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Active Transport


Diffusion: Movement from high to low concentration

Osmosis: movement of water across a semipermeable membrane

Types of Transport

Passive Transport: Doesnt need energy

1. Diffusion
2. Facilitated diffusion
3. Osmosis

Active Transport: Needs energy (ATP)

1. Protein pumps
2. Endocytosis
3. Exocytosis
ATP Hydrolysis

Bonds have energy stored that are released when broken

Protein Pumps

Transport proteins that require energy to do

Move from low concentration to high

Example: Sodium/Potassium pumps

Nerve responses
Primary vs Secondary Active Transport

Primary Active Transport: Uses ATP

Secondary Active Transport: Uses electrochemical gradient created

by ion pump that used ATP

Taking bulky material into a cell

Cell membrane in-folds around molecule that is entering the cell


Forces material out of cell in bulk

Cell changes shape requires energy