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1 04/10/17
Europe/FSU 76
CT Fleet Distribution UK
Italy 7
North America 293 Germany 6
United States 237 Netherlands 6
Canada 56 Russia 4
Denmark 3
France 1
Other 1

Latin America 74 Far East 68

Venezuela 20 China 17
Mexico 19 Indonesia 17
Argentina 10 Africa 50
Middle East 58 India 7
Brazil 9 Nigeria 13
UAE 24 Australia 5
Trinidad 8 Algeria 12
Iran 14 Thailand 5
Colombia 4 Egypt 10
Saudi Arabia 7 Japan 3
Ecuador 2 Gabon 6
Oman 6 Malaysia 3
Bolivia 1 Libya 4
Syria 3 Pakistan 2
Peru 1 Tunisia 3
Kuwait 2 Vietnam 2
Congo 1
Yemen 2 Brunei 1
Others 1
2 Others 04/10/176
The Coiled Tubing Unit
Physical Characteristics
Self Contained
Hydraulically Powered
Environmentally Friendly
Injects and retrieves a continuous string of tubing into the well
Can continuously pump fluids into well while moving pipe
Land or offshore system designs
No workover rig required when using CT
Can be and is typically used on live wells(no kill fluids
introduced into well)

3 04/10/17
Coiled Tubing Advantages
Self-Contained unit, requires no rig
Saves time and money - do not have to kill well
Reduced potential damage to formation
Typically used on live wells so no kill fluids necessary
Act as tool transport medium for deviated & horizontal wells
Computer programs to optimize job design
Utilize internal pressure to generate large downhole forces
Tubing Management
Advanced data acquisition system to monitor key job
parameters - on tubing management
4 04/10/17
Proven Applications
For vertical, horizontal, and highly deviated
wells, both on land and offshore include:
Drilling Setting and Retrieving
Electric Wireline Logging Bridge Plugs
and Perforating Permanent Installations
Stimulation Running Packers
Fluid Displacement Coiled Tubing Used as
Sand Control Flowline
Coiled Tubing Conveyed Flow Control of Horizontal
Perforating and Deviated Completions
Wellbore Cleanout Fishing
Remedial Cementing

5 04/10/17
The Coiled Tubing Unit
Injector & Tubing Guide
Reel for Tubing Storage
Control House
Power Pack
Well Control Equipment

6 04/10/17
Characteristics of Tubing

Steel tubing with several yield strengths available

(70,000, 80,000 & 100,000 psi)
Relatively thin wall
Yield stress is exceeded with each cycle (reel/tubing
guide/injector is 3 bending events)
Finite life due to these fatigue cycles
Small flow area (1 OD to 3.5 OD max)
Cannot rotate pipe
Life dependant on pressure, cycles, axial forces,
torques, corrosion, and other well related conditions

7 04/10/17
Injector Basics
Hydraulically powered counter rotating
Linear beam to apply grip to tubing
Roller chain around linear beam to
transmit load to gripper blocks and
then to tubing
Gripper blocks mounted in hardened
steel counter rotating chain assembly
Hydraulic cylinders apply beam
pressure to tubing
Bi-directional, twin hydraulic motors
with gear reduction in upper assembly
Injector designation based on Gripper

maximum pull capability, i.e., 30K can


pull 30,000 pounds

8 04/10/17
15K Injector

9 04/10/17
30 K Injector

10 04/10/17
80K Injector

11 04/10/17
V-Block Grippers
Multiple tubing sizes can
be run with the same
gripper blocks
Halliburton exclusive
patented, design
Grooved surfaces for
enhanced gripping
Standard on all new
Halliburton injectors
(since 1992)
Reduces cost of
operations by not having
additional dripper blocks
for all size tubing.

