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This is Asma calling from SumFive technologies private limited. Am I speaking with
This call is regarding SumFive Technology product, we are into development and
To clients in the area of Microsoft technologies, including .net and sharepoint ,sap &
application, mobile and interactive services.
We have a product call PD Checklist that utilizes the talents and insights of all
product all
Phases of a product big or small.
Define product and task that will be visible to the team.
Each task is identifies what their responsibilities are in that product
PD Checklist is tool to authorized person outside of a company or organization can

The authenticated users can login into website and can manage the task
To them that is updating the status ,dashboard, work hours actual &
estimated etc.
We can create projects in this product.
We can create task single and even bulk.
In task there is assigned to me that means all the task assign to this
login person.
In task there is created/ owned by me that means all the task created by
the user.
If we create any task in that we can upload the document in that
document you can write
what the steps to be proceed step by step you can write.
MOM means minutes of meeting in that what points to be discuss you
can make the points and in meeting what have discussed can upload the

There will be start date and end date with those we can plan the product when
should be started and ended .
Efforts: In this task assign to the person and how much that person done work in
Equipment: In how much quantity and what price the equipment needed .
Reminder: For 2 days we keep the reminder for every2 days he will get the
Update button also available if we need any changes to be updated.
Reports: we can see the graphical representation of the projects
1.Project: In project if we select one project and created a task assigned along with
start date and end date and shown in the dashboard graph.
In employee , task is created to project and assign to user like for example

In administration 5 items will be there:

Statistics: related about the project we can see here.
Sub Contractors: If A has not completed the project then given to B is
know as contractor
Users: we can create here users
1. In edit we can change the value
2.We change the numbers for status for delay, complete ,not started ,
3.We can change logo.
4.There are two excel sheet is the import project from excel & import task
from excel
Recycle Bin: we can delete the project.

Is there any additional information I can help you with

May I know your email id & phone number
Thanks for your valuable / precious time.
If he is not interested:
May I know why u are not interested in this product.