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Bismillah Membangun Generasi Khaira Ummah

Anis Malik Thoha
Unissula, Semarang, Indonesia

Method of Assessment
Continuous Assessment Marks (CAM):
30 marks
20 marks
Class participation: 10 marks
----------------------------------------------------- 60 marks

Final Exam:

40 marks

100 marks

Learning Outcome
At the end of semester the student shall be able
1. Demonstrate the critical cognizance of the
overall process of mans thinking and doing.
2. Analyse the main components of Islamic
3. Compare and contrast the Islamic worldview
with the rest.

This course deals with the most basic framework
of Islamicity that molds or shapes thing or man
becoming Islamic. It includes (i) the study of
great realities in the existence: God (), man
(), universe (), and life (( ;)ii) the
analysis of the characteristics of Islamic
worldview; and (iii) the critical comparison of
Islamic worldview and other worldviews.

Semua agama adalah sama


Tidak ada kebenaran


Ilmu pengetahuan adalah


Kondisi obyektif Ummat Islam (quality vs
Hegemoni Peradaban Barat
Sekularisme, Pluralisme, dan Liberalisme

William Blum, Americas Deadliest Export:
Democracy - The Truth About US Foreign Policy
and Everything Else (London and New York: Zed
Books, 2013).




Pandangan Hidup

Weltanschauung/ Weltanzincht
Al-Mabda al-Islami
al-Taawwur al-Islm
Ru'yatul Islam lil wujud

Apa itu worldview / / weltanschauung/
pandangan (falsafah) hidup?
Worldview crowns philosophy. (M. Wolters, On
the Idea of Worldview and Its Relation to
Philosophy, in P. Marshall et al. (ed.), Stained
Glass (University Press of America, 1983, pp. 1425),

According to The Free Dictionary online,
1. Theoverallperspectivefromwhichonesees
and interpretstheworld.
2. Acollectionofbeliefsaboutlifeandtheunive
ensesalsocalled Weltanschauung.

Worldview refers to a general conception of the
nature of the world, particularly as containing or
implying a system of value principles. Any total
philosophical system may be so styled which
derives practical consequences from its
theoretical component. (Allan Bullock & S.
Trombley, The New Fontana Dictionary of Modern
Thought (London: Harper Collins, 1999).

Worldview adalah Kepercayaan, perasaan
dan apa-apa yang terdapat dalam pikiran
orang yang berfungsi sebagai motor bagi
keberlangsungan dan perubahan sosial
dan moral.
Ninian Smart, Worldview, Crosscultural Explorations of Human Belief, Charles
Sribner's sons, New York, n.d. 1-2

Worldview adalah sistim kepercayaan dasar yang
integral tentang diri kita, realitas, dan pengertian
eksistensi (An integrated system of basic beliefs about
the nature of yourself, reality, and the meaning of

Thomas F Wall, Thinking Critically About Philosophical Problem, A Modern

Introduction, Wadsworth, Thomson Learning, Australia, 2001, 532.

A worldview is the set of beliefs about
fundamental aspects of Reality that ground
and influence all ones perceiving, thinking,
knowing, and doing. (Muhammad Abdullah
& Muhammad Junaid Nadvi, Understanding
the Principles of Islamic Worldview, in The
Dialogue, vol. VI, No. 3, p. 270).
A value system by which one views,
evaluates, judges, conceives, perceives,
responds to, act or react to, everything
(physics and metaphysics) around him/her.

a comprehensive conception of the universe
and mans relation to it from the Islamic
perspective, thereby serving as a basis for ones
philosophy or outlook of life.

(Mohd. Kamal Hassan, Towards a Positive Islamic WorldView: Malaysian and American Perspective, ed. Dr. Abdul
Monir Yaacob and Ahmad Faiz Abdul Rahman (Kuala

Apa itu Islam?
Secara etimologis, istilah ini berasal dari
yang berarti, diantaranya: damai, selamat.
Oleh karena itu, secara literal Islam berarti:
( penyerahan, ketundukan).


(penyerahan), surrender
(ketundukan) to whom?


{ 112:

? Bagaimana ketundukan kepada Allah SWT

Hadist Jibril AS:

Maka, Islam adalah the religion of Allah SWT.
} { .19:
): (

. }:
{] [85 :
}: (.
) (

Apa itu Islamic worldview (?)
The Islamic Worldview is a comprehensive conception
of the universe and mans relation to it from the
Islamic perspective, thereby serving as a basis for
ones philosophy or outlook of life.

(S.M.N. Al-Attas, Prolegomena to the Metaphisics of Islam (KL: ISTAC,

1995), pp. 1-2).

The Islamic value system by which one views,
judges, evaluates, conceives, perceives,
responds to, act or react to, everything (physics
and metaphysics) around him/her.
The Islamic Ultimate Concern.





