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Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia

About Dr.

Dr. Devinderjit S. Walia(M.D.) and his team

take pride in giving personal counseling
sessions to inform the patient about every
possible details of the procedure. A well
informed patient is better positioned to make
the most pragmatic choice. We offer different
treatment procedures as per the suitability,
need and choice of the patient. Therefore we
recommend all the patients, looking forward to
hair treatment to consult us once on E-mail or
phone number or a private consultation. We
dont want you to miss a WORLD CLASS
TREATMENT AT BEST PRICE all over the world.

About our staff:Walia

Hair Transplant Centeracknowledges the painstaking

efforts of our competent staff. They have passionately worked
round the clock to deliver the best results. Its the consistent and
systematic approach of Dr. Walia and his team which has made
Walia hair transplant center globally trusted and well reputed. Dr.
Devinderjit S. Walia(MBBS,MD) has formerly worked as registrar at
various departments in DMCH, Ludhiana which is India`s top rated
medical college. After receiving his initial training at Colorado, USA
under Dr. James Harris, who is world recognized hair transplant
surgeon; he has now personally trained his staff at Walia`s hair
transplant center.
Patients and staff at Walia`s hair transplant center have been
benefitted by the international and national experience of Dr.
Walia. No doubt his customers all over the world are all but praises
for him. Not only his patients, he also serves the international
medical council as the member of International Society of Hair
Restoration Surgery. No one will ever regret his decision to have a
hair transplantation done at our center.


There are many reasons for you to choose Dr.
walia`s hair transplant center. First and foremost
our experience in producing satisfactory results
for our patients using the specialized techniques
is something you just cannot ignore. We have a
highly successful track record of helping people in
regaining their beautiful and lovely hair back on
the bald area. The whole procedure hardly takes
much of the time and the results are amazing. So
if you are planning to your hair transplant done
LUDHIANA, PUNJAB is the only and best choice


We guarantee results with 3rd GENERATION

so confident of our techniques that we
declare the full details of our procedure to
our customers. In the 10 months of review
period we guarantee a 90% hair to be in
growth phase, which is the natural rate. If
otherwise a free of charge graft of new
follicles will be done. We will ensure that
you leave Walia`s hair transplant center with
complete satisfaction.


What is hair transplant?

A. Hair transplant is the only permanent method of hair restoration in which ones own hair from the back and sides of the head are extracted and
implanted on front in the bald area.
Q. Who can undergo hair transplant?
A. i) Age of the patient should be 23 yrs or older.
ii) Inadequate response to medications.
iii) Significant hair loss.
iv) Other causes of hair loss have been ruled out.
v) No medical contraindications to surgery.
vi) Reasonable patient expectations.
Q. Can females undergo hair transplant ?
A. Yes
Q. What are the techniques of hair transplant?
A. Nowadays, hair transplant is being done by Follicular unit technique which involves two ways of hair extraction STRIP method and FOLLICULAR UNIT
In the STRIP method, a strip of skin from the back of head (donor area) is removed with the help of scalpel. The gap at the back of head is then sutured
together.The strip is then divided into grafts containing one ,two or three follicles.
FUE Follicular Unit Extraction: A stitchless method of hair restoration in which hair root (follicles) are extracted from the back of head under local
anaesthesia with the help of special micropunches and implanted in the bald area. In this procedure, no scalpel is required which is used for cutting skin in
the strip surgery. The entire procedure is done by the surgeons and not by technicians.
Q. What is the difference between FUE and Strip method?
A. Both are methods of hair extraction where in one case whole strip of hair bearing skin is removed and defect sutured back whereas in FUE individual
follicles are extracted.
Q. In which cases is FUE better than STRIP Technique?
A. FUE can be done in all cases.
It is most useful for people who keep small hair or shave their head or have tendency of hypertrophic scars because they will not have any visible scars.
This is the only method by which adequate cover can be given for NH Gr VI-VII as the hair can be extracted from the head as well as the body in multiple
sittings. In the strip technique, the number of hair are limited as only those hair which are removed in the strip can be used for transplant. It is also the
preferred technique for eyebrow or moustache transplant or in patients having tight skin. It is ideal for revision cases i.e. those who have already
undergone surgery by strip method. Multiple sittings can be given on consecutive days or later on to give add-on hair.
What is the difference between hair and follicular units?
A. Hair grows naturally in follicular units of one, two or three groups which if extracted together grow in a very natural way.
Q. Does it hurt?
A. Hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia all over the world which is administered with very fine insulin syringes which hurt minimally. Also we
administer nerve blocks which cut down the number of pricks considerably and lead to prolonged anaesthesia.

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