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August 16-18, 2015

Davao Convention and Trade Center

8:00- 5:00 pm
The Tribal Governance Conference is a series of
consultations culminating in a conference that
brought together leadersDatus, Timuays and Baesof
the various tribes and sub-tribes in Mindanao to
discuss the prospects, issues and concerns affecting
their governance within their respective tribes,
among the different tribes vis--vis the Philippine
government and the mainstream society and majority
culture it represents.
As an institution advocating the indigenous peoples (lumads)
struggle for self-determination and recognition as distinct
nations in Mindanao, the Initiatives for International Dialogue
(IID) intends to study and review existing concepts and
practices in tribal governance among the various ethno-
linguistic tribes in Mindanao. It argues that before the lumads
can effectively participate in the current discourse on political
options for Mindanao, they need to revisit their own form of
political governance, consolidate it within and among the
different tribes and subsequently propose a more unified and
clearer political option for them in the mainstream governance.
This process will bring about an ongoing discourse from the
perspective of indigenous peoples grassrootsjuxtaposing local
tribal governance practice and the implementation of existing
legislation on tribal governance.
To promote peace in Mindanao specially in all tribal
To showcase Different Tribal Group in Mindanao
To come up a memorandum of agreement beetween PNP,
Military and tribal Groups
To show to other provinces and citys that Davao city is
pro-peace advocates.

To determine if the tourism promotions event is

successful based on number of participants and quality
feedbacks given by the participants.
Day 1
8:00 9:00 am Registration
9:00 - Opening Remarks by
Hon. Rodrigo Duterte
City Mayor
9:10- Keynote Address by
Pres. Benigno Simeon C. Aquino
President of the Republic of the Philippines
9:25- Plenary Session One:
Moderator: Jhon Rell L. Balili
Paper 1 Human Security and Peace building
Speaker: Miriam Coronel-Ferrer
Chair of the governmentpeace panel
9:40 am - Paper 2: Solidarity Building
Speaker: Datu Asikar Ukar
Chairman Tribal Group of Mindanao
10:00 am Paper 3: Knowledge Management and
Speaker: Sen. Loren Legarda
Senate Committee Chair for Ethnic Group
10:30 am- Paper 4: Uphold Tribal political
participation& Tribal Groups Rights
11:00 am Question and Answers
12:00 pm - Lunch Break
1:00 pm - Plenary Session 2:
Uphold Tribal political
participation & Tribal Groups Rights
Moderator: Francis Magbanua
Panel Members:
1. Datu Asikar Ukar
2. Hon. Rodrigo Duterte
3. Sen. Loren Legarda
4. Miriam Coronel-Ferrer
1:30- Question and Answers
2:30pm Plenary Session Three
How to strengthen Tribal group role
in regional peace and human security
Senator Loren Legarda & Miriam Coronel-Ferrer

Panel Members:
-Philippine National Police
- Human Rights Commission
- Tribal group of Mindanao
2:50 pm Question and Answers
3:30 pm Signing of Memorandum of Peace between Philippine National Police, Philippine Military and
Tribal group with human rights,
4:00 pm Closing Remarks
4:10 pm Short Fellowhip
4:30 pm Conference Ends
6:00 pm Cultural Dance Presentation to take off from Magsaysay Park with Fireworks Show
(with special permit from the City Mayors office)
route: Magsaysay Park to Ponciano, Palma Gil St., Claveria St. fronting Marco Polo Hotel. Night
Music and street dancing will follow Roxas St. which will be closed to traffic to accommodate the
Day 2
8:00 12:00 pm Trade Bazaar
(Showcasing Native products of Davao City)
12:00 - Lunch
1:30- For leisure
5:00- Kadayawan Jam( a night of dance and
music at the Rizal Park)
-dinner will be on the delegates pax
-VIP & leaders will have dinner at Marco Polo
Hotel to have a meeting about important
-Other delegates will spend the rest of the
night exploring Davaos night life.
Day 3
8:00 12:00 am Indak-Indak sa kadalanan
Davao City Street Dancing Representing the
10 tribes of Davao City
(to take off from the junction of Jacinto St., C.
M. Recto and Magsaysay Ave.)
Route: Junction, Ponciano, Palma Gil, Quirino,
San Pedro St. to end at Rizal Park)
12:00 - Lunch
1:00- Departure of Delegates


Two months---June 10- August 10, 2015

Target date of event:

August 16, 2015
Event committees
Event Chairperson
Promotions & Marketing Committee (Secretariat)
Invitation & Ticket Sates Committee: This committee is responsible for designing and distributing
invitations and managing the ticket sales operation for the event.
Press or Publicity Committee: Prepares all press releases and media information and interacts with
the media.

Finance Committee
Underwriting & Sponsorship Committee
Event Production Committee
Volunteer Committee

Logistics/ Transportation
Protocol/ Delegates
Legal/ Personnel
Safety/ Security
Event Chairperson
The Event Chairperson provides the leadership for the entire event planning process. As the
leader, the Chairperson will recruit and motivate committee members and event volunteers and
act as the spokesperson for the entire group. The Chairperson will orchestrate the overall
production, providing advice when needed and will be prepared to make the final decisions.

1) Oversees the entire event and planning process.

