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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Figure 27-1. Adult respiratory distress syndrome.

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ARDS is characterized by noncardiogenic pulmonary

edema, lung inflammation, hypoxemia, and decreased
lung compliance.
ARDS is in fact a collection of different diseases that
have not yet been separately identified.

Interstitial and intra-alveolar edema and hemorrhage

Alveolar consolidation

Pulmonary surfactant deficiency or abnormality


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Multitude of Factors
In alphabetical order, some of the better-known causes

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Central nervous system disease

Congestive heart failure

Disseminated intravascular coagulation

Drug overdose

Fat or air emboli


Inhalation of toxins and irritants

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Alveolar Epithelial Basement Membrane Breakdown

Damage to Vascular Endothelium

Third Spacing of Protein-Rich fluid

Flooding of Alveoli

Type II cells damaged:

Less Surfactant
Diminished fluid removal

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Platelet Aggregation

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Clinical Data Obtained at the

Patients Bedside

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Increased respiratory rate

Increased heart rate, respiratory rate, blood


Substernal/intercostal retractions

Cyanosis leads to hypoxia

Difficulty of breathing

Chest assessment findings

Dull percussion note

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ARDS was defined as a syndrome of :
1- Acute onset (developed respiratory distress within 48
to 72 hours )
2- Bilateral infiltrates on CXR consistent with pulmonary
3-Arterial blood gas reveals decrease PO2(less than
60mmhg) despite administration of high O2..

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1 - Supportive Care

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One of the first goals of therapy in ARDS is to treat

the underlying cause.
In particular, patients with sepsis may respond to
aggressive source control, including antibiotics.
Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal stress ulceration
and deep venous thrombosis.
Prone position-Better ventilation-perfusion matching

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General Management of
Medications and procedures commonly
prescribed by the physician

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8 - Mechanical Ventilation

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Mechanical ventilation is lifesaving and is

the standard therapy for ARDS.
Ventilatory management of ARDS has
undergone a dramatic change within the last
15 years.

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