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The Internet Crimes Against Children Task

Force (ICAC) is a multi-jurisdictional task
force that investigates and prosecutes
individuals who use the Internet to exploit
The mission of the Utah Attorney General SECURE Strike
Force is to carefully target major fraud, organized gun, drug
and human trafficking, and detect creation of fraudulent
government identification and other documents, and to
prosecute these crimes with specialized investigators and
resources and a dedicated Assistant Attorney General.
The Utah Trafficking in Persons (UTIP) Task Forces goal is
to develop and enhance a multidisciplinary human trafficking
task force that implements victim-centered, trauma informed,
collaborative and sustainable approaches to identify victims,
investigate and prosecute cases, and address individualized
needs of victims through comprehensive quality services for
victims of all types of trafficking in the state of Utah.
16 arrests
2 prior sex offenders
1 parolee
3 children rescued

25 agencies involved

Overthe last couple months, multiple

suspects have been arrested involving
Human Trafficking and Child Sexual
Exploitation investigations

TheHuman Trafficking arrests are related to

cases where victims of Human Trafficking
were being trafficked inside the State of
Utah. Some of these cases involved minors

Some of the Sexual Exploitation of a

Minor case involved the
manufacturing of child pornography

Severalof the suspects traveled

across the state and state line to
sexually abuse children
Suspects cont.
Criminal Charges
Rape of a Child (1st Degree Felony)

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (2nd Degree Felony)

Enticing a Minor over the Internet (2nd Degree


Dealing in Harmful Material to a Child (3rd Degree


Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (3rd Degree

Criminal Charges (cont.)
Criminal Conspiracy (3rd Degree Felony)

Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to

Distribute (2rd Degree Felony)

Multiple other A and B Misdemeanors

Most cases had multiple counts

of the same charge
Todd Rettenberger

Pled Guilty
Human Trafficking, 2nd
Degree Felony (1 count)
Exploitation of
Prostitution, 3rd Degree
Felony (1 count)

1-15 years Human
0-5 years Exploitation of
Agencies Involved

Utah Attorney Generals Office

Adult Probation and Parole

Bountiful Police Department
Clearfield Police Department
Davis County Sheriffs Office
Department of Public Safety
Enforcement and Removal Operations
Heber City Police Department
Homeland Security Investigations
Agencies cont.

Ogden Police Department

Orem City Police Department
Park City Police Department
Pleasant Grove Police Department
Provo City Police Department
Sevier County Sheriffs Office
South Salt Lake City Police Department
Summit County Sheriffs Office
Syracuse Police Department
Agencies cont.

Tooele City Police Department

Unified Police Department
United States Marshals Office
Utah County Attorneys Office
Utah County Sheriffs Office
Vernal Police Department
Weber County Sheriffs Office

Prosecuting Agencies:
Utah Attorney Generals Office
Utah County Attorneys Office
Tip Lines

Internet Crimes Against Children Tipline


Utah Human Trafficking Tipline


National Human Trafficking