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This power point is intended to provide

manufacturer(EPEI) with all necessary information

regarding mechanical parts design consideration,
manufacturing drawing preparation, deliver
transport, storage, installation of dry type
transformers with different kVA rating for grand
Ethiopian renascence dam.
Progress generally(1.6mva)dry type
identification material

core clamp design and manufacturing drawing

Upper (lv and Hv) core clamp

Lower clamp

Threads design and manufacturing drawing

Connecting supporter design and manufacturing drawing

On the process selection fan

Mechanical part Dry type transformer
Material needed for dry type transformer
Sheet metal with different thickness
Thread with
Thermo cable guider
Bolt, nut and washer with different type
Parts and function
Lifting lug

The arrangement of lifting the active part of the

transformer along with the cover of the tank by means
of lifting lugs without disturbing the connections. Also
complete transformer lifting lugs shall be provided.
Natural air cooling
dry type transformers typically have a fan-cooled

rating that is 1.33 times the self-cooled rating. Some

transformer designs can provide ratings of 1.4 to 1.5
times self-cooled units. If you have such requirements,
you should prepare a carefully written specification.
4 Nos. bi-directional type roller shall be provided to the

transformers on cross channels to facilitate the

movement of transformers in both the directions.
Temperature Indicator:
Winding temperature indicator with

contacts for operating trip circuits as well as

for alarm shall be provided. Also suitable
thermistors or RTD sensors shall be
provided in all three windings.
Diagram and rating plate:
One diagram and rating plate indicating the

details of transformer, connecting diagram

vector group, tap changing diagram etc.
shall be provided.
Cast resin
Class of Insulation: Type H.

This resin system is ideal for transformers in meeting

the following requirements

Low moisture absorption

High dielectric strength

High bond strength

Excellent mechanical properties

Stability at high temperatures

Excellent thermal shock properties

Longevity of life at maximum transformer

Mechanical part Dry type transformer


The transformer must always be installed in a metal

enclosure, inside a cage or in a room with doors

enabling access only when the transformer is de-
inside this electrical enclosure the transformer has to

be positioned complying with minimal insulation

distance from the walls. they are related to the
insulation class shown in the rating plat
Dry-type transformers come in enclosures

that have louvers or are sealed. Here,

subcategories include different methods of
insulation such as conventional varnish,
vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) varnish,
epoxy resin, or cast resin insulation systems.
Steel enclosure with screens of metal at top

and bottom for indoor type transformer and

ventilation required from the top.
The interior of transformer enclosure and

internal structural steel work shall be

painted with heat resistant insulating
varnish after thorough cleaning of all scales
and dust.
Mechanical part Dry type transformer
C=B except when there is a voltage switch
present on the LV side whereby C
Mechanical part Dry type transformer
Lifting the transformer
Do not leave the transformer elevated for prolonged periods.
Move the transformer only in vertical position.
Lift the transformer avoiding improper lifting (that may cause it to tip
over): be careful about the high centre of gravity
of the transformer.
It is prohibited to lift the transformer by inserting the forks of the forklift
in the upper part of the core.
Use all 4 eye bolts during lifting. Do not allow that the angle between the
ropes to exceed 60.
Gradually increase the tension on the lifting cables to avoid sudden shock
or stress to the transformer.
If the transformer is supplied with an enclosure, remove the top window
for the attachment of the ropes.
Mechanical part Dry type transformer
Mechanical part Dry type transformer
Roller dimensions are depend on the KVA

and distance from center to center

according this value
800-200 160 55
And s=820mm
Mechanical part Dry type transformer
Exploded diagram of a cast resin

Mechanical part Dry type transformer
1. Magnetic core
2. Upper yoke
3. Core lifting rods
4. Upper core clamps
5. Lower core clamps
6. Trucks
7. LV windings
8. LV terminals
9. HV windings
10. HV terminals
11. Upper spacer
12. Lower spacer
13. HV delta connection
14. Insulators lv terminals
15. Insulator supports
16. Lifting eyes
17. Bi-directional wheels
18. Connection earthing
19. Auxiliary circuit box for probes
20. Rating plate
Mechanical part Dry type transformer
Below are recommended torque values for

the different types of

Bolted connections found on dry-type

transformers. All electrical connections

should be checked prior to the energization
a unit.
Mechanical part Dry type transformer