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Confidential | June 2017
About Us

Founded by experienced professionals from research, banking, and engineering domain. End-to-end service
delivery to global clients across regions, sectors, and research areas. Truly a customer-centric organization

Our reputed clientele includes global sell-side and buy-side firms, global banks, private equity firms,
corporations, business consulting firms, and market research firms

Comprehensive offerings including equity research, fixed income and credit research, investment banking
research, and business/strategic & market research

We provide service across sectors including automotive, telecom, BFSI, media, technology, energy, oil & gas,
utilities, retail, food, and healthcare

Our team of analysts is well experienced in respective areas, sectors, and regions; and are also cross-
Analyst team
trained on multiple areas of research

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Dynamic Leadership Team with Strong Domain
Girish Bhise (Founder, CEO)
Girish has over 15+ years of research experience across investment banking, equity research, fixed income and credit research, and
business strategy research for large global clients including asset management firms, investment banks, brokerage firms, corporations,
private equity & venture capital firms. Has extensive experience in successfully managing large-scale research right-shoring transitions
across multiple regions. He is an MBA with specialization in Finance from the University of Pune, and Bachelor in Commerce from the
University of Mumbai.

Vaishali V. (Director)
Vaishali has over 30 years of commercial banking experience with one of the largest Indian banking groups State Bank of
India. Has vast experience across different banking functions including, corporate banking, SME banking, banking operations,
and branch audit and account finalization. She was part of core banking implemention team in various branches across the state.
She is a Bachelor in Arts, and majored in Sociology from the University of Mumbai

Andy Smith (Special Advisor Capital Markets Research)

Andy is one of the worlds leading developed & emerging market analysts with more than 20 years experience as a #1 rated analyst,
Head of Investment Research and distinguished Hedge Fund manager. As the MD and Head of EM consumer research at Bank of
America Merrill Lynch, Dubai, he lead the BAML EM consumer team to the #2 position in the Institutional Investor Survey. In 2014 Andy
was voted as Head of Research for EEMEA in the independent Sammons survey of global investors. Has won many accolades in his
career as Global Head of Research at Sberbank/ Troika Dialog, MF Global, Millennium Capital (NY & London), Citadel LLP, Citigroup,
ABN AMRO Hoare Govett, and Unilever. He is an MBA from Cranfield University, and MA & M Eng. from Cambridge University

Sachin Kulkarni (Advisor - Business & Technology Research )

Sachin has over 10 years of industry experience with Google Inc., Versata and Persistent Systems. Expertise in project management,
software programming, and technologies including distributed systems, parallel computing, data mining, and audience-based Ad
targeting. Presently, he is a Software Engineer with Google Inc., since 2008, and is based in California, USA. Also, earlier worked with
Versata and Persistent Systems in India. Has been a rank holder throughout. Was a 3rd Rank holder in Master in Technology in
Computer Science, at IIT Kharagpur, India (2007); and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Pune, India (2003).

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ValueAdds exhaustive industry coverage spans across mainstream and
niche industries across regions
Have collectively delivered ~4,000 financial models, written 3,500 reports/tearsheets, ~120 sector updates, supported ~75
transactions, across the sectors
Key Highlights Wide Industry Coverage

Our team has experts in the mainstream and as well as a

12% 12% 10%
few niche sectors

Adept with regional nuances of sectors Automotive Healthcare Retail

Hands-on experience in supporting large clients across the

globe 10% 8% 7%

Adequate documentation of industry drivers and other

Telecom Technology Industrials
dynamics for internal training purposes

Staffing of ValueAdd research analysts is done based on 7% 6% 4%

prior experience in the concerned sector

Oil & Gas BFSI Metals,mining

4% 3% 2% 15%

Paper &
Utilities Transportation Others
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Our offerings span across the research spectrum Suite of Services

Corporate Credit / Financials Industry Research

Corporate Strategy & M&A
Structured Finance Research
Procurement Research
Macro Research
Intellectual Property Research

Counter-Party Credit Risk Corporate Business Surveillance

Valuation Modeling Equity Capital Market

Equity Research Reports

Debt Capital Market
Coverage Maintenance
M&A Advisory
Idea Generation /screening

Technical analysis/
Prop Trading Desk
News Monitoring

Technology Solutions Across Research Segments

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Business Strategy & Consulting Research Bouquet of Services

Industry/ Market Corporate Strategy Intellectual Corporate Business

Research & M&A Research Property Research Surveillance

Market assessment Market entry strategy Prior art searches Sales & marketing support
Competitive landscape M&A, Company due IP & Competitive landscape News monitoring
Market sizing & segmentation Patent mapping/White Business intelligence
Procurement/ Sourcing space
Primary research & survey
supportIncome Market/patent trends
Research Business plans & fund
raising support

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Live Case Example:
Market research study of bearings manufacturing industry in Eastern
Europe for a US-based bearings manufacturer

Client Requirements

One of the largest bearings manufacturer in the US had a strategic mandate to broaden its product portfolio & expand its market in Eastern
Europe through inorganic opportunities. Had specified business & financial parameters for selecting target companies

ValueAdd Solution Key Client Benefits

Market Assessment: The Client acquired a Polish ball-bearing

Market sizing, trends, product types (including tapered, roller, needle, thrust, manufacturer within 3 months from the
cylindrical roller, spherical roller, radial, angular, super-precision) in Europe research delivery
Study of key drivers, demand-supply dynamics, end-user industries, raw Our recommendations included Poland as a
materials supplies, challenges, risks & mitigants
potential market, with select target
Competitive Landscape & Acquisition Target identification:
companies and possible synergies
Competitive landscape of Eastern European companies, industry & product
The entire research brought dollar savings
due to our cost-effective solution over
Company profiles: business overview, market shares, products, key financials,
solution from local investment bankers or
management strategy, and possible synergies, if acquired
consulting firms
Detailed Study Report:
Also served as a valuable input for
A detailed report with market research, industry & product benchmarking,
competitive landscape, company profiles and key recommendations on investment banker to execute effectively
acquisition targets with possible synergies

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Hands-on experience on databases

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We offer customized engagement models to suit clients unique
Innovative engagement models for optimal positive impact

ValueAdd offers two types of engagement models, a) full-time equivalent analyst model, and b) Bespoke or ad hoc model

Full-time equivalent (FTE) model Bespoke or ad hoc model

Description: ValueAdd supports its clients with dedicated Description: ValueAdd supports its clients for bespoke project
analyst(s) who exclusively work on specific client mandates requirements with best suitable analysts
Suitability: Mostly suitable for recurring and ongoing Suitability: Mostly suitable for ad hoc or bespoke requirements
requirements with visibility of volumes Period: Bespoke
Period: Generally annuity (12 months) Pros & Cons:
Pros & Cons: + Flexibility
+ Continuity of service + Manage projects profitability effectively
+ High probability of achieving productivity benefits & cost + Relevant analysts (e.g. sector expert) for varied/niche
saving requirements
+ Volume-discounted pricing - Less probability of achieving productivity benefits
+ Direct contact with ValueAdd analyst(s)
- Relatively higher pricing to factor the downtime

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