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Company Objective Marketing Goal Sales Force Goal

Asian Paints wants to retain its Shift company image from Creating awareness of new
leadership paints-only to home dcor solutions among dealers
position in market while solutions (waterproofing, Increase sell-ins for new
maintaining 40% distemper, furniture products
market share in coming 5 coating etc.)
years Influence shift from Increase the reach of
whitewashing to distribution of the paints in
decorative paints by the rural areas
inducing trials in newer
Further increase Enhancing partnerships
penetration in domestic with dealers, interior
markets designers and painters
Marketing Strategy Sales force Sales Force Tactics
(Sales Force Goal) Strategy

Increase sell-ins for Confidence building regarding Stress new business selling in sales training and supervision
new products product attributes Separate monetary incentives on sell-in target achievement
Inclusion of metric in salesman pay-structure to check coverage of
portfolio coverage in store
Creating awareness Recruit separate merchandiser agencies to overcome time constraints
of new solutions Increase visible distribution at of regular salesman
dealerships Inclusion of metric for in-store visibility in salesman pay-structure
Increase the reach of Recruit local salesforce people for Commission feature in pay structure to incentivise dealers to push
distribution of the ground level knowledge product
paints in the rural Have salesforce talk to Village Performance evaluation to capture number of dealers in half-year
areas heads and town corporators to period
explain the benefit of Paints over Sales Force training conferences to explain best practices in rural
POP distribution strategies
Salesforce to setup alternative Train sales force focussed on modules for New Business sales tactics
distribution network with
partnerships with surrogates such
as cement distributors
Enhancing Make the partnership with the Organize workshops and conferences for interior designers, training
partnerships with dealers more collaborative inorder sessions for painters to make the effort of selling more collaborative
dealers, interior to move from just selling paints to Dealers can be made partners in the decision making thereby making
designers and painingt solutions them feel important about their role