions to rearrange
the page

Edit Home Pages - Activate by Profile

Deploy tailored Home pages to users by assigning customized pages to

Activate for all users or

opt to activate by

Provide instant value

and relevance by
making the Home
screen a tailored

Pick the profiles to

assign the customized
page to

Think about a deal room for Sales Reps or an Awesome Admin welcome for
your Salesforce team!

Edit Record Pages

Customize record pages by dragging and dropping components into
page regions
Activate a page to
override the default

Add standard or
custom components

Drag & drop

components onto
regions to rearrange
the page

Use the property editor to

configure components

App Pages
Build a new page once and deploy it to Lightning Experience and
Templates are responsive designed to look great across phone, tablet
and desktop without any additional configuration.





Use Case


Edit the default Record page

Sales manager wants a potential

commission component added to the
opportunity record page

Edit the default Home page

The admin wants to add an

announcements component for all users
in an org

Activate custom Home pages for specific org


Sales wants pipeline specific information

thats only relevant to their users on the
Home page

Add a new page to Lightning Experience which

can also be used in Salesforce1

Admin deploys a new app for users

across desktop and mobile

Lightning User Switcher

Simplify Salesforce Navigation with the User Switcher

With the user switcher, users can now
easily navigate Salesforce when they
have multiple usernames on the same
or different Salesforce orgs. They select
their profile picture to see a list of
available usernames to navigate to.

Two Factor

Temporary verification codes

2. The temp code is valid up to 24hr
and can be used multiple times.
The temp code can be invalidated
at any time

1. Admin can go to the

user detail page and
generate a temporary
2FA code

3. Admins should handover the

code to the user so they can start
using it to verify their identity when
required (e.g. device activation
and/or two-factor policy)

Two-factor Delegation
Delegate Two-factor administrative capabilities to non-admin

Non-admin users that are assigned with this

perm can use tools in the UI to manage and
provide user support for two-factor
authentication. For example: generate temp
2FA codes for users that forgot/lost their
mobile device

Track Two-factor Registration Activities

When creating or editing a Users list

view you can display and filter on four
new fields. Each field shows whether or
not a user has registered an identity
verification method

Has Verified Mobile Number

Indicates whether the user has
verified a mobile phone number.
Has One-Time Password App
Indicates whether the user has
connected an authenticator app that
generates verification codes, also
known as time-based one-time
Has Salesforce Authenticator
Indicates whether the user has
connected the Salesforce
Authenticator mobile app.
Has Temporary Code
Indicates whether the user has a
temporary verification code.

Track Two-factor Registration Progress

Manage and track 2FA deployment in

your org by creating 2FA dashboard,
reports and registration email

Two-factor Registration Email Campaign

3. Select Email

1. Run the Mass

Email User tool

4. Schedule the email

Filter by 2FA registration
criteria (e.g any user that
is not register with
Salesforce Authenticator)

Global & Restricted

Simplify picklist management with global picklists

Global, restricted custom picklists






Global picklist definition

Create global picklist

definition in the
Setup Tree

Manage picklist values

Create, edit, deactivate, delete,
reorder, etc.

Manage inactive picklist values

Inactive values remain on existing
records, but are not available to be
used for new records or when editing
picklist values of existing records

Easily identify where this global

picklist value set is used



Restricted Picklists

Create new values for a "local"

picklist, or use a previously-defined
global picklist value set

Enforce data validation (restriction)

required for global picklists; optional
but recommended for local picklists

Process Builder
Generally Available in Summer 16



More Than 1 True

Processes Can Execute

Actions on More Than
One Criteria
Set the process to evaluate
the next criteria or stop

Configure Process to Execute More Than 1 True Criteria

Wave Analytics for

Event Monitoring
Generally Available in Summer 16

Event Monitoring - Admin Analytics app

Pre-Built Dashboards and Datasets for Event Log File Data

15 Pre-Built Dashboards targeting use

cases around security, support, and

29 Pre-Configured Datasets for the

most popular Event Log File event

Get immediate insight into Event Log File data.

