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For our documentary we believe that we would attract a wide range of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

We believe our documentary would attract a vast amount of different ethnic backgrounds because of how social media has become a global sensation and is an attractive part of cultures from across the globe. We further believe this because of the research we have conducted and how we have found that the usage of social media is increasing.

We also believe that we will attract a range of ethnicities because the problems that come from documentaries affect different ethnicities. Cyber bullying and cyber stalking is becoming more of a problem due to the increase in usage, availability and range of social media applications that are available. therefore a range of people will want to watch the documentary to see whether it delves into the topic of cyber bullying and the solutions that are available.

ETHNICITY For our documentary we believe that we would attract a wide range of people from


We believe that our documentary will attract both genders. However, we believe we will mainly attract females due to the subject matter being more attractive for them to consume.

We believe we would get both genders because the addictive aspects of social media will affect both genders, yet we believe that our documentary would attract a more female orientated audience because females use of social media is more likely to bring more of the negative aspects of that come from continuous social media usage. These include activities such as rude messaging and cyber bullying. They therefore may look at the documentary for advice, especially considering females usage of social activity issued more on a judgement basis such as posting picture online.

For example, a study published on 26 may 2016 that was conducted by the demos think tank concluded that 50% of misogynistic tweets are made by females. This led twitter boss Jack Dorsey to say that tackling abuse was a priority on his social media platform.


We believe that our documentary will mainly draw in the audience that the documentary is trying to represent- 16 to 19 year olds.

We believe that we will entice a younger audience because of how the majority of the people that were involved within the documentary were of a similar age. We therefore believe that we will bring in a younger audience as they will be able to relate more to the youthful representation we create within our documentary and thus would prefer to watch our documentary as they will recognize more of the problems and will learn solutions that are facing youngsters when it comes to social media.

Furthermore, we do believe that we could bring an older audience, however we believe the older audience will be restricted to parents whose children fit our documentaries demographic. We believe that parents may watch our documentary to inform themselves on how social media is being used by the current millennial generation and what the problems are how they can be solved. They may also use the documentary to understand why younger people use social media and why they like and hence why they use it at such alarming levels.

Furthermore, other adults that work with children of the documentaries demographic may use the documentary to absorb information. This may be because the students may be more expressive in their views within the documentary than they are with teachers. This may allow teachers to understand situations that involve social media better and may be able to conduct more productive solutions top problems


We primarily believe that our audience will bring in a middle class background however we believe that people from all class backgrounds will take an active interest to our documentary.

The working class may use social media less than the upper and middle class., however they may suffer more bullying because of their low income economic status.

However we believe that our documentary would bring in a varied audience. This is because we didn’t go out of our way to represent any particular class background and therefore we don’t think it will affect our audience.

AGE We believe that our documentary will mainly draw in the audience that the documentary is