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MCQ Tests
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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) published

Q .1 Material consisting of text and numbers is best presented as

a. A table slide
b. A bullet slide
c. A title slide
d. All of the above

Correct Answer: a

Q.2 In order to edit a chart, you can

a. Triple click the chart object

b. Click and drag the chart object
c. Double click the chart object
d. Click the chart object

Correct Answer: c
Q.1Any raw collection of facts that does not convey any meaning is called as
a) information b) input
c) Output d) data (d)

Q.2 what do you get after processing of data?

a) information b) input
c) Output d) data (a)

Q.3How many parts are there inside the CPU?

a) Any number b) One
c) Two d) Five (c)

Q.4 Which device was mainly used in first generations computers?

a) Microprocessors b) Transistors
c) Vacuum Tubes d) Integrated Circuits (d)

Q.5which input device is most common form the following?

a) Keyboard b) Mouse
c) Scanner d) Joystick (a)
Q.6 Which is not a pointing device?
a) Mouse b) Trackball
c) MICR d) Joystick (c)

Q.7 Which input device can capture and transfer pictures.

a) Digital Camera b) Scanner
c) OMR d) OCR (a)

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Q.8 Which of the following is having highest data density?

a) Floppy Disk b) DVD
c) Tape Drive d) Hard Disk (b)

Q.9 The time taken to detect the platter, track and sector by a disk is called.?
a) Seek Time b) Latency Time
c) Access Time d) Reading Time (a)

Q.10 A software is a set of .?

a) Instructions b) Bytes
c) Programs d) Software (c)
Q.11 The software that controls the internal operations of computer is called as-
a) ROM b) Application Software
c) Programs d) System Software (d)

Q.12 Which is not the function of software of operating system ?

a) Acting as interface b) Supplying input
c) Controlling devices d) Memory Management (b)

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Q.13 Which of the following can execute multiple processes simultaneously ?

a) Multitasking OS b) Multiuser OS
c) Real Time OS d) Single User OS (a)

Q.14 Which of the following OS can support multiple CPUs ?

a) Real-time b) Multiuser OS
c) Real Time d) Multitasking (b)

Q.15 Which software is used to design various layouts ?

a) Presentation S/W b) Word processing software
c) Spread sheets d) Desktop Publishing Software (d)
Q.16 Green Revolution was first implemented in the states of ..
a) Karnataka and Kerala
b) Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
c) Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra
d) Punjab and Andhra Pradesh
Ans. d
Q.17What is the Gross irrigated area in 2008-09..
a) 22.78
b) 88.42
C) 76.83
d) 90.42
Q.18 The highest per hectare yield in Tobacco is found in..
a) Maharashtra
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Utar pradesh
d) Tamil Nadu Ans. B

Q.19 In Which India, Tank irrigation is popular.

a) Deccan Plateau
b) North Indian Plain
C) East Coastal Plain
d) West Coastal Plain Ans. A

Q.20 Raj committee was appointed on

a) Banking Reforms
b) Employment Opportunities and fiscal Transparency
C) Agriculture Holding Tax
d) Capital Account Convertibility of rupee Ans.c
Q.21 Which state has maximum branches of public sector commercial banks ?
a) U.P
b) Maharashtra
c) Karnataka
d) Gujarat
Ans .a

Q.22 National Income estimates in India is prepared by.

a) planning Commission
b) RBI
c) Finance Ministry
d) C.S.O
Ans. d
Q.23 The Ex-officio Secretary of NDC isQ
a) Secretary of Finance Ministry
b) General Secretary of Lok Sabha
c) Secretary of Planning Commission
d) Vice Chairman of Planning Commission
Ans. c

Q.24 Meera Seth Committee was related to

a) Developmen of Handlooms
b) Sex-differentation in employment
c) Abolition of Child Labour
d) Welfare of working women

Ans. a
Q25. Which of the following is primary pollutant?
a. CO
b. PAN
c. Aldehydes
d. H2SO4 Ans. A
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Q26. Which of the following is not regarded as a pollutant?

a. NO2
b. CO2
c. O3
d. Hydrocarbon Ans. b
Q27. The most abundant hydrocarbon pollutant is
a. Ethane
b. Methane
c. Propane
d. Butane Ans. b

Q28. Which of the following is does not contribute towards the information of photochemical smog?
a. NO
b. SO2
c. O3
d. Hydrocarbons Ans. b
Q29. Which of the following is the biggest particulate matter?
a. Soot
b. H2SO4 droplets
c. Fly ash
d. HNO3 droplets Ans. c
a. Hemoglobin
b. Microorganisms
c. Oceans
d. Plants Ans. B

Q9. Which of the following is a secondary pollutant?

a. NO
b. CO
c. SO2
d. Phenols Ans. D

Q10. The greatest affinity for hemoglobin is shown by

a. NO
b. CO
c. O2
d. CO2 Ans. A

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Q.11 Ozone layer present in

a. Troposphere
b. Stratosphere
c. Mesosphere
d. Exosphere Ans. B
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