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PAK-Aims(Management Final Project)

Nauman Khalid (101303)

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It is one of five GSM Mobile
companies in Pakistan and is a
subsidiary of
Pakistan Telecommunication Compan
It has a subscriber base of 20.05
million as of July 2009.
Its Headquarter is loacted in
Islamabad, Pakistan 13-B, F-7
Mr. Abdul Aziz, CEO

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Ufone started the company
under the brand name of Ufone
from Islamabad on January 29,

Ufone was founded by the

Pakistan Telecommunication
Company Limited

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During the year 2001, as a
consequence of PTCLs
privatization, 26% of its
shares were acquired by
Emirates Telecommunication
Corporation Etisalat .
Being part of PTCL, the
management of Ufone has
also been handed over to

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During the year July 2005 to
June 2006, ufone further
expanded its coverage and
added new cities and highways.

Ufone has network coverage in

more than 750 cities, towns and
across all major highways of the

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To be the leading
telecommunication service
provider in Pakistan
At ufone we understand the value of
words and the need to communicate
effectively and efficiently at all levels
of society,which is why our primary
focus is on U,our valued customers
bring strength to our
company..Because its all about U..

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Keeping in view the growth
potential of the cellular
industry there is no option
but to be aggressive in order
to remain a potent force in
the cellular industry.
Our Mission is to become
the best cellular
communication option
available in the country for

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Goal / objective

Ufones primary goal or objective is to

create greater value for their:

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Operating Performance
Ufones operational performance has
been very encouraging.
Despite the stiff competition in Pakistan
telecom market which has led to
reduction of prices to bare minimum
level, due to its aggressive policies and
strict control over expenses the
company managed to improve its
revenue and after-tax profit by 87% and
54% respectively ,as compared to last

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Products / Services

Ufone Product Lines:

There are two basic products of Ufone:

Ufone Prepaid

Ufone Post pay

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Ufone Prepaid / Postpaid
Ufone prepay is with a wide ragne of products and
features like SMS,GPRS,MMS,Call features,
International Roaming etc.

Ufone postpay provides you the most superior mobile

phone services,widest quality network & best customer
serives for U like Special discount,VPN,GPRS,Umail etc.

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Ufone Sales & Service Centers
have been set up to provide you
quality service under one roof so
you can walk in to any Ufone Sales
& Service Center for services like
Connection purchase. Bill payment, SIM
Activation, Number blocking in case of lost
or stolen SIMs and etc

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Organizations chart
Board of Directors


Project Director

Customer Information
& Finance Engineering
Care System

HR Business
& Unit
Admin Khr/Lhr/Fsd
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Page 17

Defining organizational goals,

establishing overall strategy for
achieving those goals and
developing plans to integrate
and coordinate work activities..

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Ufone Planning
In order to extend cellular network to new cities, towns
and highways and enhance its current installed
capacities in existing cities, Ufone has finalized a huge
network expansion contract amounting about USD 550
million, which will enhance the subscriber's capacity.
.This is the largest ever expansion project of Ufone.

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Decision-Making process

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Decision-Making conditions

Well their are three conditions of decision

1. Certainty.(when outcomes are known)

2. Uncertainty.(situation in which neither certainty nor

reasonable probability estimates)

3. Risk.(Estimate likelihood of certain outcomes)

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In Ufone....
The Decision-Making condition is:
Because ufone knows that what they are
spending and what in future they will get
from it...
When they spend a certain amount on any
project it always ends in profit ... So the
condition they use is certainty...

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Decision-Making styles
There are two styles:

1. Linear thinking style:

A decision style characterized by a persons prefrences
for using external data and facts and processing this
information through rational, logical, thinking.
2. Non-Linear thinking style:
A decision style characterized by a persons prefrences
for internal sources of information and processing this
information with internal insights, feelings and hunches.

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Ufone uses...
Linear Thinking style....


Ufone collects information through external

sources(we people) process that information by the
help of employees and management staff through
rational and logical thinking and take actions...

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Decision making biases and errors
Overconfidence Immediate
hindsight Gratification
Anchoring Effect
Sunk Costs
Errors & Biases

Representation Framing
One Error which the Ufone Manager does sometimes is
hindsight .After that an outcome is known, he thinks that
he could have actually predicted the outcome of an event..

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Long/short term plans
Ufone uses both short and long term plans..
Within a year Ufone completed the network expansion
of Phase 4 in existing as well as in new cities and towns
which amounted to more than US Dollar 170 million. As a
result the asset base of the Company has increased from
Rs. 20 billion to Rs. 27 billion.
Long term:
Ufone has finalized a huge network expansion contract,
which will be completed in few years which will enhance
the subscriber's capacity.

