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Value Based Education

Identified with knowledge that illuminates
mind and soul.
The study of moral and ethical values that
makes us a perfect human being
Builds positive character
Strengthens students self esteem
Helps student exercise ethical judgment
and social responsibilities
Religious values
An effective education system that
enables to produce human resources who
not only excel, but are also dedicated in
their religious obligations
Provide knowledge of basic scholarship in
Quranic Studies, ethics and world religion
Foster critical appreciation of the nature and
purpose of religious values and philosophical
Student practice values of tolerance and
compassion thus encouraged to stand up for
issues of social justices and offer services to
Significance of these values in
Beside the training of intellect it includes the
refinement of heart and the discipline of the
It brings out all that is unique in individual
helping him to establish the right practice of
ethics in the field of education
Stake holders will be able to see schools as
training grounds rather than providing grounds
Emphasis will shift on knowing rather being

It will cater the formation of qualities to help

students become decent human being

Student will be able to read more than mere words

Student will enhance the art of written expression

by expressing what is in their mind and heart so as
to teach ,persuade or move the person who reads
their words to think and reflect about life and their
part in it.
Significance of these values
in Profession
Students will emerge:
As a tolerant and humble professionals

Honest and dedicated workers

Owners of the community

Hard strivers to make world a better place

Significance of these values in
Social Field
Student will be able to:
Emerge as a truth seeker

Develop good listening skills to the others

point of view
Communicate well

Emerge as more ethical leaders for the

Significance of these values in
individual life
Students will be able to:
Emerge as a humble human being

Practice the religious values, education and

ethics in their lives
Think for the mankind instead of being selfish

Practice respect for human rights and

democratic principles
Promote self reflection and critical inquiry that
foster critical thinking of ones value and the
values of others
Learn to transform for much better visions
Ways to incorporate values in TCS
Through role plays
Morning presentations
Clubs and societies
House Council
Group Studies
Reading and research program
Debates on vales based topics
Offering social services on voluntarily basis