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Mission Extended
We have to smash the FBI into bits and
rebuild it to do terrorism. Were off
running around after crooks who rob
banks when there are people planning to
kill Americans right here in the USA.

--- Dale Watson, FBI Assistant Director

of Counterterrorism, early 2000
FBI Mission Extended follows the bombing of the World Trade
Center in 1993, the consensus was that the FBI needed to make
organizational changes. The FBI has long established itself as
the preeminent organization in the world to conduct a post-
study, which formed the basis for the prosecution of criminal
cases. What remains to be seen whether the FBI can build on
its strengths to increase their capacity to collect and analyze
The FBI describes the organization, career incentives to the
agency, and two attempts to organizational restructuring, in
1998, the strategic plan (and the creation of the Investigative
Services Division) and MAXCAP 05. Also considered the
traditional approach of law enforcement and how this is
reflected in the organizational structure of the Agency and
The Agency lays the basis for discussion stimuli associated
with a decentralized management structure, recruitment and
training of new research, exchange of information and
coordination, performance assessment and reward, and
budgeting. Finishes using the appointment of Robert Mueller
because the new director and the charge to reform the business.
Basic Issues
1. Sending students to the United States for Aviation Related
2. World Trade Center Bombing
3. Violent crimes in 1930
4. Illegal drugs in 1980
Law Enforcement VS

The Mission of Law of Enforcement was to arrest,

prosecute and convict offenders for specific violations
The Intelligence was aimed at crimes for which prevention
was critical because of the potential harm or destruction.
1. Bin Laden to send students to U.S for aviation related training.
2. Bombing in World Trade Center in 1993.
3. Emad Salem useful commodity to FBI.
4. History of FBI.
5. FBI Organisations and Headquarters.
6. The Counterterrorism Division.
7. The Criminal Investigate Division.
8. Budgets and Decision Rights.
9. Law Enforcement vs Intelligence.
10. Changing Terrorist Threat - FBI Responsds and Resources.
11. Information Technology and Organizational Changes.
12. Excerpts from an Edited Memo from FBI Special Agent Coleen
Rowley to FBI Director Robert Mueller on May 21, 2002.
What future actions can FBI do?
1. FBI can implement new features in the harm or destruction source.
2. FBI can hire more and more number of analysts.
3. FBI can keep more and more effort on the terrorist attacks and bomb
Identify the important factors for an organization to
consider when using social media, such as Twitter, for
contests or other public relations initiatives.
1. Consider the desired end result.
2. Understand the temperature of the online environment.
3. Be sensitive to customers and timing.
4. Regularly monitor the comments.
5. Establish the right message, considering both the choice of words and the tone.
6. Respond to Twitter posts individually.
7. Respond to both compliments and critical feedback in real time.
8. Consider the influences that motivate the online audience.
9. Be aware of how Twitter can be negatively used.
10. Accept that some people do not like your organization and will look for an opportunity to
express negativity.
11. Track and measure the results of the Twitter engagement.
Communication Plan Template
Communication Plan Template