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Penyediaan Wireless

Internet di Pedesaan
Tujuan awal :

1. Bagaimana memberikan materi pendidikan yang berkualitas kepada

masyarakat pedesaan dengan biaya yang se minimal mungkin.
(Pendidikan )

2. Bagaimana memberikan akses kesehatan tingkat lanjutan (spesialis)

secara lebih cepat,efektif dan efisien. (Kesehatan)

3. Upaya peningkatan ekonomi pedesaan melalui perdagangan. (Ekonomi)

Cara untuk mencapai tujuan :

Menyediakan bahan dan tenaga pengajar yang berkualitas melalui

fasilitas belajar jarak jauh/distance learning.

Menghubungkan dokter spesialis yang berada di kota dengan

puskesmas yang ada di pedesaan/telemedicine.

Melancarkan school free lunch program dengan menunjuk salah satu

penduduk desa sebagai pengada/vendor.
Mengupayakan pembentukan rural chamber of commerce di pedesaan
berikut upaya pembukaan akses pemasaran bagi produk-produk
masyarakat desa/ rural e-commerce.
Tantangan :

1. Tidak adanya akses broadband internet


Membangun infrastruktur komunikasi (internet) melalui satelit bagi

kawasan yang tidak memilikinya.
Pembangunan Infrastruktur


No Peralatan Harga
1. Ipstar user terminal Rp 12.000.000
2. Antenna stand Rp 1.000.000
3. Registration Rp 500.000
4. 1 Unit Laptop Rp 5.000.000
6. High end wireless network Rp 4.500.000
(harga belum termasuk pajak,biaya installasi,dan biaya berlangganan)
Case Study :
1. Case study, Vietnam

Capital Expenditure**

A wireless network designed to support an estimated 40 end-users, similar to what has been
deployed in Ta Van can be delivered for less than US$20,000 at current prices.
The base station equipment cost is about USD $12,000. This includes the cost of the actual WiMAX
base station for $6,000, including equipment such as the antenna, lightening protection, network
device, satellite equipment and miscellaneous items. This does not cover the costs of any associated
structural work as it is assumed that this can be delivered at low cost in rural areas and can be
provided by the community.

If a combination of WiMAX subscriber stations, Wi-Fi bridges and outdoor Ethernet cables are used
to connect 4-5 users to each subscriber station, the cost per user is projected to be $200 each to
connect 40 end-user locations for a total of about $8,000.
Distance Learning

Vsee (free)

What is Vsee ?

VSee is software that allows you to securely chat, make video calls, and have multi-
party video meetings, supercharged with powerful collaboration tools that include
application sharing and file transfer. In order to use VSee, you must have a VSee
account and the VSee program installed on your computer. Every person that
wishes to participate in a VSee call or meeting must also have their own VSee
account and be running the VSee program.

How much does Vsee cost ?

VSee is free for commercial, government, and personal use.

How much Bandwith does Vsee require ?
For default resolution and audio quality, VSee requires about 150kbps upload and
download speed per VSee call. Most users on broadband Internet connections can
connect to 4-6 users simultaneously.

Vsee vs Skype

Advantages Over Skype:

Higher quality video works well over 3G networks and in developing countries
Ability to share applications instead of only desktops protects your privacy
Endpoint to endpoint encryption keeps off-the-record conversations private
Group video chat and application sharing is free.
Optimized For Use Over 3G And In Developing Countries

VSee uses less than 50% of the bandwidth of Skype at the same video quality,
hence offering you a better experience in bandwidth-starved situations such as
at public WiFi hotspots, over 3G wireless connections, or in countries where the
network infrastructure is still developing. VSee's novel network sensing
algorithm is "light" on your network, where it continuously senses the
instantaneous network capacity and adjusts to video quality.

VSee vs Skype Network Performance

Resolution Vsee download/upload Skype download/upload Skype support
usage usage bandwith
320x240p 81 / 72 kbps 423 / 306 kbps 300 / 300 kbps
640x480p 154 / 149 kbps 530 / 472 kbps 500 / 500 kbps
1280x780p 513 / 492 kbps 1470 / 1340 Kbps 1.5 / 1.5 Mbps

No Peralatan Harga
1. Televisi 42 atau proyektor USD 500
2. PC atau Laptop USD 500
3. Webcam USD 90
4. Laptop Speaker USD 30
5. Digital Pen & Pad USD 70
6. Printer & Scanner USD 100
Biaya Operasional : N/A

1. Vsee
2. Agnes

What is Agnes :

. AGNES is a telemedicine device aggregation appliance responsible for

gathering and distributing patient medical information in real time and
independent of any video conferencing system network.AGNES runs under
Windows with specialized medical device drivers and customized web services
capable of secure, real time streaming.
. Zero cost doctor side footprint
. Allows for complete physician mobility
. EMR data integration
. Complete data capture of medical quality audio, visual and data
. Telemedicine quality imaging and sound at bandwidths as low as 64kbs
. No specialized communication equipment required
. Doctor side completely browser based - Minimal CPU usage on the physician
Biaya Software Agnes

No Module Harga
1. Agnes Medical Video Module USD 2,000
2. Agnes Stethoscope Module USD 1,800
Biaya Hardware

No Peralatan Harga
1. PC + Monitor/TV n/a
2. Webcam USD 60
3. Telephonic Stethoscope USD 1,650
4. Digital Macro view Otoscope USD 1,185
5. Video to USB Adapter USD 120
Biaya Operasional : N/A