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Introduction to


Schlumberger Private
Schlumberger Private
Schlumberger Private
What is
The measurement versus depth or time, or
both, of one or more physical quantities in or
around a well. The term comes from the word
"log" used in the sense of a record or a note.

Wireline logs are taken downhole, transmitted

through a wireline to surface and recorded
Why We Log

To help our customers find

and produce more oil and
gas more efficiently

Schlumberger Private
Marcel Schlumberger at the controls of a recorder in 1935
Why We Log
The four basic reasons we log

Identify hydrocarbons

Schlumberger Private
Determine the hydrocarbon type and volume

Determine what type of fluids will flow and at what


Optimize well construction and reservoir production

How Do We Log
Elements needed:
Wireline logging unit

Schlumberger Private
Wireline cable
Wireline logging tool
Wireline acquisition system
Cable Drum

Schlumberger Private
Acquisition System

CSU - Cyber Service Unit

Logging Tool

Logging Cable
Schlumberger Private
Logging Unit
Logging Unit Optimum Service Land

Schlumberger Private
Logging Unit Offshore Integrated
Logging Unit

Schlumberger Private
Schlumberger Private
Logging Cable

Schlumberger Private
Logging Cable provides Mechanical Strength and Electrical Path
Schlumberger Private
Schlumberger Private
Wireline Logging Rig Up

Schlumberger Private
Acquisition System
Outside Logging Unit
Logging Cable TENSION - CMTD

Schlumberger Private
Inside Logging Unit
Tool Power

Depth/Tension DISPLAY
Wireline Log

Schlumberger Private
Linear Display Logarithmic
The Field Engineer: Job Description

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of Field Engineers/Technicians is to

Schlumberger Private
deliver high quality services to our clients. He/She is
responsible for ensuring that the preparation and dispatching
of equipment is complete. He/She is directly responsible for
the quality of service delivered at the wellsite, in terms of
safety, quality and efficiency of operation is up to standard.
He/She is in charge of his/her operating cell and is
responsible for the training and development
The Field Engineer: Functions
C) Equipment
A) People B) Processes
To ensure that the
Organize and participate To follow and uphold all
principles of RITE are
actively in the training of Schlumberger QHSE standards
systematically applied on all
his/her operators. and to promote their respect,

Schlumberger Private
tools and equipment
Actively lead and support understanding and adherence.
assigned to him/her and to
the training of JFEs/JFTs and Actively participate in local loss
keep it in a state of
crew assigned to his/her cell.
prevention programs.
Attend to his/her personal
To control quality of our service
development by following To ensure that the status
during all phases of the operation
the PEPTEC program or post of all equipment assigned to
and to ensure that products of
GFE his/her cell is reported and
highest quality are delivered to
development programs, as kept up to date
the client.
applicable. in the RITE/PM system.
To perform all reporting and
To ensure that supplies are
administrative duties concerning
available at the wellsite to
the field operations, accurately
The Wireline Organization

Service Quality Field Service

Marketing Manager Data Consulting
Coach Manager

Schlumberger Private
Petrophysicist Assistant

Lead Engineer Sonde Shop

Sales Engineer Geologist

Electronics Lab
Reservoir General Field Engineer

Well Integrity Senior Field Engineer

Field Engineer



The Wireline Organization
Field Service

Senior Field General Field

Field Engineer Field Engineer
Engineer Engineer

Schlumberger Private
Crew Chief Crew Chief Crew Chief Crew Chief

Senior Operator Senior Operator Senior Operator Senior Operator

Junior Operator Junior Operator Junior Operator Junior Operator

Junior Field Junior Field Junior Field Junior Field

Engineer Engineer Engineer Engineer
Perform Electrical/Electronic
The Field Service Manager The Service Quality Coach is
repairs and maintenance on
is responsible for the responsible for very technical
equipment according to
service delivery to the aspects of customer service

Schlumberger Private
company quality and safety
Client and for the technicalfieldwork related to Schlumberger
standards. Assists with
and overall development equipment. He/she acts as a
maintenance supervision,
of the Engineers. Service Quality Coach by guiding
training requirements and
the training and development of
managerial tasks. Comply
Field Engineers and the
with all governmental
implementation of service quality
regulations, industry
tools and processes within his/her
standards and observes all
domain. The position involves
health, safety and
working closely with the rest of
environmental policies to
the team to ensure that the
reduce environmental
Service Quality is continuously
Sonde Mechanic
Supervise warehousing
The Sonde Maintenance Perform advanced mechanical
activities including the
Technician is responsible for repairs and maintenance on
establishment of operational
minimizing equipment equipment according to

Schlumberger Private
procedures for activities,
failures that may result in company quality and safety
such as verification of
either lost time or poor standards. Assists with
incoming and outgoing
quality data by ensuring that maintenance supervision,
shipments, handling and
their assigned equipment is training requirements and
disposition of materials, and
maintained as per WL managerial tasks. Comply with
keeping warehouse inventory
Standards and according to all governmental regulations,
the latest specifications and industry standards and
RITE. observes all health, safety and
environmental policies to
reduce environmental impacts.
DCS Sales Engineer
The Geoscientist is a key The Segment Sales Engineer is
technical contributor working responsible for selling segment
in the areas of Geology, products and services to

Schlumberger Private
Geophysics, Geomechanics assigned accounts. The SSE is
or Petrophysics and a accountable for revenue, price,
Member of the share, and the introduction of
Schlumberger Technical new technology.