Each Dashboard provides summary KPIs, charts and segmentation

Facets make it
easier to segment
data along key event
attributes (i.e. user,
role, profile, etc.)

Key Performance Indicators provide

quick summary for a given dashboard

Pre-configured charts answer the most

common questions for the given event

Admin Analytics Dataflow

Dataflow wizard lets you modify the default integration

Determine which
Event Monitoring
Datasets you want
to include

Set how many days of data you want

to store within the Admin Analytics

Lightning Components

Boost Developer Productivity with Lightning Inspector

Ease of Lightning Component Development
Inspect with Ease
View component markup including the
tree of nested components
Optimize Performance
View potential performance
bottlenecks and quickly diagnose
Get Usage Insight
Real-time insight into component
transaction and event history

Enhance Security with Locker Service

Inspect with Ease
Locker Service is a new security layer that enhances the security of your Lightning
Components by isolating individual components and ensuring that third-party authored
Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets are secure.
Lightning CLI 1.0.0
Coinciding with the release of Locker Service is a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool that will
help you design and build components that conform to the security requirements that
LockerService now enforces.Provides instant value and relevance by providing developers an
easy to use tool to qualify components for Locker Service.
Increased Security
Locker Service prevents:
1. Components from causing CSS and similar security issues.
2. Components from reading other components rendered data without any restrictions
3. Components from calling undocumented/private APIs

Visualforce for
Lightning Experience
Generally Available in Summer 16

Visualforce is fully supported in Lightning Experience

Develop apps to customize your organization using Visualforce,
including Salesforce1 and other mobile apps.
When you create a custom app
page in Lightning App Builder,
you can add a Visualforce page
to the page by using the
Visualforce component.

You can customize the main

navigation menu in
Lightning Experience,
including adding Visualforce
tabs as menu items.


Composite API (Developer Preview)

New REST resource for
POSTing a composite

Define separate requests

(methods, resource URL and
input), and name the request
with a custom identifier
('Account1' here)

Results from all requests

are returned in order from
the requests

Refer to previous requests by their

custom identifier ('Account1.Id' here
to reference the ID of the created

Also mix unrelated

requests with related
requests where desired

Parent and Child records

created in a single
composite call

Durable PushTopic Streaming

Each message contains a unique

replay id

Events are replayed in order of


On subscription to a channel, you can now

specify which event to replay from

Platform Events (Pilot)

Platform Events can have
subscriptions through Triggers which
allow you to programmatically inspect
and take action from the Event

New Platform Event type allows you to

define what your event metadata

Events are replayed in order of


A new Apex EventBus.publish() method

allows you to create your events

Just like triggers on standard and custom

objects, triggers on Platform Events can
action other SObjects

Session Based
Permission Sets
(Developer Preview)

Define a Permission Set to require activation

Use the API to activate permission set for a specific user session

New field to designate a permission set as

requiring activation

New SessionPermSetActivation object

available through SOQL.
API insert access gated via a Manage
Session Permission Set Activation user


Community Cloud
Whats new in the Community Cloud



New Global Search component

Files Connect for Box

Generally Available

Inline images in Feed posts

Configuring Your Tabs

Configuring Type a head
Pre-Moderation on Posts (Beta)

Files Home component in

Community Builder

Actionable Insights

Files Connect in Lightning

Experience Files Home

Enhanced Moderation in
Community Console

Inline images in communities

rich text posts

Topic Descriptions

And more.

And more.

Code Snippets in Feed Posts

Compact Feed (Q&A) Updates
and View Count
400 Supported Sites for Rich
Link Previews
Draft & Published Status for
Feed Posts
Group Dashboard
Add Multiple Members
Email on Announcement (Beta)
And more.

See the feature impact tables in the Release Notes to find out when and how
these features become available

Best-in-class Service

New Global Search component

Old Component:
Includes Articles and
Discussions, as relevant
to your org
New Component:
Includes any tabs
(Objects) you configure

Adding the new search


Configuring Your Tabs

Tabs are configured by Community
Manager in Builder. Only displayed Tabs
will be searched. Tab set each user sees
is subject to underlying object

One Tab for each

Searchable Object.

