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The crisis of knowledge

Mohamed Solih and Nahdi Samae
Prof Dato Dr Sidek Baba
Islamization of Education

Main Idea
What you understand by Crisis of knowledge
Allah taught Adam the names of all the things
Unlike Jinn, humans have the ability to extract the
meaning from all the things we know
There are many types of crisis ,out of which we are able
to extract the type of crisis , crisis of knowledge
Therefore out of the diversify nature we lived
in( world) ,we are able to extract our source of
existence, which is Allah. He is the creator of creations,
through his creations we know Him. But we have failed
to see our lord, this is the crisis of knowledge.

In Islam education is about remembering or

Quran Says to remind them what they already know
We are brought to the world by God/Allah, therefore
world is the place where we remember Go/Allah or
our existence, meaning to say we recollect or recall
Now a days God/Allah is totally removed from
academia, removed God/Allah from all forms of
knowledge including ethical education

Basic Idea
It is about not looking at the deep course of any
problem in a philosophical way since there is
philosophy behind every thing
Now a days knowledge is defined by the worlds
dominant powers, they are materialistic people
In Islamic tradition, epistemology of knowledge is
different from theirs
If we go to such universities without having the
critical knowledge to understand and analyze the
difference then we become victims.

Now a days these universities provide us certificates indicating

that we have knowledge. However how many of us truly
master what we study?
Therefore, we are becoming more ignorant when we graduate
than the time when we enter the universities
There are two types of ignorance ,Jahlul Murakkab and Jahlul
Jahlul Baseeth :example when we enter the Universities
Jahlul Murakkab: when we graduate, we do not know what
actually we know. Compound ignorance
Therefore as a result Muslims will have an alien world view
purely a material world

Child like and Childish
The chidish (nafsul ammaarah) is the one that
needs education
However in Islam Tharubiyya and Thauleem
goes together (Nurturing and educating )
Teacher is a spiritual mentor ,intelligence is
also a spiritual thing
Murabbi/Muadib /Mualim

Stages of educating
Thakhliyya _emptying our
Thahliyya _edorning
These stages help the kids to build in
Iman/Islam and Ihsaan
Iman- truth ; Islam -the way behave ;IhsaanProfound need to recognize beauty

The Fall of Ottoman

The empire had reigned supreme between
14th and 17th centuries and it was a dominant
power in the world. The fall of the empire
marked the decline of Muslim world.
The modern West defeat Muslim world at
various aspect: superior armament, economic
strength, social infrastructure, scientific and
educational dynamism.

External Factors
The onslaught of nationalism started breaking
Muslim into pieces. The Ummatic identity was
replaced by fragmented national identities.
The nationalism caused division among
Muslim and their natural resources were
plundered and exploited.

External Factors
The secret of Muslim power lay in their
commitment to Deen. The idea of secularism
was presented as giving the right to practice
any religion but at the same restricted
religious practices to private sphere.
Education system is deliberately and
systematically changed to adopted the

External Factors
The deification of change and search of
something new promote Modernism. Such as
expelling religion, culture and tradition from
public life and promoting supremacy of
reason. The application of empiricism and
scientific approach without any recourse to
revelation demote the role of religion.

Internal Factors
Islamic Mission
The goal of Prophet Muhammad was to give
practical shape to the Islamic mission, by
offering the world a model of Quranic wisdom,
both at individual and society level.
Communicating the truth to them, invite
people to surrender to Almighty. The followers
marched forward and achieved heights of
civilizational development.

Internal Factors Vision

of Life
The ignorance of Prophetic mission leads to
the lack of vision of Islamic life that begin
with question to us as why do we need a
vision in our life. Men fail to develop his vision
on his own without depending on the
authentic sources. This explanation build up a
healthy society along with human values.

Internal Factors
Dynamic Leadership
The dynamic role of intellectuals and leaders
attribute the development of civilizational
rise. The traditional and imitative role lead to
the decline of Muslim world. Muslim leaders
were unable to understand the affairs of the

Internal Factors
Rational Approach
The Quran is replete with verses encouraging
people to reflect in order to become wise and
view life through empirical and rational
approach but they were ignored. Instead of
properly utilize human faculties to
civilizational rise, Muslim have embroiled
themselves in futile polemics over fatalism
and disputes

Internal Factors
Creativity in Muslim world had been shelved,
they were complacent with status quo. The
Ummah was submerged in fatalism,
superstitions, rigidity. No new theory was
developed to enable Ijtihad to meet the
exigency of the times. The Muslims
civilization collapsed following the insidious
secularization and westernization that gripped
the Muslim mind.