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Socialization Ideology Opinions Polling Participation

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Final Jeopardy
Socialization - $100
Who is the most important factor in
developing political opinions/ideals ?

Socialization - $200
The process by which political _____ are
formed and passed from one _____ to the

Socialization - $300
What are the other things/places that
influence the process ? Hint 3 answers

State (Location)
Socialization - $400
Political Socialization also includes political
stance and _______

Socialization - $500
Does media play a roll in Political
Socialization ?

(Research shows that kids who consume more
media than others show greater support for
and understanding of American values, such
as free speech)
Ideology - $100
Define Political Ideology

Cohesive set of beliefs about politics,

public policy and the role of the
Ideology - $200
Which of the following are Democratic views on immigration ?

United States is a country based on immigrants, and as such it should value and
support its present and future immigrants.
2012 Democratic Party Platform states, the Democratic Party stands for
comprehensive immigration reform that intelligently prioritizes our countrys security
and economic needs.
Ideology - $300
Which party represent the Elephant ?

Ideology - $400
What does a moderate mean ?

Voters that describe themselves

asmoderatein their political views,
advocating neither extreme left-wing
politics nor right-wing politics.
Ideology - $500
What are Republican views on big business
and why ?

They support it, big businesses have been arguing

for the need for more spending and private-public
partnerships to improve Americas ailing
infrastructure and the congressional GOP has
responded with the sequester and budget cuts.
Opinion - $100
What is Public Opinion ?

Attitudes about institutions, leaders,

political issues and events.
Opinion - $200
True or False
Public Opinion plays a big role in
presidential elections

Opinion - $300
Why is public opinion so important in
elections ?

the voice of the people is a thing to take

into account for those in power and those
aspiring for power
Opinion - $400
What techniques are used to obtain an
accurate reading of public opinion?

Election results,
Pro or Con
Demonstrations or marches
Opinion - $500
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Polling - $100
What is a random sample ?

A group of subjects selected for a survey

that everyone has a chance of being
Polling - $200
What is an exit poll ?

Is taken immediately after the voters have

exited the polling stations and used to
gain an early indication as to how
anelection has turned out
Polling - $300
What is a push poll

an interactive marketing technique, most

commonly used during political campaigning,
in which an individual or organization attempts
to influence or alter the view of respondents
under the guise of conducting a poll.
Polling - $400
What is a tracking poll ?

Its repeated at intervals generally

averaged over a trailing window. A weekly
tracking poll uses the data from the past
week and discards older data.
Polling - $500
What is a Straw poll ?

Provide dialogue among movements within large

In meetings subject to rules of order, impromptu
straw polls often are taken to see if there is enough
support for an idea to devote more meeting time to it
Participation - $100
True or False
Voter Turnout is low in the U.S.

Participation - $200
What amendment lowered the voting age
to 18?

Participation - $300
The ____ ____ ___was created to help
increase voting registration

Motor Voter Law

Participation - $400
What did the 23rd amendment do ?

Gives Washington D.C. electoral votes as if

it were a state
Participation - $500
State all the amendments that have to do
with political participation (hint 6 total)

Final Jeopardy
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