Add more Tabs / Objects in Global

Search Results Property Editor in

Configuring Typeahead
Combined List checked
Recommended, as its better for
accessibility, and
allows for Topic Scoped Search.

New option lets

Community Manager
turn off Typeahead

New option combines

Typeahead tabs into a
single list.

New option lets Community

Manager turn off the Sign In to
Ask a Question footer at the
bottom of typeahead.

Unchecked: returns a
Tabbed List

Pre-Moderation on Posts (Beta)

Tabs are configured by Community Manager in Builder.
Admin can create a rule to premoderate posts in groups or user

Pre-moderation only
works on post
Select Review to send a
post into pre-moderation

Use member criteria to

target specific users for the

Posts in review can be approved by moderators

Upon approval, the
author receives an
email notification

User asks a question

Moderators 2

Moderation rule moves

post into pending
review (special UX

Author can still edit or delete the

Post is approved and posted

Detect and Stop Spammers With Rate Limit Rules

User can choose to create a

rule (keywords list) or a rate rule

The rate rule freezes the member

and notifies the moderator when
the amount of content specified is
the atime frame
User cancreated
to create
rule (keywords list) or a rate rule
The rate rule notifies the moderator when
the amount of content specified is created
within the time frame

A rate rule can monitor user activity

post, /comments, files, and

Use member criteria to target

specific users for the rate rule

A rate rule can monitor

user activity on a 3minute
and a 15-minute time

Actionable Insights

Insights now let you take action on your community activity directly from the
Standard moderation actions such as
approve, delete or remove flag are

Admin can add or remove actions on

any Insight report

Moderator can
select multiple
rows and take an

Admin can expose more actions

(standard or custom)

Admin can add custom actions

(e.g. Delete All Activity) to
support additional moderation

Enhanced Moderation in Community Console

Manage pending posts, flagged content, and frozen members with

preconfigured Insights (Community package required)

Insights renamed
to Engagement

Moderators can view the

content of flagged posts,
comments, and private
messages in Insight
If they leverage pre-moderation
(beta), moderators can use the
Pending Insight report to review
and approve posts
Moderators can use Members
Insights report to monitor frozen
members and unfreeze them if they
arent spammers.

Moderators have direct

access to all moderation
queues (insights) from
the Moderation node

Topic Descriptions

Surfacing the Description on the Page

In Builder, add the Topic

Description component
to your Topic Detail Page

label can be
Component only shows up for
Detail Pages on Topics that contain

Adding a description in CMC

Add a Description when

creating a new Topic

Topic Descriptions can be added in

Topics > Topic Management

Or add one to an existing


Inline images in Feed posts

More Files in Publisher

End users creating posts can attach up to 10 files that will be

accessible in the community

Up to 10 files can be attached to

rich text feed posts and displayed
to end-users viewing the post

Code Snippets inFeed Posts

Code Snippets can be

embedded inline within

Syntax highlighting is
enabled for all common
coding languages

Compact Feed (Q&A) Updates and View Count

Questions with Best

Answer clearly labelled

View Counts for Each


The Question Title is

front and center

Allow Employees to Login from the Community Login

Provide seamless access to Community for internal users

Internal users can login

from this page

Select this option to let

internal users login from the
Community login page

Selecting the option hides the

employee login link/label

Related Questions &

Articles (Beta)

Related Content (Articles & Questions) - Beta

Display recommended/related articles and questions to end-users
in the Community
Related Articles are a list
of contextual,
algorithmically generated

Related Questions are a

list of questions related to
the question being

Related Content (Articles & Questions) - Beta

Appears on Article Detail

Page by Default

On Question Detail and

Feed Pages by Default

Can show up to 10
related questions
Customizable title

Can show up to 10
related articles
Customizable title

Community Builder

Featured Topics Component

Adding the Featured Topics Component and Articles with this Topic
Old Component: Includes
Featured Topics, Discussions, and
My Feed. Only the labels are

