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Action Research

By: Jose Gonzalez

My main question is
Does teacher mentoring effect student performance in and
out of the classroom and does it eliminate behavioral issues
in the classroom?

Main Question for my


Bring Learning Alive! Methods to Transform Middle and

High School Social Studies Instruction by TCI

Resource #1 - Book

Does School Mentoring Enhance School Grades? Results

of an Experimental Study
By: Francisco Simes, Madalena Moutinho Alarco Silva
University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Resource #2 Academic

For this Resource I used the expertise of my UH

Supervisor (Angela Miller) my CT (Becki Smith) and the
rest of the 8th grade US History Teachers (Pete Garcia and
Judy Seffair)

Resource #3 UH Supervisor and

8th grade US History Teachers

My Action Plan I will be having my room available

(open) for students to come on the days I am in the
campus (Monday-Wednesday-Friday).
I am letting them know/understand that I am always
available to them, for tutoring, talk (about school,
problems, sports, any issues they are facing).
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Plan of Action

I will be eating lunch with them everyday that I am on campus.

Teacher's tend to stay away from the lunch room aka the danger zone, a place where no
teacher wants to be during "Rush Hour". I will be the first teacher to go into the danger
zone and survive... The reason why I will be eating lunch with my students will be
because I want to get down to their level. I want to understand them, understand how
they speak, their strengths, weaknesses, and I also get to see how they act outside of my
classroom. This will try to eliminate classroom distractions and planner signatures (for
I will be attending their events.
I want my students to understand that there is a teacher that cares for what they care
about. This would allow me to understand my students outside of my classroom. By
me going to their events, allows me to see what they are interested in, so that I could
incorporate it in my lessons. It would also show them that I care about them.

Plan of Action Cont.

After all that I did, all of my students passed both 6

weeks that I was there. Students developed a sense of
family and great citizenship on campus. (Something that
I never thought was going to happen). Students behavior
issues are non-existent and grades are up!


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