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Azelle dietter
January 20, 2017
Aice media studies

The Walt Disney Company started in 1923 in the rear of a small office
occupied by Holly-Vermont Realty in Los Angeles. It was there that Walt
Disney, and his brother Roy, produced a series of short liveaction/animated films collectively called the ALICE COMEDIES.
In 1937, Disney's innovative first full length animated feature, SNOW
WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, was released to critical acclaim and
worldwide success.
Beginning in the late 1940s, Disney launched into the production of liveaction features and television programs. The Studio lot was subsequently
expanded during the 1950s, to include sound stages and production craft

Recognize new technology trends and develop plans to minimize the risks
associated with technology.
Every single action in a company has its impact on the future success of that
company. In fact, on its way to expand its business worldwide, Disney has
multiplied its innovations and movies productions to better serve internationally.
It has now 7 theme parks, 27 hotels with 36,888 rooms, 2 cruise ships, 728
Disney Stores, 1 broadcast network, 10 television stations, 9 international Disney
Channels, 42 radio stations, an Internet portal, 5 major Internet Web sites etc.
In fact, its technological innovations with its media networks will comfort its
leading position within the sector.
Nowadays, technology has become a very increasingly tool to compete with rival
companies and industries.

Target Market
1. Average age is 44 years old
2. Females
3. Children are the base, but parents are the deciding factors
. Many times, Disney creates a story or movie and then manufactures toys
and other products around that movie.

Disney uses five main market
Media Networks -18,714 million
1. Media networks Parks and Resorts - 11,797 million
2. Parks and resorts
3. Walt Disney

Walt Disney Studios - 6,351

Disney Consumer Products - 3,049 million

Disney Interactive - 982

4. Disney consumer products

5. Disney interactive

Dr. strange (2016)
The jungle book (2016)
Captain America: Civil War (2016)
Marvels avengers: age of ultron
The finest hours (2016)
Ant- man (2015)
Beauty and the beast (2017)
Cars 3 (2017)
Cars 2 (2011

Disney owns many smaller companies

This chart shows the various
actions that Disney takes to
ensures success. These include:
working with different record
labels or broadcasting networks.
Although Disney is a family
based entertainment company,
it does often work with many
other networks that provide
more adult rated shows. For
example, Switched at Birth or
Pretty Little Liars.

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Domestic Total Gross: $364,001,123
Distributor: Buena Vista
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 1 hrs. 45 min.
MPAA Rating: PG
Production Budget: $175 million
Total Lifetime Grosses
+ Foreign:
= Worldwide: $966,550,600
Domestic Summary
Opening Weekend:
(#1 rank, 4,028 theaters, $25,636 average)
% of Total Gross: 28.4%
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Widest Release: 4,144 theaters
Close Date: September 29, 2016
In Release:
168 days / 24 weeks

The Players
Director: Jon Favreau
Writer: Justin Marks
Actors: Scarlett Johansson (Voice)
Idris Elba (Voice)
Lupita Nyong'o (Voice)
Ben Kingsley (Voice)
Christopher Walken (Voice)
Bill Murray (Voice)
Cinematographer: Bill Pope
Composer: John Debney


Many of the actors are well known, so, this will attract a big audience.
This is seen in the domestic total gross, which is $364,001,123.
This film can be for any age range due to its PG rating, which makes it a
great family movie without it being too over the top kid-like.

The Jungle Book (1967)
Domestic Total Gross: $73,741,048
Domestic Lifetime Gross:
Distributor: Disney
Release Date: October 18, 1967
Genre: Animation
The Jungle Book (2016)
Runtime: 1 hrs. 18 min.
MPAA Rating: G
Domestic Total Gross: $364,001,123
Production Budget: N/A
Distributor: Buena Vista
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 1 hrs. 45 min.
MPAA Rating: PG
Production Budget: $175 million


From the 1967 to the 2016 version the domestic total gross jumped from
$73,741,048 to $364,001,123

It made this jump due to it being live action rather than animation, it had a lot more
special effects, the rating was more geared for various age ranges rather than just little
kids, etc.
Although the 1967 version was released in a more popular month, the 2016 version
outweighed this factor with the reasons provided above.

Director: Jon Favreau
Producer: Brigham Taylor
Disney is one of the big six film studios, but has many smaller
broadcasting networks
The Walt Disney Company is a publicly traded corporation owned by its
shareholders. The Laurene Powell Jobs Trust, run by Steve Jobs' widow, is
the largest stockholder, owning 7.27 percent of the shares.

Brigham Taylor (The Jungle Book and Christopher Robin)
Jon Favreau (Chef, Iron Man series, Elf, etc.)
Appeals to a younger generation but can be appretiated by anyone who
wants to see a remake of a classic Disney movie

Distributor: Buena Vista
Premiere in Sydney, Australia
October release date
A popular movie release month as it is least likely to have competitors.

Appealing elements
Live action
Remake of classic film to appeal to the audience
Fantasy Genre
CG animated animals
Animals are able to communicate with a human which in real life would
never occur.


Camera shots and angles help to
show the technological
These shots also introduce the
characters and mainly reintroduce
Scarlett Johansson makes for a
great narrator as her voice is very
soothing which is another reason
why she was chosen to play Kaa

Fantasound was part of the Jungle Book movie process. They were in
charge of the music and sound effects.
The song Bare Necessities attracts to children but to other ages who may
have seen the original movie as this song resonates with the movie and is
one of the selling points of the movie.



