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The Story of 1

Son: Dad, the book you gave me on my Birthday says all wrong things.
Father: And why is that ?
Son: It says one should be try to be perfect and then it says that no one
can be perfect. This is contradictory, right??
Dad: No
Son: No!!!, but it says exactly that , see here..
Dad: What is your favorite subject
Son: Math, but I am talking about this book. My grades are going to
come next week
Dad: Haha, no I will try to explain you this Perfect thing mathematically
The Story of 1: Chapter 1
Dad: 1=0.999, exactly equal, not an approximation, do you know this?
Son: Never thought about it, but if you say, I will take that
Dad: No, never go by what I say, try it yourself
Son: AhhhNow I can see that
Dad: Can you see, this answers your question
Son: How? I mean yes it is just a mathematical proof. And an interesting one, I thought
some thing to infinity as irrational..
Dad: Exactly, not every thing is irrational, it depends how you observe it and take it,
Perfection is one of those things
Son: Can you talk in Hindi
Dad: Hahah, yes, So perfection is like 1 and the key to it is to make all those 9s. it is like
always trying to be perfect, always learning and observing. By the way what you think is
the most important 9.
Son: (Smiles sheepishly) The one after the decimal. See I know that.
Dad: (Smiles) Yes. Just remember our discussion today, we will have more on this in
times to come.