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Strategic Management Process

Page 27
Method of Planning

Ufone uses strategic planning method

Because the strategic planning method applies

to the whole organization and establishes
organizations overall goals..

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Corporate / Business / Functional Strategies

Corporate Multi business


Strategic Strategic Strategic

Business Unit 1 Business Unit 2 Business Unit 3

Research and Human
Manufacturing Marketing Finance
Development Resources


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Arranging and Structuring work to
accomplish an organizational goals

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Work Specialization
Ufone uses a high work specialization to provide best
services in town to its customers efficiently

The Organization is departmentalized on the basis of
functionalitydifferent functions are catered in different
departments. As there is one department that works for
operations, the other works as a credit collection, the
next works as bill delivery system etc.

Page 31
According to function

According to Region

On the basis of specific and

unique customers

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Chain of Command

In Ufone by chain of command we mean the

right to give order to the subordinates. but in
any difficult situation we all work together.

Span of Control
In Ufone three subordinates are working
under every manager and those
subordinates have two employees each
working under them.

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Centralization and de-centralization
The whole setup is centralized all the
matters are to be reported to the head
office and all the policies and targets are
approved at the higher level. But at the
branch level the structure is decentralized.
Managers in each department help their
subordinates in their roles and tasks,
whereas their performance is monitored. If
an employee is loosing focus from his
given task, he/she is instructed to re-adjust
his/her priorities

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The formulization in Ufone is very
high. There are written rules and
procedures to be followed by
every one, but that is for the
benefit of every worker working in
the organization. The Manual
policy is up-to-date and there is a
well defined job description that
gives the details of every job.

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Mechanistic / Organic
Ufone has both Mechanistic as well as Organic
structure in organization

In situations like work specialization, it is organic because every
one works with each other and coordinates with each other. But in
situations like Centralization and Standardization it is Mechanistic.
Decision-making kept as high as possible and rules & Procedures
are available and every worker follows them.

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Traditional / Contemporary design
In Ufone the design is Contemporary

Contemporary style offers simple,
soft and uncluttered look.
White, creams, light blues and accents
colors like red and green, Track lighting,
recessed lighting looks nice.

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Managers Communication
Managers communicate with their workers
Business Meetings.
Conference calls.
Town hall Meetings.

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Information Technology
The company has a wide range of Technology
which they use in their offices Like

Wireless network.
slim client.
Accounting Machines, Adding Machines.
Telephony, Telegraphy, Fax.
Duplicating Machine..and many more technological equipments
are used.
And they all have made Managers work much easier than before

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Human resources management process

Page 40
Recruitment at Ufone
Before recruiting a new employee, management checks whether
there is a need to hire a new employee for that particular job or
whether it can be filled by existing employees.
Recruiting in Ufone may be internal or external.
Internal recruiting:
In case of internal recruiting people from within the
organization are promoted to fill the vacant vacancy.
External recruiting:
If the organization feels that none of their current employees
can fill out the new vacancy than they hire from external sources.

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Selection Process

Page 42
Performance Management
Management in Ufone . From top to lower level is very
cooperative and humble with its employees . Performance
Management and Reward Systems are developed which underlies
the Business strategy of Ufone.

Employees are expected to use coaching, counseling and, if
necessary, the Constructive Discipline Process to address
performance problems and to consult with the appropriate Human
Resources professionals for guidance.

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Leading or Leadership means a process

of influencing a group to achieve goals

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Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment

In Ufone we are so much connected with each

other that every individual is personally involved
with his or her work role, and every employee is
psychological attached to the organization.

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Workgroup behavior
The Work group behavior of employees with each other at Ufone is
very good. They work as a team, enjoy their given tasks and
Coordinate with each other in difficult Situations.

Employees are motivated through:
Road shows
Cultural shows
Organizing Parties

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Democratic style
In Ufone Managers use Democratic style

Managers allow their staff to establish goals
Managers Encourage staff to grow on the job and be promoted
Managers Recognize and encourage achievements
Managers listen to their members and than make decisions

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Controlling is basically a process of

monitoring , comparing and connecting
work performance.

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Controll Process of Ufone

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Performance of Ufone
Ufones performance has been very encouraging. Ufone
has maintained itself as the 2nd largest cellular operator
in Pakistan with a subscriber base of around 20 million
and a market share of nearly 25%.
Operations Management system
Transformation process Inputs
that converts resources People
into finished goods and Technology
services. Capital Transformation Goods
Equipments Process Services

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Value Chain Management
The Value chain management of Ufone is very effective
because they have divided their work in every level of
Organization according to workers work specialization..

Methods of Ufone
The Methods which Ufone is following in every
field(Planning, organizing, leading, Controlling)is well
balanced and working like a charm.

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