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About Us
Bioethics Degree at NY
Center for bioethics offers all the courses and
study materials for all the students and professionals
who are looking to pursue their career in the field of
bioethics. This is the perfect place for all those who
love to research on the ethical issues related to
formation, administrative
interdisciplinary collaboration
lets students and professionals understand all the
concepts involved in it and will let them make
practitioners are the ones that create critical decisions for
the future. There are different course programs offered
at the Penn center for bioethics. All these different
courses offer the necessary depth of knowledge and

Einstein Education
Einsteins M.D. program prepares tomorrows physicians to
excel in both the science and the art of medicine by combining
the pursuit of scientific excellence with compassionate and
humanistic care and the social mission to improve human
health through engagement in our local, national, and global
communities. Our Graduate Programs in the Biomedical
Sciences train some of todays brightest students to become the
next generation of leading scientific researchers, while our
Medical Scientist Training Program (resulting in both M.D. and
Ph.D. degrees) embraces a comprehensive "bench to bedside"
philosophy to nurture the development of well-rounded
physician-scientists. In all, the College of Medicine offers six
graduate degree programs.

Research Round-Up
Vaccinating Against Herpes Simplex VirusesHerpes Simplex Virus
(HSV) causes herpes--a common illness involving recurrent oral or
genital skin lesions. There is no effective vaccine to prevent
herpes, andantiviral drugs reduce symptoms but do not eradicate
the virus. In a report in the August 4 JCI Insight, Betsy Herold, M.D.,
andWilliam Jacobs, Jr., Ph.D., co-senior authors, and colleagues
demonstrate that a new vaccine candidate developed in their labs
(DgD-2) protected mice infected by genetically diverse strains of
HSV-1 and HSV-2 that were provided by Amy Fox, M.D., at the
Clinical Virology Lab of Montefiore. The vaccine induces antibodies
that rapidly clear the virus from the skin before it can establish
latency and persist in the body. These results distinguish this
vaccine from all other candidate vaccines in the field. The studys
lead author was Christopher D. Petro, a graduate student from their
labs. Dr. Herold is professor of pediatrics, of microbiology &
immunology, and of obstetrics & gynecology and womens health.

Searching for Consensus on

Healthy Foods
Get 10 registered dietitian/nutritionists (RDNs) in a room and the
chance of us talking shop is virtually 100 percent. While thered
be a robust debate about some subjects, wed all agree that the
question we get more than any other from the public is, Is this
healthy? and various iterations of the same.
Many consumers have definite ideas about whats healthy and
whats not. So do nutritionists. According to a survey recently
conducted by the New York Times that contrasted responses of the
public and members of the American Society of Nutritionists, a
professional organization, the two groups frequently disagree about
whether a food is healthy.

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