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Past and Future of

India-Halal Tourism

Mumtaz Rabbani
Ph.D - Halal Industry
International Institute for Halal Research and Training (INHART)
International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)


Concept of Halal tourism

Swot analysis

Statistics of Indian religions
Past of India
Agriculture and Steel ore- Source of income.
Rich historical and cultural heritage.
Great Travelers like Hieun Tsang, Ibn Battuta, Marco Polo marked they
way to India.
Tourism - 2nd highest foreign exchange earner.
International Marketing Campaign by the Government of India.
Global increase in tourism but WHY?
1.Travel has become much cheaper (Air Travel)
2. Companies provide more paid holidays.

3.Promotional aspects by holiday providers-less cost travel

Visiting purpose educational Holiday travel

Business trip
Halal tourism not a new concept rather an old reality.
Travel-Islamic Outlook
Allah commands us to travel around the earth and contemplate about it; Aspects of Halal Tourism
Say, [O Muhammad], "Travel through the land and

observe how He began creation" (Surah Ankabut-29)

Halal food
What is Halal Tourism? Beverage
Non Alcoholic
Food drinks
A Halal mindful traveler is a Pragmatic leader, who do not wish to

compromise on any of the religious obligations during their travel period.

Behold Islamic
Ethics attire
Value based

No free mixing
Destination Prayer facilities
Family oriented
To identify
the concept
of Muslim Muslim A Responsible traveler

1.Broaden their mind being exposed to other cultures

and traditions.
2.No exploitation of Human rights.
3.Highly sensible towards environment.
To review the 4.Fullfilling religious obligation.
scope of
Halal tourism 5.Learn from the experience.
in India
6.Factor of reliability.
7.Concern about safety and security.
8.Contribution towards the society.
Strength Opportunities
1.Global Brand-Halal 1.Heuristic process by marketers.
2.Vast geography with Islamic 2.Booming Halal Medical tourism.
artifacts and monuments.
SWOT 3.Trade opportunities.
ANALYSIS 3. Favorable condition for Muslim
PROCESS entrepreneurship 4.Initiative to explore the field
4. (3rd) largest population in world 5.Growth of Muslim consumers.

Halal Tourism
in India
Weakness Threats
1.Non certified food/services. 1.Natural calamities
2.Misconception of Halal concept 2.Better promotional aspect by
3.Lack of Islamic application- other countries
Prayer area, Qibla direction ,etc. 3.Non-Islamic organization
4.Safety and security from 4.Fraudulent of halal certification
Muslim travelers perspective. by immoral business holder
1. Promotional aspects Targeted Groups
Muslim media, Islamic info websites, Masajid and Islamic

2. Avoidance of misconception among other sects through

awareness programs.

3.Establishment of religious requirements

Prayer areas, Qibla pointer, easy access to Halal certified
4.Family oriented creational activities
Environment friendly