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Introduction: Effects on Society/ Why Is It A

No one is immune to drinking and driving

Every 22 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol related crash

Alcohol related crashes are the leading cause of death among young
people (ages 16-24)

America spends about $132 billion a year on alcohol related crashes.

(insurance, taxes, medical/property costs, and human costs)

Most people who drink and drive already have multiple DUIs under
their name, but legally they are still allowed to drive. Fines, jail time
and drivers license suspensions vary by jurisdiction.
Introduction: History:
Past: The first drunk driving arrest happened
in 1897 in London by a taxi driver named
George Smith. He was arrested for drunk
driving after crashing his cab into a building.
The first U.S law against driving and driving
went in effect in New York in 1910.
Introduction: History:
Legal drinking age in 21

To be convicted of drinking and driving one must have a BAC, Blood Alcohol
Content, of .08

DUI law (in Maryland) include:

First Offense: License revocation: Up to 6 months, Fine: $1,000, Imprisonment:

Up to 1 year, and 12 points on your license
Second offense: License revocation: up to a year, Fine: $2,000, Imprisonment:
up to 2 years, 12 points off your license, and a participation in an alcohol
abuse program.
Third Offense or higher: up to 3 years in prison, a fine of $3,000, 12 points off
your license, and your license MAY be revoked permanently
Introduction: History:
Lowering the BAC level to .05 because
symptoms of being under the influence start
to show around .04/.05 BAC.

Interlock devices, car breathalyzer, being

mandatory on vehicles of people who have
been committed of a DUI. (effective in
Maryland on October 1, 2016)
Should Drinking and Driving Laws Be
More Strict?
The United States has the highest rate of drunk
driving fatalities out of all the countries.

If laws do become strict, there is a possibility

that the driving age may be raised to 18
throughout the country.

The United States has the most lenient drunk

driving standards in the world.
Theoretical Perspective
Structural Functionalism: A paradigm based on the
assumption that society is a unified whole that functions
because of the contributions of its separate structures. Ex:
family unit: where the father works to provide money, while
the mother nurtures the children.
Founder: Emilie Durkheim: French sociologist who grew up in a
deeply religious Jewish family. He is considered the father of
structural functionalism. He was the first sociologist to
demonstrate how a social force affects ones behavior. Some of
his works include The Division of Labor in Society, The Rules of
the Sociological Method, and Suicide: A Study in Sociology
Theoretical Perspective
The structural functionalist may argue that
drinking and driving is one of the dysfunctions
(undesirable consequence) of a functional
society. All societies need dysfunctions to
operate correctly. Drunk driving as a
dysfunction is creating jobs within the society
such as auto maintenance and manufacturing.
Empirical Research: Effects of Alcohol on

Highway Driving in the STISIM Driving Simulator

Objective: The objective of this study was to calibrate the STI-
SIM driving simulator by examining driving performance of three
different dosages of alcohol (0.05%, 0.08%, and 0.11%) and a

Summary: The usage of a driving simulator to see the effects of

alcohol in a persons system. Subjects (27 total, 13 women and
14 men ages 21-50) received a BAC of either .05, .08,.11, or a
placebo. After receiving the alcohol, subjects completed a 100
km (62 miles) highway driving simulator test.They were
instructed to drive with steady lateral position and a constant
speed of 95 mph.
Empirical Research: Effects of Alcohol on

Highway Driving in the STISIM Driving Simulator

Hypothesis: It was hypothesized that alcohol will produce
dose-dependent impairment on the test. As the BAC
increases the more it will affect the subjects driving ability.

Independent Variable: BAC dosage

Dependent Variable: severity of alcohol on driving ability

Qualitative study

Researcher: non participant observer

Method of research: single blind study

Empirical Research: Effects of Alcohol on

Highway Driving in the STISIM Driving Simulator

Chart/Graph As the BAC level

increased, subjects
could not keep a
steady position at
Even though there
the wheel.
was no significant
difference in the
mean of speed, BAC
dosages of .08 and .
11 the speed did go
over 96 mph.
Empirical Research: Effects of Alcohol on

Highway Driving in the STISIM Driving Simulator


8 subjects had collisions but there was a total of 24

collisions. 4 collisions happened in the placebo, 6 after a
BAC of .08, and 15 after a BAC of .11.
Textbook Application:
Alcoholism is a pre-cursor to drinking and driving. Addition to alcohol can lead
to compulsive behavior such as drinking and driving.

Functionalist: People who become addicted to alcohol may be responding to the

strains in the social system/their own lives, so they may adapt by escaping to
drugs or alcohol.

Conflict: People of lower status are more likely to be scrutinized as problem

drinkers and may be improperly punished.

Interactionists: People learn to use alcohol in social interactions and are

influenced by their peers and other groups.

Deviance Avowal: Alcohol Anonymous: Nonprofit organization where people

admit that they are alcoholics (first step to recovery). Those who admit they
have a drinking problem and accept the label are more likely to make steps
towards recovery.
Interview Demographics
10: ages 16-29 10 :ages 30-44 10 : ages 45+

12 :Democrats 5 :Independents 13:


4 :Retired 7: Students 9: White-collar 10 :blue-


11 :Catholic 4: Atheist 15 :Christian

Does drinking and driving affect you?


Questions Part 1
Can you prevent drinking and driving?
Should the government increase drinking and driving laws?

1)Does drinking and Driving

affect you?
2) Should the government
increase drunk driving laws? No
I don't
3) Can you prevent drinking No
and driving? know
Common Age
Peer Pressure

Questions Part 2
What is the most
common age group for 16-29 30-44 45+
drunk driving?
Does peer pressure
account for some Leading Factor peer pressure
drunk driving?
believe that
What do you think is they're less
one of the leading
factors in why people ashamed to
call someone
drink and drive? for a ride

Awareness Group

Moms Against Drunk Driving: largest non profit

organization in America.
Address: MADD National Office :511 E. John
Goal: To end Carpenter Freeway, Suite 700, Irving, TX 75062
drunk driving, Local office: 6325 Woodside Court, #110
help fight drugged ,COLUMBIA, MD 21046 Phone: 410.964.5757
driving, support Founded in 1980 by Candace Lighter after her
the victims of 13 year old daughter Cari was killed by a drunk
these violent Consists of paid employees, interns, and
crimes, and volunteers.
prevent underage 3 million supporters and members worldwide
I would consider to be a Accomplishments: saved 330,000 lives and
member of this organization counting,created the power of youth group,
because it has had a lot of pushed to get the BAC level to .08 in all 50
influence towards drinking states (passed in 2004)
and driving laws and
supports the victims of
drinking and driving
Three Major Points

1. Since 1980, there has been a drop of 55% of

deaths caused by drunk diving.

2. Every day, there are about 300,000 people who

will drive drunk. Only 3,200 are arrested.

3. In 2013, 28.7 million people said they drove while

under the influence of alcohol. Thats more than
the population of most states. (TX, MD, VA, NY)
Jonathan Tanesha

I feel that if we create

stricter laws, deaths due
to drinking and driving
I feel that drunk driving
could continue to
will always be a problem.
decrease. Laws should be
more strict towards
repeated offenders.
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