2) Appoints and/or encourages volunteers to chair the various committees.
3) Provides ongoing motivation for committee chairs, insuring that work is progressing and
enthusiasm is high.
4) Ensures that communication between committee chairs is active, productive and positive.
5) Coordinates ongoing committee meetings and fosters an environment that encourages
creativity and the development of new and exciting ideas.
6) Acts as liaison between the Planning Committee and community organizations (city
government, other groups, etc.) and is the spokesperson for the group.
7) Acts as a liaison between committee chair people.
8) Responsible for making all the final decisions.
9) Develops leaders from within the Planning Committee who may be enlisted to chair the event
in future years. (This can get you off the hook.)
10) If not handled by the Finance Committee, the Chairperson sends thank you letters and
appropriate gifts to all individuals and businesses providing sponsorship, volunteers, committee
chairs, etc.


Target participants
o Tribe Datus and Members
o LGUs consist of Gov., Mayors and SP
o Bgy. Officials Representative all over
o Military
o Human Rights Advocates
Tribe Datus and Members 400
LGU 300
Bgy. Officials 250
PNP 50
Military 50
Human Rights Advocates 50
Total 1,100

Allowance of 100 for family members and friends

Budget Proposal
Accomodation 3,500,000.00
Transportation.. 1,000,000.00
Food. 4,560,000.00
Souvenir. 942,700.00
Secretariat ... 500,000.00
Event Production Committee 1,600,000.00
Venue (Davao Convention and

Trade Center (80,000/day) 240,000.00

Jaya 250,000.00
Eric Santos 200,000.00
Speakers 100,000.00
Miscelaneous 100,000.00
Security.. 650,000.00

Total .. 13,642,700.00
An inclusive single package (excluding 2 nights accommodation)

Registration fees cover conference materials, opening ceremony, 3

lunches, 2 snacks, and closing ceremony. It does not include
accommodation. This has to be booked separately.

LGUS 15,000.00
DATUS & 3,5000.00
PNP & MIL 15,000.00
H.R. ADV 5,000.00
LGUS 15,000.00 x 300 4,500,000.00

DATUS 3,500.00 x 650 2,275,000.00

PNP& MIL.15,000.00 x 100 1,500,000.00

HR. ADV 5,000.00 x 50 250,000.00


Private Donors



Accomodation 3,500,000.00

Transportation 1,000,000.00

Food 4,560,000.00
Souvenir 942,700.00
Secretariat 500,000.00

Event Production Committee 1,600,000.00

Venue 240,000.00
Performer's 450,000.00
Speaker's 100,000.00
Security's 650,000.00
Miscellaneous 100,000.00
TOTAL 13,642,700.00


Registration 8,525,000.00

Sponsor's 6,500,000.00
Bazaar Income 500,000.00
TOTAL 15,525,000.00

GRAND TOTAL 1,882,300.00

Day 1 The Conference
5:00am Security Check: occular inspection of airport, terminals vicinity for
security purposes
6:00am- briefing
- transportation/s
- security
- food for dignitaries
6:30am- all proceed to assigned location posts in preparation of the 7am
arrival of the President of the Philippines and dignitaries of Brunei,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam
7:00am- arrival
Convoy #1 Pres. Noynoy Aquino with VIPs
Convoy #2- Senator Loren Legarda
Convoy #3 - PNP & Military Chief
Vans #1 to 10 to accommodate other VIPs
each VIP vehicles shall be escorted by 3 securities assigned by the
All other delegates will be accommodated by the tour buses
assigned for each arriving planes for the day

All will proceed to the Davao Convention and Trade Center for the
opening ceremonies of the
All dignitaries shall be seated at their assigned seats fronting the stage.
All other delegates will be ushered by the usherettes to their assigned
Conference kits will be handed to the delegates upon completion of
registration form
All luggages will be collected by the secretariat (upon registration) and
will be transported to the each delegates assigned hotel
Heavy merienda consisting of native kakanin will be served by Cocos
Grill of DavCon. This is to promote our native delicacies.
Buffet Lunch will be served by Antonios Grill, Ranchero, Pablos, Luz
Kinilaw Place, Senton Wan for the delegates
AFHAT will serve lunch for the VIPs (French Serving)
On Site Checklist
conference activities
Ensure that conference documents, (bags, brochures, stationeries,
conference programs);
Check and double check that all conference equipments are in
good working conditions; (overhead/power point projectors,
video projectors, TV & Video, & Public Address Systems);
Ensure that the set up of a secretariat/registration table is
appropriate to accommodate all incoming registrants and
conference organizing committee.
Carrying out any extra assignment given by client for the
success of the conference whenever necessary.
Airport meet & greet, delegates' transportation, e.g. from
hotel to conference venue and vice versa and also to and fro
the Airport.
Delegates ID badges, banners, folders, bags, pens, papers
and all types of conference stationery.
Venue set-up and supervision (staging and
On site registration of the conference delegates
Provision of the secretarial support and logistics
support during the conference
Ensure the smooth running of the conference and
supervision of the conference staff;
Transport arrangement for delegates, ground
transfers etc.
Travel bookings and re-confirmations;
Carrying out any extra assignment given by client for
the success of the conference whenever necessary.
Lay-out plans
The Risk items listed below are risks that most events are exposed to in one form or another.

Risk Management Plan

Risk Item Preventative Controls Responsible Person
Prior to Risk Occurring For Risk
1.1 Medical First Aid Red cross Volunteers
- Minor Injuries

1.2 Medical Hospitalized Medical Personnel

Major Injuries

1.3 Fatality Hospitalized Medical Personnel

1.4 Dehydration Hospitalized Medical Personnel

2.1 Asset Damage Ask for assistance Emergency Response Team

2.2 Damage to lawn Ask for assistance TMC

by heavy

2.3 Damage to Ask for assistance Emergency Response Team

Temporary Fence
2.4 Excessive Noise Ask for assistance Emergency Response Team

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