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1-1 Surface Prof

Development Plan
Report from Technology Committee
Learner-Centered will be the focus
Individualized and personalized
Individual Goals and Action Plan
Vision for One- Non-linear progression of skills
to-One Prof
Based on faculty reflection and technology
Development survey
Highlighting CHOICE
Faculty will be supported and challenged
Models of Tech
International Society for Technology in
ISTE ISTE Standards for Teachers
Standards for Dont be overwhelmed!
You will be choosing your goals based on the
Rubicon Atlas
Resources will be organized by ISTE Standard
Online Categories
Resources Opportunity to work at your convenience and
at your own pace
Collaborate, share, and learn!
Individual meetings (or department meetings)
Goal Setting & With myself and/or Debby
Action Plan Prioritize teachers of freshman classes and
those attending Tech Camp
Speed Innovating
Quick intro to resources that you can explore
over the summer
End of Year Time to reflect, brainstorm, and explore
Options to choose from of sessions you can
Tech Training
Still working out the exact format of this, but
might be asking some to share about resources
they are currently using
Monday: Surface Specific
Tuesday: Connie White philosophical, brain based
Wednesday: Connie White how to set up
Tech Camp classroom, device specific, discipline specific
Thursday & Friday: Time to develop a lesson or set
up a resource with the support and collaboration of
Those that attend will be presenting during faculty
If you cant See Action Plan for what you can be exploring
make the Tech Tech Integration curriculum on Rubicon
Myself and the tech department will be
available for support
My goal is to be able to step into classrooms for
Support Next integration support
Year Debby and I will be documenting for our
purposes and communications to outside