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English IV

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What is Opinion?
Belief, judgment, or way of thinking about
something : what someone thinks about a
particular thing
Advice from someone with special
knowledge : advice from an expert
Formal statement by a judge, court, etc.,
explaining the reasons a decision was made
according to laws or rules

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Learn the following dialog!
Sifa : How about its food?
Do you think it is delicious?
Lisa : Yes, I think! Do you know Gado gado? Its delicious.
Sifa : Yes I know it. By the way Which one is more
Gado gado or sate?
Lisa : According to me, gado gado is more delicious than
Sifa : I dont think so.
I think sate is more delicious than gado gado.
Sate is my favorite food.
Lisa : So we have different favorite foods then.
Sifa : I think so.
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Asking Opinion
Have you got any comments What do you think of?
on What do you think about?
Do you have any idea?
hat is your opinion?
Do you have any opinion on
Why do they behave like
Would you give me your
opinion on?

What is your reaction to Do you think its going?

What is your opinion about How do you like?

What are you feeling about How was the trip?
What are your views on?
How do you think of?
Please give me your frank
How do you feel about?

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Giving Opinion
I personally believe I think I like it.
I dont think I care for it.
I personally consider
I think its good/nice/terrific
I personally think /feel I think that awful/not
I hold the opinion I dont think much of it.

My own view of the matter I think that

In my opinion, I would
is rather
In my case
Well, personally
The way I see is that
If I had my view, I would No everyone will agree with
me, but
From my point of view
If you ask me, I feel

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Another Example
Mr. Zoe : What do you think of my new house?
Shane : It is beautiful. I think.
Oh you have many novels in your new house.
Mr. Zoe : Yeah, some. I like Andrea Hiratas novels.
Shane : How do you feel about Andrea Hiratas novels ?
Mr. Zoe : I feel they are great novels.
Shane :Yes, you are right. I think it is going to rain.
Mr. Zoe : I dont think so. Look outside at the sky!
Its so clear. No clouds there.
Shane : But I watched the weather forecast yesterday.
It said that today is going to rain. OK Mr. Zoe see you.

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Practice with your partners to make a dialog
using asking and giving opinion by the following
Actress or Actors

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