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The Challenges of

Islamic Bank
in Indonesia
Facilitated by: Adil Syahputra

3rd Annual International Conference in Islamic

Economics (AICIE)
The milestones of Islamic Bank in

1980 1994 2000 2002 2004


Islamic 1stst Islamic Branch Office Islamic

banking 1stst Islamic Bank
nd Islamic Bank Bank Syh Mandiri Channeling Banking Act

1992 1999 2001 2003 2006

Islamic Banking Development Stages
Strengthening Complying with international Integration with
Placing strong base for
standards for financial products
sustainable development industrial structure Islamic Financial
and services
Phase 1 (2002 2004) Phase 2 (2005 2009) Phase 3 (2010 2012) Phase 4 (2013 2015)

Market Share
Current Performance
Annual Growth

Asset, Financing and Funding are increasing, but

annual growth tend to slowdown, especially in
period 2014-2016

5 % market share trap

Source: Indonesian Banking Statistics (Statistik Perbankan Indonesia) 2008 -
June 2016
Current Challenges :

All financial indicators shows lower competitiveness of Islamic Bank compare

to Conventional, with lower ROA and NIM but Higher BOPO and NPF
Current Challenges : Funding
Rates Comparison (IDR)
Conventional Funding Composition

Shariah Funding Composition

Higer Cost of Fund driven by 62% Term Deposit, with compare to 45%
of Conventional Bank
Lower Current Account compare to Conventional Bank
180 bps Higer rate of Saving Account compare to Convenstional Bank
Source: Indonesian Banking Statistics (Statistik Perbankan Indonesia) 2003
March 2016
Current Challenges : Financing
Conventional Financing Composition Rates Comparison (IDR)

Shariah Financing Composition

Higher Cost of Fund and Term Deposit drive Islamic Bank to

finance higher risk of business segment and short term financing.
Higher Rate of Working Capital and Investment Financing up to
250 & 90 bps compare to conventional
Lower rate of consumption financing because lack of personal
finance product.
Source: Indonesian Banking Statistics (Statistik Perbankan Indonesia) 2003
March 2016
Current Development : Regulation

National Committee on Islamic Finance (KNKS)

Indonesian Islamic Bank Roadmap (RPS) 2015-2019
Master plan of Indonesian Islamic Finance
Arcitecture (AKSI) - Bapenas RI
Board of Islamic Finance Professional Certification
Hajj Operating Bank (BPS-BPIH)
Sukuk Emission
Financing to Value (FTV) on Shariah Product
Delivery Channel (LSB)
5% Islamic TRAPPED

Government International
Support Support

Funding : Government Budget, State Funding

Owned Enterprises Fund, Hajj Fund, Human Resources Development
Sukuk Emission Fund, etc Product Development
Financing : Infrastructure project, Information Technology
education & health project, etc Development
Legal : Tax, shariah protection, etc
Education & Sosialization

Certification of Halal Product

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