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The act of philosophizing, doing philosophy

has to do with thinking, and the crucial
element of thinking is INSIGHT.

thus, in order to understand the act of

philosophizing, we have first to clarify what is
The experience of having an insight

What can we do with the insight

having an insight is the most common
experience of our day to day life

Through insight, we see what something

actually means and therefore, gives us
access to what something is as it exists.

1. Getting the point of a joke

2. Realizing the cycle of from

the experience of the death
of someone
After having an insight, we can do
something about it, i.e. we can articulate,
clarify and deepen our understanding of
our insight.

1. Metaphor
2. Conceptual analysis
A Metaphor is a literary figure of speech that
describes a subject by asserting that it is, on
some point of comparison, the same as
another otherwise unrelated object. It
shows how two things that are alike in most
ways are not similar in another important

1. The cylcle of life fall and

return of leaves

2. Life is absurd myth of

Conceptual Analysis is a somewhat breaking
down of concepts into parts to better gain
knowledge on an issue involving the concept.
Though Conceptual Analysis has proven to be
effective as that of Metaphors, it also has
some dangers to it. The breaking down of a
concept into menial parts can desiccate and
make a fossilized insight thus, strayed away
from the main idea of the concept.

1. The cause of laughter from a joke

2. Mothers love through scolding

The examples that we had
discussed show that having an
insight is part of our day to day
experience, something that
happens in our ordinary life,
from the most trivial to the most
serious or even tragic event
of our life.
And insight has to do with seeing
deeply with our mind into
the deeper aspects of reality, of
things that are presented in our
senses, in our experience. The point
is that we could see something
more if we just learn to think, try to
think over our experience, and not
simply experience. As the fox would
say to the Little Prince, "what is
essential is invisible to the eye."
Write a reflection that utilizes
metaphor or conceptual
Rubrics for the Evaluation
1.On a one whole sheet of paper, write a
research about the other ways of
sharpening insight aside from metaphor
and conceptual analysis.

2.Read the Philosophical Act about The

Nature of Philosophical Inquiry By Robert
O. Johann S.J. pp.7-16