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As per the part of the BE.d curriculum we must conduct a conscientization programme on the teaching practice
school (Amrita Sanskrit Higher Secondary School Parippally). So we took a topic keep the earth clean. we the group
contains 4 members (Raheena, Sumin k John , Jisha Manoj, and Viji.v. We together took the topic .
The programme was conducted at the 8th Std and we started the programme at 11.clock and the programme started
with a prayer. The chief guest was the H.M of the Amrita school . After the prayer the welcome speech was conducted
by Sumin. Then we started the programme.
Solid waste cause a lot of soil pollution. This solid waste accumulates in the form of heaps. Solid waste include many
things such as pickings of fruits and vegetables; cow dung: night soil waste paper worn out clothes: leather and
rubber articles: plastic objects glass pieces and metal objects . All these solid waste pollute the soil(or land)
Management of solid waste reduces the undesirable impacts in climate and environment, it improved human health ,
economic development and also improved the quality of life . The disposal of waste should be done in a scientific
way, There are different methods of waste of waste disposal. The method to used depends on the nature of the
A number of processes can involved in effectively managing waste materials in a school. The process involved
monetizing transport and disposal of waste material. About 40./. Of the day , most of the students spended in their
own school became the hot spot of several diseases.
Viji took about air pollution and she says that air pollution is the introduction of harmful substances including particles
and biological molecules into earth atmosphere. It may cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and
food corps and damage the natural process can both generate air pollution.
An air pollution is a substance in the air that can have adverse effects on human and the air that can have adverse
effects of humans and the ecosystem . The substance can be solid particles, liquid droplets or gases . A pollutant can
be of natural origin or man made . Pollutants are classified as primary or secondary .Primary pollutants are usually
produced from a process, such as ash from a volcanic eruption .

Respiratory and heart

Burning of fossil fuels problems
Agricultural activities Global warming
Exhaust from factories Acid rain
and industries Eutrophication
Mining operations Effect of wild life
Indoor air pollution Depletion of ozone layer
Use public mode of transportation.
Conserve energy.
Understand the concept of reduce reuse and
Emphasis on clean energy resources.
Use energy efficient devices
The green house effect is a natural process
that warms the earth surface . When the sun
energy reaches the earth atmosphere some of
it is reflected back to space and the rest is
absorbed and re-radiated by green house
Green house gas included water vapor ,
carbon dioxide , methane nitrous oxide ,
ozone and some artificial chemicals such as
cholofluro carbons (cfs)
STEP 1 :- Solar radiation reaches the earth atmosphere
some of this is reflected back into space.
STEP 2 :- The rest of the suns energy is absorbed by land
and the oceans , heating the earth
STEP 3 :- Heat radiates from earth towards space.
STEP4 :- Some of this heat is trapped by green houses
gases in the atmosphere , keeping the earth warm enough
to sustain life.
STEP5 :- Human activities such as burning fossil fuels ,
agriculture and land clearing are increasing the amount of
green house gases released into the atmosphere.
STEP 6:- This is trapping extra heat and causing earth,s
temperature to rise.
Water is life
70./. Of the earth cover water
Greatest resource
Both Domestic as well as industrial purposes
Closer inspection gives a rude shock
From floating plastic begin to chemical waste
our bodies have turned into a pool of poison
To develop an attitude of keeping the
environment clean and green.
To find the proper disposal method for solid
waste materials
To give on insight about cleanliness
To give an awareness about waste
management and make an awareness about
As a part of our BE.d curriculum, we are required to conduct a
school based programme. That would be beneficial to the
secondary schools students. So discussion was conducted to select
a particular topic for consendisation programme. The topic came
out during the discussion process and finally it was decided to
conduct a study class on Keep the earth clean
Information from various sources like magazine news paper internet
media etc were collected for the successful condition of the
programme .After the collection in information the topic was
decided into subtopics .
Next step was to select individual amongst deliver . In addition to
that in order to make the programme more vibrant, It was decided
to prepare some slides related to the topic and which show with
As a teacher trainee , we gave more information about the
awareness class about waste management . We selected by
the surroundings there is a lot of organic and inorganic
waste in school and components .Every bathroom in the
school are cleaned by twice in a week. This is only the
management system that adopt in the school . This type of
foods plastic waste produced creating smell and spread
harmful diseases and it is the source of mosquitoes. The
another most shocking situation is the absence of disposal
of waste water. So the students were understand that, the
cause of water materials .During this class banana leaves
used strictly prohibited and special vessels are taken for
caring foods .The students they suggest some preventing
and useful methods.
To create awareness about the after effect
and consequences of pollution management.
Find the proper disposal of waste materials
and following the method for healthy and
wealthy life.
Avoid disposing plastic and waste materials in
public place
To keep our school environment healthy and
prevent diseases
Maintain a goods and clean atmosphere for
our future life.
We select this topic for educational
programme, because it is very relevant to the
present situation. Pollution is the major
problem faced by the generation. Every
student should be aware about the waste
management and also understand its
importance we think the programme gave a
good motivation of the students cooperative .
From school staffs motivated us to conduct
such a programme and give all support.