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This person takes

pictures of your
He cleans them
and helps to fix
This person
cuts mens and
boys hair.
He uses a comb
and scissors.
This person uses a
rope to tie up cows
and horses.
He spends most of
the time on a horse.
This person
goes up into
She rides on a
rocket ship.
This person writes
out tickets if you
do something a
little wrong.
She takes bad
people to jail.
This person
delivers letters
and packages
to your house.
She drives a
special truck.
This person helps
you feel better.
She gives you
medicine and
This person
grows our food.
He works with
animals and
spends most of
the time
This person
makes you
He wears funny
This person is
very graceful.
She can balance
herself on one
This person
comes when your
house is on fire.
He sprays water
through a hose.