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Song Title : Killhouse
Artist : James Conner

Section 1: Basic Idea

Vision. A word used in many a context. In this one it signifies my own in terms of the music video I would like to
create. My vision is simple but bold, if it were a font style it would Times New Roman in bold with the occasional
italicised letter. My reasoning behind this statement will soon become clear

The main idea for my music video is to focus upon on performer, James Conner. This is where the simplicity lies, it
also weaves itself through the style in which I wish to film my music video in. Every frame in the music video will
be shot in black and white. The track itself will be lyrically free and the only component that will be heard
throughout is an acoustic guitar, playing James Conners original song, Killhouse. The track will be recorded
separately and then layered on top of the edited footage that I will have filmed. The genre of music that the song
belonged to was heavy metal but has now been re-written and will be performed as an acoustic piece.

This music video will be performance based, which means it will not be following a narrative or be conceptualised.
James performance will be filmed in a recording studio but there will also be the inclusion of random frames that
will be filmed separately in and around Norwich city centre.

Section 2: Camera Angles, Locations and Props

In terms of what my audience will be able to experience visually, there will be a concoction of different camera
angles, locations and props. Camera angles that I will use will include close-ups, extreme close-ups, mid-shots,
wide shots, cut ins, cut-aways and possibly extreme wide shots. It will be a necessity for me to use a variation of
camera angle and shots in order to supply my audience with an attention peaking video. It is vital that I can retain
the audiences attention. Furthermore, I will be using a multitude of locations in my music video in order to aid my
quest in gaining and maintaining my target audiences concentration.

The majority of locations that I will be filming at will be based in Norwich city centre and due to the fact that it
drawing ever closer to Christmas, the Norwich lights will be set up and dotted around the city. I hope to use these
lights to my advantage through the inclusion of them. Moreover, the precise locations that I will be using are
Chapelfield gardens (particularly the bandstand that is positioned in the centre of the park), The Castle Museum
(distinctly the bridge that is located in the moat at the bottom of the hill that the museum sits on top of), The
Forum (which is where there will be a light-tunnel set up as a part of the Norwich Christmas light decorations), City
Hall (where I will shoot James sitting on the steps). I will also be filming in the recording studio at City College
Norwich, which is where I will also record James playing song on his guitar for the backing track. The track itself
will consist of James performing his song, Killhouse on an acoustic guitar. Finally the props that will be included
range in terms of importance and how obvious they will be to the target audience. Props such as James guitar and
skateboard will be what is classed as obvious props as he will either be using them or carrying them. Whereas
items such as his clothing he will be wearing, so the audience will notice them but their focus will not be fully on
them. James, top to bottom, will be wearing a t-shirt belonging to another band (a band that he idolises and has
motivated him to become the musician he is today), a black, leather biker jacket with different brand patches
attached to it, black jeans, Doc Martins and he will also wear a red bandana in certain frames as that is a part of
James iconography.

Section 3: Mood and Style

The mood of this music video will be that which signifies seriousness and a darker outlook. By this it is meant that
a number of different components will be used in order to replicate this intense mood and style that is trying to be
created. For example, the entire music video will be filmed in black and white. Filming in black and white tends to
darken the mood of any visual piece, whether it be a picture or a recording, it adds a certain sincere tone. The
video will also be filmed outside when it is either darkening or dark, which again would add to the desired tone

Section 4: The Scenes

Although the scenes that are going to be included have already been explained briefly under section 2 this section will
go into a little more depth in terms of what the scene will contain:
-The first scene will be of James leaving his house, with his guitar on his back, and skateboard in hand. He will be
dressed in a all black and the items of clothing will be a leather jacket, a band t-shirt, jeans and Doc Martins.
-The next few scenes will be of James while he travels to the city. There will be a combination of shots where he is
either walking or on his skateboard.
-After that, the scenes will be of James in Chapelfield gardens, with his guitar (and he will be playing it).
-Separately recorded shots and scenes of James playing through the track on a guitar in a recording studio will be
integrated at this point.
-After a proportion of James playing in the recording studio has been played, the scene will again change but this time
to James walking through the light tunnel near the Forum.
-Throughout the music video, it will change from James playing in the recording studio to recorded scenes of James in
around the city in locations such as the moat (near The Castle Museum) or on the steps of City Hall.
-The music video will end with James finishing up in the recording studio.