12 04/10/17
Tubing Guide
(Guide Arch)
Guides tubing into injector
Large radius for best tubing life
New designs include:
A progressive radius feature
UHMW polyethylene rollers in new
A rollerless design in prototype
Designed for all typical job set-ups
and conditions

13 04/10/17
Used to store tubing
Must provide back tension during all injection
Equipped with rotating swivels for fluid injection
while turning (running pipe in or out of well)
Core diameters variable for specific tubing diameters
Includes a level wind assembly to wrap tubing on
and off reel
Offshore and land based designs
New designs have a shaftless reel for higher tubing
capacities and lower CG on units

14 04/10/17
60K Embedded Reel

15 04/10/17
Level Wind

16 04/10/17
Control House
Operator station for unit
control and customer
Typically mounted behind
House mounted on a
scissor lift for better view
over reel during
Control console and DAS
system integral part of

17 04/10/17
Hydraulic Power Pack
Supplies all power and fluid controls for CTU
May be a seperate skid mounted engine package
or the hydraulics may be driven off chassis road
Designed for maximum HP at maximum ambient
Units with horsepower from
230 to 430 BHP
Lightweight, high power
density design
DNV Zone II packages available

18 04/10/17
19 04/10/17
Well Control Equipment

Used for injection into live wells

Provide safety system
Stripper/Packer is primary pressure containing
BOP is stacked on top of well below
stripper/packer for backup/safety
Various sizes and types depending on well
servicing needs
Full control with redundancy from operator
station in house

20 04/10/17
21 04/10/17
Crane Trailers
Trailers used for all larger cranes used with larger
injectors/high rigup jobs.
Usually carry injector and accessories

22 04/10/17
Crane Truck

Rear mounted for

better capacity.
Usually carries
injector and
Requires crane
matched to
equipment needs

23 04/10/17
CT - Data Acquisition System
Provide Real-time Operator Information
Measured parameters - weight, speed, depth pressure
Calculated parameters - stresses, collapse factor, tubing life
Determine Tubing Status
Tubing life management
Real time effects
Provide Job

24 04/10/17
BodyLoad Single 15K Truck
Designed for shallow well service
work where minimum rig up time is
key to operational success.
Truck frame mounted reel.
Capacity of the reel is 8.000 ft.
of 1-1/4 in. tubing or 5,000 ft. of 1-
1/2 in. tubing.
Standard 15K Injector mounted on
the rear
Injector Lift Assembly:
Mounted on the rear of the truck
and designed to
position the injector assembly
vertically and side to side for
installation to a
Lift horizontally 14 6 from the
to the stuffing box and 7 rear
and 12 side to side movement.
25 04/10/17
30K / 38K Coiled Tubing Unit Trailer
Embedded reel for low CG
18,000 1 1/2 capacity
Crane truck is part of unit
Carries injector, BOP, accessories

26 04/10/17
Land / Offshore Unit

27 04/10/17
30K Split Bodyload CTU
30K two unit system, Reel truck and
Crane truck (34,000 lbs lift)
Small location access
15,000 ft. of 1-1/4 in. tubing/8000 ft.
of 1 1/2 typical.

28 04/10/17
60K Coiled Tubing Unit

29 04/10/17
80K Coiled Tubing Unit

30 04/10/17
Application - Horizontal
Tubing - Equipment Relationship

Through Tubing Workover Drilling and Completion

Tubing Size

1 1 1/4 1 1/2 1 3/4 2 2 3/8 2 7/8 3 1/2

Coiled 15K lb. Unit

Tubing Unit
30-38K lb. Unit

60K lb. Unit

80-100K lb. Unit

31 04/10/17
Pre-Job Planning

Well Information
Pre-Job Calculations
Equipment Selection
Application Considerations

32 04/10/17
Pre-Job Procedure

Job Site Layout

On-Site Calculations
Procedure Review
Questions From the Customer
On-Site Safety Considerations

33 04/10/17

Unit Components

Rig-Up Safety Considerations

Wellhead Control Devices

34 04/10/17
Wellhead Pressures Less
Than 2,500 psi (17.5 mPa)
No H2S


Quad BOP

Flow Taken From

Wing Valve

Hand Unions Allowed Below

BOP if No H2S Present

35 04/10/17
Wellhesd Pressures Below
3,500 psi (25.0 mPa)
H2S Present
Flow Cannot Be Taken off
Wing Valve


Quad BOP

Flow Tee with Dual Plug


Flanged Connection to

36 04/10/17
Wellhead Pressures Greater
Than 3,500 psi (25.0) mPa
All Offshore Rig-Ups


Quad BOP

Flow Cross with Kill Line

Quad Plug Valves with One
Hydraulic actuator on Each

Single Safety BOP


Flanged Wellhead Connection

37 04/10/17
Rig-Up Requiring Lubricator



Quad BOP

Flow Cross or Flow Tee

Safety BOP (when required)

