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Magnitude Magnetic Bearing Chiller

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Daikin Magnitude Chillers

Two models, from 100 to 700 tons

Magnetic bearing compressor system eliminates the
efficiency losses inherent with traditional compressors
First in the chiller industry to utilize magnetic bearing
technology, in 2004

Magnitude WMC Magnitude WME

100 to 400 tons 400 to 700 tons

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Magnitude Product Line Chart

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Innovative Compressor Design

Magnetic bearings
No contact = No friction = Greater efficiency
Oil-free design
No contact surfaces = No oil or oil handling equipment
Integrated variable frequency drive VFD


Magnitude WME Compressor Magnitude WMC Compressor

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WMC Compressor Design

Integral VFD Discharge Port

Magnetic bearings
and sensors

Permanent magnet
Inlet Guide
brushless DC motor

Heat exchanger
for motor cooling
(refrigerant cooled Suction gas

control module Shaft & impeller

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R-134a Refrigerant

No phase-out schedule, no ozone depletion potential

Positive pressure refrigerant = reduced contaminant risk
On-board refrigerant containment
Simpler, more cost-effective solution
No purge system required
Units ship with refrigerant
No recovery system required
Many Magnitude units earn 2 LEED points for Category
EAC 4, Enhanced Refrigerant Management

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The Simplicity of Being Oil-Free

Standard Centrifugal Magnetic Bearing


+ Oil Heater YES NO

+ Oil Cooler YES NO

+ Oil Pump/Starter YES NO

+ Oil Reservoir YES NO

+ Oil Filter YES NO

+ Oil Piping/Valving YES NO

+ Oil Sensors/Controls YES NO

= More things to break, No concerns, no cost

more maintenance,
more $
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Oil-Free Magnitude Chiller Offers Sustainable Performance

Positive pressure, oil-free

design eliminates the
performance degradation due
to non-condensables and oil
contamination of the refrigerant

Source: The News, 04/15/04, by Jack Sine

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Industry-Leading Performance

Model Capacity Full load, IPLV

tons kW/ton
WME700S 700 0.532 0.306
14% Energy
WME500S 570 0.570 0.335 Savings Over
WME500S 500 0.532 0.312 Comparable
WMC400D 390 0.604 0.329 Centrifugal
Chiller w/ VFD
WMC400D 360 0.571 0.327
WMC290D 290 0.545 0.326 39% Energy
Savings Over
WMC250D 250 0.614 0.350 Fixed Speed
WMC150D 150 0.611 0.355 Centrifugal
WMC145D 145 0.629 0.367
WMC145S 145 0.661 0.360

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Industry-Leading Performance

Up to 40% more energy

efficient than standard
centrifugal chillers

Saving more than

$2 million
over the life of the chiller!

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Industry-Leading Performance

What this means for owners...

Energy savings at non-peak loads
LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 (EAc1), Optimize Energy
Efficiency, for 1 to 19 possible points
Potential qualification for rebate programs

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Real Savings in Real Jobs

One Crawford Condominiums

Portsmouth, Virginia

We saved 3,000 a month in electrical costs after replacing our old

chillers with two Daikin magnetic bearing chillers. And the units are so
quiet, the residents living directly below the chillers cannot hear them
Charles Twine, Vice President of the Crawford Residents Association

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Real Savings in Real Jobs

Florida Community College,

North Campus
Jacksonville, Florida

We installed a 300-ton Daikin magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers as part

of an upgrade to our campus chiller plant and BAS system. The North
Campus reduced its electrical usage by 519,514 kWh in the first six
months. This chiller contributes 30 to 40% of our energy savings for the
entire system upgrade.
Mark Gandy, North Campus HVAC Facilities Manager

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Among the quietest Chiller in its Size Range

Sound pressure levels as low as 76 dBA per ARI

Standard 575
Ideal for schools, condos, libraries and healthcare

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Daikin Magnitude Chiller

Seismic compliant option

California Office of Statewide Health Planning and
Development (OSHPD) pre-approved
International Building Code (IBC) certified

Daikin Chiller label

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Daikin Magnitude Chiller

Advantages of seismic pre-approval

Lower costs to achieve seismic certification
Faster approvals
Faster building occupancy
Increased protection for your building investment

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More Magnitude Chiller Benefits

Feature Benefit
Multiple vessel and tubing options Design flexibility to meet specific performance

Open Choices feature for communication with Easy integration without expensive gateway
your choice of BAS using BACnet, LonTalk or panels
Modbus protocols

Intelligent controls system with touch screen Intuitive, easy to use for enhanced operator
interface productivity

AHRI certification and factory functional testing Verified performance

Certified and witness test options Customer confidence that the chiller performs as

Comprehensive factory support after installation, Customer satisfaction through the life of the chiller
including operator training

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Magnitude Rapid Restore

Quickly restores cooling capacity in mission

critical facilities!

RideThrough - Beyond quick start

Compressor rotor never stops and re-
synchronizes during short duration power

Maximum Fast Loading Minimum

Compressor Time to 80% RideThrough
Start Time* Load* Time
WMC 43 sec 120 sec NA
WME 500-700 60 sec 75 sec 5 sec**
* Time after power is restored after a power failure
** Power Loss Duration
Times may vary slightly based on system conditions at the time of power failure and at the time of power
WME requires separate controls UPS for Rapid Restore and Fast Loading
Magnitude Chillersa Great Choice for

Areas with high electric rates

Immediate savings and quick payback
Sound-sensitive environments
Its the quietest chiller in its size range
Buildings with high lease rates
Small footprint means smaller equipment rooms
and more space available for leasing
Limited space for moving or install units
WMC models fit through standard 4 wide doors

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Ideal for Retrofit
Compact size of the Magnitude chiller makes it
ideal for retrofit and replacement
Stacked Shells = Smaller Footprint!

H = 84.0
(2137 mm)

L = 170.6
(4333 mm)
W= 45.5
(1158 mm)

Magnitude WMC-290D, C-vintage unit shown

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Magnitude chillers have proven their reliability

in 2,900+ installations around the world

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A Favorite Choice of Green Buildings

Child Development Centre, University of Calgary Johnson County Office Building, Kansas
LEED Platinum LEED Gold

Harford Board of Education Office Building, Maryland Northbrook Junior High School, Illinois
LEED Gold Energy Star rated

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Top 6 Reasons To Specify and Buy a
Daikin Magnitude Chiller

1. Significant energy savings

2. World-class, sustainable, and reliable performance
3. Environmental commitment
4. LEED points and potential rebate qualifications
5. Great value with fast payback opportunity
6. Seismic certified

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What a Magnitude Chiller Means for the Facility Owner

+ + =
High Reduced Sustainability Lowest
Efficiency Maintenance Total Cost
(no oil, no purge) of Ownership

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Make it a Complete Daikin System

Magnitude Chiller
100 to 700 tons

Vision Indoor Air Handler Skyline Outdoor Air Handler Destiny Air Handler
900 - 100,000 cfm 900 - 65,000 cfm 600 - 15,000 cfm

Unit Ventilator Fan Coil units

RoofPak Outdoor Air Handler 600 - 3,000 cfm
750 - 2,000 cfm
900 - 65,000 cfm
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2014 Daikin Applied People and ideas you can trust.TM
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2014 Daikin Applied People and ideas you can trust.TM