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Abdullah Qazi,

Grade VF
Islamia English School
What are Floods
an overflow of water

a form of natural disaster

happens when there is too much rain

water from the river bank overflows

caused by heavy rains, tides, storms,

hazzards etc.
Types of Floods...
Riverine floods [fast/slow]

Estuarine floods

Coastal floods

Catastrophic floods

Muddy floods
Causes of floods...
Heavy rains from monsoons,hurricanes
and tropical depression

Intense thunderstorm

Sea tidal and storm-forced winds

Sea storms,hurricanes,tsunami
Benifits of floods...
soil becomes more fertile

providing nutrients

Therefore,crops can grow

Consequences of Floods...
Primary Effects Secondary Effets
Physical damage Water

[structure] supplies[contaminated]
Casualties [death] Diseases

Food supplies[crops]

What have been done...
Coastal defences have been made

-sea walls,beach nourishment etc.

Barriers were built

Flood gates were constructed

Where do floods occur...

North Vietnam