Islamic Worldview
4 realitas faktual besar:
1. Tuhan (The Greatest, the Absolute Reality)
2. Jagad raya (;)
3. Manusia ( ;)dan
4. Kehidupan ()

Islamic Worldview (God)

God (( )The Greatest, The Absolute Reality,
The Ultimate).
Man cannot live without God.
Different people conceive God in different ways
and forms.
Some conceive It in the abstract form: of
conception, perception, idea, ideology,

Islamic Worldview (God)

Some conceive It in the material form: statue,
figure (human, animal, vegetation, etc).
Some conceive It in a blend of different forms.
The Quran calls it: hawa ():



(43 :)

(23 :{ )

Islamic Worldview (God)

Religion is the state of being grasped by an
ULTIMATE CONCERN, a concern which qualifies
all other concerns as preliminary and which itself
contains the answer to the question of the
meaning of our life (Paul Tillich).
(Agama adalah keadaan ketercengkeraman oleh PERHATIAN
ULTIMA, suatu perhatian yang memberikan kualitas semua
perhatian lain sebagai titik-tolak, dan yang berisi jawaban
pertanyaan tentang makna hidup kita).

whether we decent to the lowest roots of our

own intellectual growth, or ascend to the loftiest
heights of modern, everywhere we find religion
as a power that conquers, and conquers even
those who think that they have conquered it.
(F.M. Muller, Lectures on the Origin and Growth of
Religion (London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1878), p.5).

Islamic Worldview (God)

The Ultimate concern.
The quintessence and main constituent of the
existence ( )and Islamic worldview.
Belief in an unseen and unseeable God and
answerability to Him is the core principle of the
Islamic way of life.
A believer's worldly life revolves around this
basic understanding.

Islamic Worldview (God)

He is the God of all
of the universe


)Islamic Worldview (God

? Who/what is God in Islam
} {
} { 11:
). He is the One and Only (Tawhid:
Absolute monotheism
). ( No duality, no dichotomy

Islamic Worldview (God)

The unity of creation and, hence, the creatures
including human being.
The unity of source of life.
The unity of source of knowledge.
The unity of divine guidance.
The unity of religion.

)Islamic Worldview (Universe

?)( What is universe
)(everything other than Allah
Allahs creation
{ 44:
{ 11:

Islamic Worldview (Universe)






Islamic Worldview (Universe)

Islamic Worldview (Universe)

)Islamic Worldview (Universe

? Why is it here on the existence

Universe created by Allah SWT for a certain



{ ).(38:

{ ).(16:



{ ) .(27:

)Islamic Worldview (Universe

Cermati ayat-ayat taskhr dalam al-Quran:




)Islamic Worldview (Universe




)Islamic Worldview (Universe



Islamic Worldview (Man)

Who is man (?)
Why is he here on earth?

Islamic Worldview (Man)

What is the Origin of Man?: The Answers of Science

and the Holy Scriptures By Dr. Maurice Bucaille (19
July 1920 - 17 February 1998), a French
gastroenterologist. In 1973, Bucaille was appointed
family physician toking FaisalofSaudi Arabia.

Islamic Worldview (Man)

We live in a time where reason and the conquests of
science claim to provide logical answers to all the great
questions asked by the human intellect. Likewise, the
problem of the origin of man has primarily been
presented by some as a matter that can be perfectly
explained by secular knowledge.

Islamic Worldview (Man)

Darwin'sOn the Origin
of Species, which
appeared inEnglandin
1859, enjoyed a great
success, i.e.,
Natural selection.
Survival of the fittest.

Islamic Worldview (Man)

Alexis Carrel(28 June
1873 5 November
aFrenchsurgeon and
biologist who was
awarded theNobel
Prize in Physiology or
Medicinein 1912,
wrote a book entitled:
Man: The Unknown
published in 1935.

Islamic Worldview (Man)

The assertions on the origins of man to be
found in the Qur'an will undoubtedly astonish
many people, just as they astonished me when I
first discovered them (Bucaille).

)Islamic Worldview (Man

{ ).(38:

{ ).(16:


{ ).(27:

{ ).(115:

Islamic Worldview (Man)

Who is man?
A medical doctor?
An economist?
An accountant?
A lawyer?
An educationist?
A technician?

A psychologist?
A dentist?
A businessman?
A farmer?
Etc., etc.?

He is abd of Allah SWT.

)Islamic Worldview (Man

Man is the khalfah (vicegerent) of Allah SWT on earth.

) {

Islamic Worldview (Man)

Why is man here on earth?
For money?
For fame?
For fun?
For worldly pursuit?
To carry out the amnah for the pleasure of Allah?

Islamic Worldview (Man)


.(61:{ )

(And to Thamd (people, We sent) their brother Sli.

He said: "O my people! Worship Allh, you have no
other ilh (god) but Him. He brought you forth
from the earth and settled you therein, then ask
forgiveness of Him and turn to Him in repentance.
Certainly, my Lord is Near (to all by His Knowledge),

Islamic Worldview (Man)

Mans life is governed by rules and regulations
(akm and db).
Mans relationship with God (vertical).
Mans relationship with him/herself and fellow
human beings, and other fellow creatures

Islamic Worldview (Man)

So, as vicegerent, man is to perform the duty of
imrat al-ar by following and spreading the
WILL (commands) of Allah Tal.

Islamic Worldview (Life)

What is Life (?)
Where is it from? and where will it go?

Islamic Worldview (Life)

Material and spiritual:
(And this life of the world is only an amusement
and play! Verily, the home of the Hereafter, that
is the life indeed (i.e. the eternal life that will
never end), if they but knew).

)Islamic Worldview (Life

} { .21-20:
} { .17-16:

{ 74:

Islamic Worldview (Life)

Life is between B (Birth) and D (Death) =
C = Choice
B ---------------------------------------- D
C = Choice

No one ever finds life worth

One has to make it.

And this life of the world is only an
amusement and play! Verily, the home of
the Hereafter, that is the life indeed (i.e. the
eternal life that will never end), if they but

Characteristics of Islamic worldview