Flanged Wellhead

Increase Lateral Support

38 04/10/17
Lubricator as Riser


Quad BOP

Flow Cross with Valves

Well Deck or Rig Floor

Flanged Riser

Single BOP

Flanged Wellhead Connection

39 04/10/17
Running The Job
Tripping Pipe
First Trip
Zero Weight Indicator
Count the rounds while opening the Master Valve
Injector Speed - 40-100 ft/min (10-30 m/min)
Check Pick Up and Slack Off Weights
Every 1000 ft ( 300 m)
Check Weight Indicator on First Pick Up

40 04/10/17
Running The Job
Tripping Pipe
Pulling Out of The Hole
Use only the required amount of hydraulic
pressure to lift the tubing and BHA
Slow down when entering the production tubing
and any restrictions
At 500 ft (150 m) slow the injector and set
hydraulics to stall when the BHA bumps the
stuffing box
Slowly shut in the master valve- confirm the
number of turns
Purge coil of any hazardous material before

41 04/10/17
Running The Job

Tubing Records
Keep Records on all tubing strings
Hand written logs

42 04/10/17
Running The Job

Operations at Night
Adequate Lighting
Well Pressure
Type of Fluid Pumped
Presence of H2S
Crew Considerations
Height Considerations

43 04/10/17
Running The Job

Stuck Tubing
What has happen before?
What happened during?
Can we still pump?
Do we have circulation?

Condition of the well?

Condition of the pipe?
Strength of the pipe ?

44 04/10/17
Running The Job

Uncontrolled Pipe Movement

Slow the Injector to a Halt
Set the Injector Brake
Increase Linear Beam pressure to Maximum (1500psi)
Clear the Location
Increase Stripper pressure to Maximum (5000 psi)
Close the Slip Rams
Do Not use the Reel Brake
After Tubing Stops - Take appropriate well control

45 04/10/17
Running The Job
Coiled Tubing Failures
Pin Holes
Mark the hole if possible
Slowly retrieve the tubing
Do Not cycle the area
Pump down the tubing at minimum rates if
Repair or replace tubing string before next job

46 04/10/17
Running The Job

Coiled Tubing Failures

Major Breaks or Parted Tubing
No flow from tubing
Secure damage area and spool back on to
Flow from tubing
Hang off tubing in BOP, cut tubing and kill
well through side inlet
Plan for fishing operations

47 04/10/17
Running The Job
Coiled Tubing Failures
Hazardous Material in Tubing
No flow from tubing
Secure damage area and spool back on to
Consider cutting the tubing
Flow from tubing
Hang off tubing in BOP, cut tubing and kill
well through side inlet
Plan for fishing operations
High Rig Up-Risers Etc.
Consider dropping the tubing so the well can
be shut in

48 04/10/17
Running The Job

Extreme Temperatures-Equipment
Ensure power pack is winterized-September
Keep air tanks drained of water
Change lube in crane swivel bearings
Change to cold service elastomers - Bops
Change to light weight oil in chain oilers
Change to 25 micron hydraulic filters
Keep the tubing purged with Nitrogen or
nonfreezing liquid

49 04/10/17
Running The Job

Extreme Temperatures-Equipment
Ensure power pack coolers are in working order
Engine coolant at proper level
Hydraulic fluid at proper level
Eliminate unnecessary exhaust restrictions
Vent injector pumps to lower demand from the
Do not operate hydraulic system over 185 deg.F
Set the controls properly

50 04/10/17
Running The Job

Extreme Temperatures-Personnel
Check wind chill or heat index for effective
Ensure personnel are adequately clothed for
Be aware of the risks of frost bite and heat
Rotate personnel working in extreme temperature
Provide for additional food and fluids
People can require twice the intake as normal

51 04/10/17
Job Safety

Conduct Pre-Job Meetings

Know your Responsibility
Ensure the use of Personal Protective
Have Adequate Fire Protection
Update and Inspect First-Aid Equipment

52 04/10/17
Post Job Procedures

Rig Down

Haste and Fatigue are the highest cause of Accidents

53 04/10/17
Post Job Procedures

Job Ticket

Job Log

Safety Sheets

ABM Sheets

Customer Satisfaction - CPI Worksheet

54 04/10/17