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To be king or not to be

king, that is the

By: Ellen Lee
Mr. Girba
English 1 H
Period 4
Background of Prince Caspian

Young Caspian is the rightful heir of Narnia after both his parents
are killed by his evil Uncle King Miraz.

Young Caspian does not know of the fact that his parents were killed
by his uncle.

King Miraz gives Caspian a tutor. Caspian learns basic subjects that
King Miraz tells the tutor. However, Cornelius (Caspians Tutor) tells
Caspian the stories of Narnia in the past and reveals that his uncle
killed his parents.

When King Miraz has a son, Caspian is in danger because King Miraz
wants his son to become King of Narnia
Shakespeares Allusion in Prince
In Prince Caspian, a novel from the series of Narnia, indirect
allusions were made.

Does the background story of Prince Caspian sound similar to one of

Where did the allusion come from?
Prince Caspian is an indirect allusion to Hamlet.
Prince Caspian and Hamlet both have similar backgrounds.

Hamlet and Prince Caspian had uncles who killed their parents so
that they could steal the throne.

They were both rightful heirs to the throne.

However where kicked out because of their uncles.

They seek revenge to their uncles.

Why was the allusion used in Prince
C.S Lewis was known for using allegories and allusions in his
In the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan is meant to be an allegory to Jesus.

It could have also been used to set a theme for the story.
The theme could have been about family and lies.

The theme could have also been how cruel people can be.

Shows how cruel people can be even if it's your own family.
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