New Component: Add whatever

Tabs you like, including new
Featured Topics or Article with this
Topic component

Sample Use Case:

A support community wants to
place the Feed on the first (default
visible) tab rather than the featured
topic waffle

Profile-Based Page Visibility

Target pages towards different user profiles from Community Builder

Target a page to be
seen differently by
profile types

Control who sees

each variation

Duplicate existing
variations to easily create
different versions of

Custom Tabs Component

Add components & content in a set of customizable tabs from Community


Create additional tabs

Edit and reorder tab


Easy drag and drop

Streamlined Page Manager

A simplified view for creating and managing pages in the Builder


Files Connect for Box Generally Available

Files Home component in Community Builder

New single view for
all files owned/shared
by the end user

New component
available in

Files Connect in Lightning Experience Files Home

Inline images in communities rich text posts

Chatter Feeds

Inline images in Feed posts

Mute any Feed Post in Salesforce Classic

Now the Mute action is available in the

drop down action menu

Muting a Feed Post prevents any

further email or Salesforce1 push
notifications - unless the user is
explicitly at mentioned in a

Code Snippets inFeed Posts

Code Snippets can be

embedded inline within

Syntax highlighting is
enabled for all common
coding languages

Compact Feed (Q&A) Updates and View Count

Questions with Best

Answer clearly labelled

View Counts for Each


The Question Title is

front and center

Lightning Experience: 3 column Feed Home

Right pane helps users

to navigate Groups, Files,
Followers etc.

In the left column, users can

select filters to see posts they
follow, bookmarked and shared
with them

In the main column, users can

browse posts. Readability is
improved with this layout
because the max width of this
column is constrained

Likers Lists

Besides seeing the number of

likes, users can see who liked
their posts indicating people
who are engaged

400 Supported Sites for Rich Link Previews

Chatter Feeds now supports

rich link previews for nearly
400 sites, increased from
40 existing supported sites.
This improvement helps
user engagement with a
richer experience in Feed

Draft & Published Status for Feed Posts

Newly added draft and published

statuses for Feed Posts that reduce
exposure to improper Feed Post
content until approved by a moderator

Once the draft is published, it will be

moved to published status and the
author can see the post being

Chatter Groups &


Large Cropped Photo

(LEX and Templates)
Group images will have to
re-uploaded to take
advantage of the larger

Group Dashboard
(Classic and LEX)
The Dashboard is available to
all group members in LEX, but
only to Group owners and
managers in Classic.

Also, ordinary group

members do not see the

Comments and Likes

(LEX and Templates)
Only Group
can post. Others
can only comment.

Add Multiple Members

(LEX and Templates)
Now, group owners and
managers can use an
attractive new dialog to
add multiple members to
groups easily and quickly.
The dialog presents a
recently used list of users
for convenience, but any
user in the organization
can be searched for

Record Types for Groups


Record Types allow you

to control the Group

layout based on the
profile of the viewing
user. This allows you to
customize the fields,
actions and related
lists the user sees.

By creating different

page layouts, you can

also create Groups
specialized for various
use cases.

Email on Announcement (Beta)

(Classic and LEX)
This announcement
will be sent to all
Group members,
regardless of their
email settings.
Because of this, the
capability is
controlled by a user
perm and should be
given out carefully.

Large Cropped Photo

Images will appear fuzzy
and have to be reuploaded to take
advantage of the larger

Field Visibility Settings

Users can control
the visibility of their
contact information

Freeze Users
In Templates,
Community Moderators
with the Manage
Users or Manage
Community Users can
freeze Community
members who are not
behaving appropriately.
Frozen users can not log
in, though their profile
and feed posts can still
be viewed.

Tab Customization
(LEX and Templates)
Admins can now create a
similar experience to the
tabbed Profile in Classic.


Analytics Cloud
Wave Analytics
New Chart Types
Wave Platform

Reports and Dashboards

Enhanced charts on tablets
All your favorite charts!!

