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Markstrat: Team O

Submitted By:
Karansingh Gunjal
Kartik Singh
Mohammed Nijil
Nevin Francis

Summary of Strategy over 6 periods

Initially in the first two period we were second and started of with 2 brands
SOLD and SONO based on the specifications we targeted SOLD between
HiEarners and Professionals and SONO for the Buffs markets.

In the third period we focused our attention with SOLD on Hi Earners as it was
the highest growing market. We reduced our budgets on SONO in the BUFFS
segment. We started R&D for a product targeted at the SINGLES segment as it
was forecasted to be the growing market.

We launched SOFT but the specifications and pricing wasnt good and that
reduced our sales and deteriorated our SPI.

We launched R&D for Vodite and wanted to be the first movers in the market
since that was only way we could get the lost market capitalization.

Vodite gained us market capitalization and revenues but we lost on SONITE

products and had to exit SOFT and SONO market segments.

Prime focus towards end was have less brands and focus profitable segment
and target only those.

The hits and misses.


At the start we didnt focus on

advertising on targeted segments.

Over focus to make product

specification-wise optimal but
cost-wise unprofitable.

We didnt invest enough

advertising budget to the current
profitable brand like SOLD and
allowed competitors to eat our
market share.

We lost opportunity to be Loss

leaders in Buffs segment by trying
to exit the market too soon.

Inaccurate demand forecasting for

VODITE products for 2 periods.


After 2 periods, we focused SOLD on a single segment.

Targeting for VODITE products was focused which allowed us to gain

market share and increased our revenues.

We invested in R&D for VODITE at the right time.

We withdrew our unprofitable SONITE brands and allotted all

marketing budget and sales force to profitable brands.

Our brand communication messages and advertising research across

periods was optimal.

Key learnings from Markstrat

Always invest in advertising for a brand for your targeted segment and try to be
market leaders in that. Segmentation, Positioning and Targeting are key.

Market research reports are essential in learning about competitors strategy and
customer preference.

Study what other brands are doing and position them more efficiently than them by
adjusting the marketing mix and the sales force.

Having many brands is not proportional to increased market capitalization and

revenue, better focus on few brands and focus on building a brand awareness and
identity and how to improve semantics and perception of the end consumer to
increase purchase intention.

Preferably be first mover when launching a product.

Focus on long term gains than on short term ones.

Plan before you invest Looking at your long & short term goals, closely watch
competitor movements.

Use brand map and perpetual maps to realize gap between your perceptions about
the brand and how consumers perceive it.