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Business Analytics Capstone

Framework for Strategy

Jaime Alexander Benavides Bonilla
January 21 of 2017
Problem Statement
Problem Statement Describe the Problem Adblockers present to GYF

Nowadays with the aggressive powers and new businesses openings, companies increasingly create advertising
and social networks to get closer to the consumer. Likewise, it is presented as a commercial strategy essentially
located from an economic perspective, a message whose mission is to persuade, i.e., convince the public that
they should buy a contemporary society, consisting of a structured and composed communication. It is not
personalized. The information is usually paying identified sponsors, who are persuasive in nature. It refers to
products, goods, services and ideas. It is disseminated through various media; such as: web pages, social
networks and mobile apps; which are having a great impact in the society and companies, which let that current
and potential consumers can access to their products and services.
It should be noted that models for auto-solvent a portal web is a model of subscription or merchandise sales;
and an advertising-based model. The commercial effort of the web can be divided in two types: electronic trade
sites; and content sites. The of e -commerce sites produce profits selling products. These created content sites
collect text, images, videos, and so on. Also, they produce profits by means of the advertising.
Also, they note that companies bet the connection of users in these virtual spaces for establishing a
segmentation of their products, and services waiting for a level of effectiveness which is important for
achieving an ideal advertising pulse, bringing one greater number of potential consumers in significant
amounts, and establishing a classification of products according to your need. Showing a primary challenge in
the provision of transparency of designing mechanisms or ways of solving the inherent complexities in the
delivery of ads.
Problem Statement
Application Exercise 1 Research Methods and Tools (Optional)

Today, with the new aggressive marketing strategies and new business openings, companies increasingly
more create advertising social networks and/or impact in order to get closer to the consumer. For GYF
represents a negative impact on the considerable loss of the population objective that may reach handle on
its search engine in your choice of search and other digital information passing through its platform. In
addition, information obtained from tastes, preferences, age, gender that allow addressing guidelines and
individual strategies of market and also how to impact these consumers, as potential customers purchase
would it attenuated in a large proportion. Shock plan options would be established through the models
that could be established in the different ways to minimize the effects caused by the adblokers; Including
different kinds of tools for collection of information, which would begin with development of a target group
to initialize the search for the position of customer, brand or product and trends of the market,
opportunities, threats, weaknesses and own strengths and the competition, and increase my expectation
against the interest of my research and actual product, good or service to sell. The same would be an
exploratory analysis of the data in order to estimate whether reduced the level of income, accompanied by
a descriptive analysis will for segmenting the type of clients that use the services of GYF, establishing focus
groups on the net for versifying the opportunities for improvement. From a view of the economic point Los
Adblockers definitely represent a direct threat of regressive impact on the business of GYF, because
advertising provides a "large part" of their income, for maintenance, operation, and maintenance which
would result in a significant impact on the operating profit of the company and an increase in the level of
risk to the current operating model. At a general level, the adblokers can reduce the effectiveness and ROI
of ads paid for by advertisers in online platforms of the GYF organization.
Describe your proposed strategy

The strategic approach which would take serious the adaptive approach. I.e. strategy should consist in
developing a provision and continuous ability to change in different tastes or preferences of our users. In
order to try to implement strategies that lead to permanent and systematic experimentation as a means to
identify and capture continuously new, better and more profitable opportunities for our users in the use of
various tools offering GYF as organization and or digital services platform. Additional is this you can try to
incorporate the ad in native format, this way ensuring the digital platform to load all its contents regardless
of if there is a user Ads Blocker, avoid content invasive within the middle of the platform that set a
proportion of comfort and speed of load that would directly impact concerning the time user of load
versatility and fluency in the services offered by GYF. Ensure that the impact of this previously segmented
and advertising according to the affinity of the user, establishing the criterion of acceptance the user wants
to see. Established as the communications and media industries, they are easier to produce, but we can also
determine traceability or rules to infer in its evolution. I.e., companies or predilections that are able to
influence the environment and start trends, developing new markets. So GYF you must base your
quarterback to generate results, developing products or innovative services based on imagination, creation
and execution. A way to understand, anticipate and shape those preferences of market. Finally, the hardness
of the competitive and entrepreneurial environment can make necessary renewal strategies. I.e., cool with
agility and efficiency its strategic approaches to gain competitiveness. It will not always be easy to know
what environment we are to know which approach to follow and how to implement it. It will be necessary
versatility and multiple capabilities to respond at the same time the diversity of environments and
competitive situations that can be conditioned to a company at a particular time. It will be worth, for
example, the classic in a part of the business approach, but we have to take adaptive or visionary
approaches to pursue other opportunities. This requires us to design an own strategic palette, which
combines different models according to the reality of the business environment in each case. This
multiplicity of approaches will also have to configure perhaps new and varied types of leadership,
structures, models and capabilities that help to combine and implement our strategic palette with art.
Application Exercise 2 Hiring a Team Leader (Optional)

Peggy is very aligned it seeks the GYF besides has experience in the area requested very well handled issues
relating to charge retrospectively, much to his personality test I think he key teamwork since it assumes its
objectives and orients the actions towards the achievement of the same and is shown as a more proactive and
adaptive to change this is a plus that benefits processes that have to charge and also quite well is acquainted
with the business model that manages GYF, while the other candidate took more work to make it somehow in
the generates lie of activities raised in all the tests for the application to the office.
Effects and Measurement
Describe the anticipated effects of your strategy

Please describe the anticipated effects of your strategy. Make sure you address the effects on customers, revenue, and the internal organization.
Application Exercise 3 Designing a Deterministic Optimization Model

Function Objective: Maximize Return from the next period.

Total Budget: Hard Skills / External Spend + Hard Skills / Internal Spend + Soft Skills / External Spend + Soft Skills / Internal Spend = <$ 65.000
For Hard Skills Return: (Spend x 0.7) + (Spend x 0.2)> = $ 20.000
For Soft Skills Return: (Spend x 0.4) + (Spend x 0.6)> = $ 12.000
For Internal Program Return Vs. External Program Return ((Spend x 0.2) + (Spend x 0.6))> = 0.6 x ((Spend x 0.7) + (Spend x 0.4))
Describe the anticipated effects of your strategy and how you will measure them

Please outline your plan for measuring these effects using data. Make sure you use techniques you learned about in the courses
Application Exercise 4 Identifying Key Drivers

Apply the causal business model performance measurement framework to your strategy
Summarize your key points from the preceding slides