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Can you think of as many ways as

possible of greeting someone, both

verbally and non-verbally?
Shake hands Clasp hands
Kiss on the cheek Arm in arm
Kiss on the hand Hold your palms out/up
Hold hands
Rub noses
Slap on the back
Shrug your shoulders Hold your hands out,
palms up
Cross your fingers nod

Tap the side of your Shake your head

Give the numbs up sign Rub your thumb and
first two fingers

What do these gestures mean in your country?

Do people there use any other gestures?
Read the programme information and correct the sentences.


Desmond Morris observed human behaviour in the way that a

bird-watcher might.

He classified human behaviour, not words.

It took him years(we dont know how many). Sixty refers to the
number of countries he travelled to.

The programme looks at greeting and gestures, not at sign

Before we watch the DVD,

1.How many ways of shaking hands do you know?

2.How do you say Youre Crazy with your hands?

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