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Online Marketing Strategy

Product space
Competition & Search trends
Demographic Status
Identify competition
Competitor Activities to attract traffic
What are they doing to get leads / conversions?
Best Practices that competitors using for search
Traffic Analysis of competitors and currents
Existing stuff - Past performance, Traffic Analysis
Natural search performance
Auburn Understanding - Market Analysis
25-something going on to 40-something. Mid to upper class.

Urban dweller. Educated.

Believe in managing homes themselves or through easy, cost effective help.

TG residing in Metros, Sec A, B & C cities of India with annual household income in the range of INR 2-
30 lacs.

TG comprises mid level Internet users & adopters of Social media channels & User Generated Content.

TG comprises users who can be led into do-it-yourself (DIY) trends.

TG Comprises users that can be heavily influenced by word of mouth/networking from significant
others such as doctors, friends, relatives.

TG group especially within metros can be influenced by strong branding establishing product
credentials that lead to 'let's try it' type decisions/scenarios.
Search Trends and Competition
Search Trends
Buy Shoes Online Search Trends

1 Amritsar, India

2 Gurgaon, India

3 Noida, India

4 Ludhiana, India

5 Ghaziabad, India

6 Chandigarh, India

7 New Delhi, India

8 Jaipur, India

9 Mumbai, India

10 Bangalore, India

11 Ahmadabad, India

12 Kolkata, India
Search Trends
Formal Shoes Search Trends

Monthly searches related to formal shoes Approx 7- 9 lakh in a month via web and mobile devices. This figure
easily to identify us if we are working on these top targeted keywords like: shoes, lather shoes, formal shoes,
sport shoes, casual shoes and sandals etc. We can easily to improve our search traffic more than 50%. Currently
we are getting 1,47,000Search Traffic (Jun17)
Buy Shoes Online Competitors List Buy

Liberty shoes online (

metro shoes (

redtape (

clarks (

actionestore (

campus shoes (

Lee cooper
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Likes- 3.8M
Demographics Status
Age group, Education, Gender & Household Income Buy

Age Group Education

Gender Household Income

Competitor Analysis Website Scan

1. More content specific

2. Delivery details of product
3. EMI option
4. Cash back option
5. Sale to encourage user
6. Customer forum option
Competitor Activities to Attract Traffic
1. A Pop-up banner
carrying attractive
offers such as : Make
your first purchase and
save on your Second

2. Active Call to
action function :
Please enter your
mobile no.

3. Attractive banner
highlighting top selling
products with catchy
offers : Register & Save
Benefits/Strengths: All of these leads to an improvement and increase in end-user engagement
Site Analysis
SEO Test Type Test Report
Google Page Rank 4
Google Index Pages 7820
External Back Links 28488
Site Age 12 years 5 months 3 days
Web Page (H1 / H2 Tags) Yes
Image Alt Tags Yes
Meta Tags Improvement Required
Google Analytics Missing
Google Sitemap Yes
Robots.txt yes
Alexa Rank Global 83499
Load Time 2.6 seconds

1. took 2.6 sec. to load at a speed of 357.78 kb per second
2. This is too slow & it is likely impacting your search rankings and user experience.
3. Site speed is an important factor for ranking high in Google Search results.
Bata - Keyword Ranking Status
S. No. Top targeted keywords Current Ranking on Google
Buy shoes online 12
Buy shoes online for men 16
Buy shoes online for women 10
Casual shoes 7
formal shoes 5
Casual shoes for men 8
Formal shoes for men 7
kids shoes Not present in first five pages
Kids shoes online 13
ladies sandals 5
buy ladies sandals online 5
Buy sports shoes for women 8

1. Men & Women related to Bata products specific keywords show up in 1st page but keyword ranking is
below 5 . So we need to increase the keyword ranking , for improving search traffic.
2. Bata kids section is not performing well. We need to target the kids section more to improve the
On-page Recommendation
Map keywords to relevant pages
Add optimized content on the home page and internal pages of the site
Anchor text/keyword links to internal pages/categories of the website
H1/H2 tag should be used on the website to mark heading and sub-
Keyword rich meta and title tags to attract organic traffic
Optimize images with appropriate alt text. Image name should not be
Footer links across the site
Cross-linking from the content
XML sitemap to be present on the site
Verify the website in Google
Participate in link building exercise to improve rankings on targeted
Follow best practices of the competitors
Off-page Recommendation
Link Building
Inbound links are a large factor in Googles algorithm for ranking pages, as they are a
good indicator of a pages popularity on the web.

There are a number of different ways to increase the number of inbound

links to your website:
Leverage existing connections are all of your subsidiaries and partners
linking to you from their websites?
Blog commenting find blog posts that are relevant to your industry.
Leave comments that include a link back to your site.
Social media leverage Face book and Twitter to share links to your most
popular content.
Requesting links if a website is linking to your competitors webpage but
not yours, write the site owner an email: it never hurts to ask!
Google Strategy
Our SEM Process

Keywords Research Define Ad-groups structures,

hierarchies, distribution and
sub- groups
Competitors Research

Reporting Optimization

Account/Campaign/Ad-group Ad-word, Ad-copy optimization

Level Reporting Landing Page Optimization via A/B
ROI Tracking & Reporting Map best Ad-copy to corresponding
Landing Pages
You get more visibility than you normally could

Every Marketing Channel has its specifics and a prevalent type of audience that uses it to find you
Main Traffic Driver
Search Strategy:
People looking for Brand : e.g Keywords like formal shoes , casual shoes we will target with brand
relevant keywords & our ad copy will talk about our quality & services.

People looking for core :- keywords like leather shoes for men, school shoes for kids, designer
sandals for women we will target with product related permutation & combination of keywords & our
ad copy will talk about specific product related services

People looking for competitor keywords : e.g Keywords like Nike Shoes, Reebok shoes price list,
lotto mens sandals people who are searching your competitors products are also likely looking for
similar products. We will target them by competitor keywords.
Hyperlocal Targeting


Better ROI
Enhanced Geo-locale specific Targeting
Options to target the audience of specific Effective Drive
pin code. Targeting Accuracy
Geo fence regions of any size and shape
Perform Radial, Polygon or basic city, state
level targeting
Display Network Targeting

Add: Demographic bids, geographic and time filtering

Exclude: Undesired sites, keywords, categories
How can I target customers on
GDN network

Reach your audience based on how they search and who they are :-

Contextual Targeting Audience targeting

1. Keywords Contextual Targeting 1. Interest category marketing

2. Topic Targeting 2. Demographics
3. Placements targeting 3. Remarketing
4. Similar users
Display Strategy

Contextually targeting audience on
Apparel, Footwear & Footwear
accessories to maximise the reach.

GDN-ICM & Topic Targeting

Conveying right message to right
audience by using Interest Category
Marketing (ICM) on Apparel, Footwear
and footwear accessories Topic based
We will start Remarketing-campaigns to target past visitors to re-engage them
when they continue to surf the web.

Prospect Visits Your site Prospect is Prospect Leaves Your Ads Appears
Tracked by Tag / your site and start on other site,
Cookie searching other following
sites. prospect.