Wave App Framework

Wave Flexible Scheduling

Progressive Rendering
Collaboration on Dashboards

And more.

Report Export
Collaborate - Chatter Feed on Reports
Interactive chart filtering
Reports & Dashboard API
And more.

See the feature impact tables in the Release Notes to find out when and how
these features become available

Wave Everywhere

Collaborate on Flex Dashboards with Annotations (Beta)

How to enable Annotation?

Select Feed Tracking

in Setup

Enable Feed Tracking for Wave


Wave Annotation (only on Flex)

Annotations are just
like Chatter Posts

Annotations can contain

text and @mention and
will also appear in

Once the conversation is done,

users can mark it resolved

Wave Annotation (only on Flex)

Full access to all
annotations available

Download as CSV/XLS

Download the Results of Explorations to CSV or Excel Files

Control via Permission


Download from a

This feature is downloading the result
of displayed query. It does not
download the raw data nor can it be
used as mass export.

Full Screen experience,

keyboard shortcut enabled,
sharing enabled

Presentation mode

Define an entry point

dashboard for any App

Start Presentation
directly from a

Start Presentation directly from

a dashboard

New chart types in


Choropleth Maps - out of the box maps

US map at State

World map at Country


Wave Platform

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Package, Upload, and Install Wave Assets
Use the standard
Setup tools to package
your Wave assets

Customers can install

the package via the

Packages are uploaded and a link is


Select Wave assets from the list

of components

Publish Your Wave Apps to AppExchange

Customers may
purchase and install
your offerings

Upload your Wave

Apps to

License Management Application (LMA)

Manage Leads and Licenses for your AppExchange Offerings

App publishers may use LMA to

specify the licensing for

Administrators can configure

licenses for their users

Wave App Framework

Get Notified on New Version

Banner notified when a new version is available and show a release

Notification appears only to

users who can actually update

Second notification that cannot

be removed

Remove the banner in one click

Create a new App reusing a previous setup

Easily create a new App reusing previous wizard answers

You can still create from scratch

Reuse answers from any existing app

from the same template

Wave Flexible

Scheduling at different intervals

User can choose Frequency

User can choose Interval

Reports & Dashboards

Enhanced charts on tablets

Enhanced charts now available on tablets, and dashboards can now
display leaderboard tables and funnel charts
Charts with few data
points are expanded to fill
the space
displayed as table

Funnel and scatter

charts now supported
on Dashboards

Small groupings collapsed into

a single Other grouping

Charts with many data

points are shrunken to
fit the space

Enhanced charts also

available on tablet

All your favorite charts!!


Multi-metric Combo



Cumulative Line


Progressive Rendering

All your dashboards,

even the ones with a lot
of data and components,
will load faster with
beautiful progressive

Collaboration on Dashboards


Report Export

Select Export from the Actions

menu to export the report



Collaborate - Chatter Feed on Reports

Click the Chatter button

to open the Chatter Feed
in the side panel

Other bucketing

Data groupings comprising < 3% of

the total are combined
into a group called Other

Clicking on the Other

grouping will update the Filter
Panel to show the filters that
comprise the Other grouping

Interactive chart filtering

1. Click to select one of

the groupings in the

2. The report data is

filtered to the records
that belong to the
selected grouping

3. The filter panel

updates to reflect that
the report was filtered to
the selected grouping.

Reports & Dashboard API



Find the dashboards associated to a particular report

New CustomReportID field available to query on DashboardComponent object: CustomReportID
Use Case:
Admin wants to delete some reports. Some of those reports are used by dashboards, and therefore the
reports cannot be deleted unless the dashboards no longer reference the reports or the dashboards
themselves are deleted.
1. Identify reports you want to delete
2. Find out if the reports belong to any dashboards (dashboards need to either no longer use the report,
or the dashboard
3. Either disassociate the report from those dashboards, or delete the dashboards referencing the
4. Delete the reports
For step #2 above, use this query to get IDs of dashboards that use a particular report:
Select Id, DashboardId, CustomReportId FROM DashboardComponent WHERE CustomReportId =


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