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Justice Party

By: Kahala Palmer

Justice Party Logo



Health Care
Free Health care to all citizens and permanent residents in lower and middle
class. ( upper class has to pay)
Valid for long term and primary care
Must have your health card to be qualified for free care
The care is paid through taxes

Tax is 16% for Canada


Criminal Law
No use of any drugs without medical
No drinking and driving
Must be licensed to carry a weapon
( gun, tranquilizer)
No murder

Prison ( Length of stay depends on
Juvie ( for citizens under 16 years old)
If the crime committed is considered first
degree murder the charges could be:

No child abuse

Life in prison without parole

No illegal businesses

Death penalty ( overdose with drugs)


Reduce contributions to greenhouse effect
More parks and green spaces
Ocean clean up
Reduce pollution in water
Garbage disposal ( lab work on how to disintegrate and eliminate garbage safely )

The amount of tax paid depends on the class you are in financially:
Higher class pay 20% in tax ( $200,000+ yearly)
Middle class pay 15% in tax ( $55,000 - 199,000 yearly)
Lower class pay 13% in tax (54,999 and under yearly)
As you status changes, if it does the amount of taxes you pay will go
Businesses and companies that are a large contribution to pollution are expected to pay
22% in tax to go towards research to save the environment.

Political Spectrum Status

The Justice party is in the left wing on the political spectrum. JP is
mostly government run, to maintain a stable country where we are
sure to get to a level of greatness in a financial, environmental, or
social status. We do however listen to the public and try our best to
incorporate ideas that will better our country

The leader of the Justice party is Kahala Palmer. She is a great leader because of her
determination to make the country a better place. And her dedication and hard work.
Age: 30 years old

Education: Yale University

Gender: Female
Work experience: Finance, Human resources, Marketing,
Public relations...
Political Experience: Vice President of America

High School education was at Central peel secondary
She has been married for 6 years
She has 2 children
Has four siblings

Dear citizens of Canada, I stand before you today to give my reasons for why I will superior
Prime Minister for his country. If given the title my goals for the country is to better the
environment and Make the country more safe and fit for the people populating it. I plan to
invest in experiment to limit the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. Furthermore, there
will also be research on making things like cars and factories be eliminated as a contributor to
global warming. Children education will be taken even more serious to help build a society of
intelligent young youth. There will be extra help for students in need of it and more programs
for families who can not afford universities. These programs will help pay for their children
education. Moreover, there will be free healthcare for all citizens and permanent residence.
This is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to keep their health intact. It would be
smart to vote for me because I plan to do all I can to make Canada the best country possible by
bettering the economy, preserving the environment, making the provinces and communities
safe and equal in status , and satisfying the people of Canada to my best abilities. I hope
everyone take my ideas into consideration and vote for me. THANK YOU!