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The phrase al asma wa sifat means the names and attributes.

So, tawhid al asma wa sifat means the acknowledgment of

the Oneness of Allah through His names and attributes.

i.e the Real (al haq), the Alive (al hayy), the Powerful (al

qawiyyu), the Good (al birr), and others..

All the names and attributes are the absolute qualities of

All of our qualities are not absolute.

Two types of Gods attributes:

i) al sifat al khabariyyah- the attributes about the

essence of God
ii) al sifat al afal- the attributes of action
Rules to describe the names and attributes of Allah:
Allah must be referred to according to how He or His
Prophet has described Him.
We cannot change the word or the meaning of the attributes
We cannot deny the attributes of Allah (tatil).
We cannot ask how the attributes are (takyif).
We cannot say that Allahs attributes are like our attributes
Two kinds of shirk in tawhid asma wa sifat:
a) Humanization of Allah- Giving Allah the form and
qualities of human beings or other creations.
b) Deification of creation Created beings are given the
names and attributes of Allah.
Uluhiyyah is derived from the word ilah.
Its literal meanings are:
-the capacities to fulfill the needs of others.
-the capacities to give shelter and protection.
Tawhid uluhiyyah is the concept which rejects the claims
of all other ilahs besides Allah.
This tawhid differentiates a Muslim from the non-
Tawhid uluhiyyah is the acknowledgement about the
Oneness of Allah alone who deserved to be worshipped
due to His absolute power, majesty and sovereignty.
Verses on the concept of uluhiyyah
- 43:84 And He alone is the ilah in the heavens and the ilah in the
earth and He alone is All wise and the All knowing
- 6: 46 Think you.. If God took away your hearing and your sight
and sealed up your hearts, which ilah is there besides Allah who could
restore them to you?.
Basic elements in uluhiyyah:
The authority or power of God is super-extra ordinary.
The authority of God is indivisible.
Since Gods authority cannot be divided, God absolutely has no share
or partner.
Uluhiyyah implies that Allah alone who deserved to be worshiped due
to His majesty, power, and sovereignty.
Allah is the only One who gives us shelter and protection.
Allah alone is the only One to be loved.
Allah alone who gives us sustenance.
Two types of shirk in tawhid uluhiyyah:
a) Shirk al Akbar ( Major/ outward shirk)- when any act of worship is
directed to other than Allah.
b) Shirk al Asghar ( Minor/ hidden shirk)- eg riya.
Relationship between the three types of tawhid
Tawhid rububiyyah and asma wa sifat refer to our knowledge and

In Rububiyyah we know it is only Allah alone who creates , provides,

controls and governs everything in this universe, and in asma wa sifat

we understand about His names and the attributes, such as, Allah is
powerful, merciful etc
Thereforewe single out Allah alone who deserved to be worshiped-

this is uluhiyyah.
So, rububiyyah and asma wa sifat refer to our knowledge and

understanding, and uluhiyyah refers to our action or worship. It is the

manifestation and actualization of rububiyyah and asma wa sifat.