The lighting within the picture is very bright in the background. This is so that the
light acts as the sun shining threw the trees. This lighting is effective because it
makes the image realistic to how a jungle may actually look
The poster uses a variety of different colors across the page. The color green is the
main color used so that it represents where the film is set. The color green its self
represents nature and calmness, emphasizing the storyline. Other bold/dark colors
are used on every animals fur/skin. This emphasizes that animals are unpredictable
therefore adds mystery to the poster. However the bold colors on each animal
could also indicate that they are wise. The color yellow connotes brightness and
happiness. This is important that the audience feel these emotions from the poster
especially as it is a children's film, therefore making the poster intriguing and of a
happy nature for children, will make them want to go see the film.


From the poster we can see that the young boy is the main focus of the film. This is
because he is positioned against large jungle animals therefore his petite size and bright
red shorts make him stand out from the page. The young boy is shown with his hand on
the bear, while the bear looks like it is ready to attack/being protective.This symbolizes
trust therefore suggests to the audience that the young boy has a special connection to
the animals shown. In the background, we can see the silhouette of a black cat, with
bright green beady eyes looking directly at the camera.When cats are startled, they look
directly at the source that has put them on high alert.
Text and language
Within the poster there is little text that helps identify the poster.However the text that
is used shows a list of famous actors who voice over each of the animated characters.
This is effective because each actor has their own set of fans therefore will take a
interest to any film that actor plays a role in.However, once all of these famous actors
come together the film will gain lots of popularity therefore become a success.





Domestic Total Gross: $408,084,349

Distributor: Buena Vista
Release Date: May 6, 2016
Total Lifetime Grosses
Genre: Action / Adventure
Domestic: $408,084,349
35.4% The Players
Runtime: 2 hrs. 27 min.
+ Foreign: $745,220,146
64.6% Directors: Anthony Russo
MPAA Rating: PG-13
= Worldwide:
Joe Russo
Production Budget: $250 million
Domestic Summary
Writers: Christopher
Opening Weekend: $179,139,142 Markus
(#1 rank, 4,226 theaters, $42,390 Stephen McFeely
Actors: Chris Evans
% of Total Gross:
Robert Downey, Jr.
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Scarlett Johansson
Widest Release:
4,226 theaters Sebastian Stan
Close Date:
September 22, 2016Anthony Mackie
In Release: 140 days / 20 weeks
Paul Bettany
Jeremy Renner
Don Cheadle


Many people are fond of the marvel movies
This is shown by the total lifetime gross which is $1,153,304,495 for worldwide
Based on prior marvel movies starring Chris Evans as Captain America and
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, this duo has always had disagreements in
deciding what to do.
The rating is PG-13 and is geared towards teens and adults looking for superhero
vs. superhero action.

Captain America: Civil War
Domestic Total Gross:
Distributor: Buena Vista
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Release Date: May 6, 2016
Genre: Action / Adventure
Domestic Total Gross:
Runtime: 2 hrs. 27 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Distributor: Buena Vista
Production Budget: $250 millionRelease Date: May 1, 2015
Genre: Action / Adventure
Runtime: 2 hrs. 21 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Production Budget: $250 million


Both films are distributed by Buena Vista
Although Age of Ultron did run shorter than Civil War it did have more
success at the difference of $50,921,519; which in retrospect may not
seem like a lot but for two similar movies it is.

Directors: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Producer: Kevin Feige
Owned by Disney, Marvel, and Marvel Entertainment
Joe Russo and Anthony Russo often work together and created Captain
America: Winter Soldier

Joe Russo (Captain America: Winter Soldier, Welcome to Collinwood, etc.)
Anthony Russo (You, Me and Dupree, and the same ones as Joe Russo)
Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment

Distributor: Buena Vista
Premiere: Hollywood, CA
May movie release
Not a popular movie release month, but due to the impressive cast and the
reputation many people will go and see it

Aimed towards teens and adults who are fans of marvel and its movies
Appealing Elements
Actions genre
1. So their will be explosions
2. However due to the storyline their will also be a hint of drama

The trailer offers tension and it picks up where it left off in Captain
America: Winter Soldier
Right off the bat it hits the audience with an explosion which introduces
the action genre
Marvel Studios addressed that today, lifting the web of secrecyso to
speak on unveiling Spiderman for the very first time. Peter Parker is finally
at home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he got his long-overdue
introduction today in the second full trailer forCaptain America: Civil War.

The title of the film and logo are

combined into one element and
conform to the color scheme of the
rest of the poster. Slightly above
At the top of this
the title is the logo for Marvel, the
poster for Captain
studio backing the film. Again, this
America: Civil War is
association with the studio helps to
text that reads, From generate the interest of an
audience who enjoys other
the studios that
franchises such as X-Men and The
brought you [The
Avengers Logo]. This Avengers, and hints at their
universes converging, meaning
essentially works as
popular characters from all
the replacement for a franchises can interact. The title is
tagline, as rather than the largest piece of text on the
poster so it is the first to catch the
make the film
intriguing with a short, audiences attention.

memorable line, it
uses an association
with the successful
Avengers franchise to
communicate that this
film will occur in the
same universe,
therefore making its
storyline fairly

The main image of the poster

shows the main protagonist,
Captain America, standing
amongst rubble and debris in
a city, immediately signifying
a mass conflict. The images
color scheme is quite cold
and rustic in tone, as it is
made up of dull reds, white
and blues (which matches his
identity as the superhero
Captain America, as these
are the colors on the national
flag) and connotes a dark